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Author Interview It Feels Good To Feel Good


Have you been writing for a long time? 

No, I just started writing when the opportunity arose through a course at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  © They offered a Launch Your Dream Book© course while I was in a program to become an Integrative Health Coach.


What inspired you to start a writing career? 

I had a story that was begging to be told.  My personality is to be a story teller, and I had done 5 years of research to get myself well from inflammation and autoimmune disease, so it made sense to share it with the world and help others in my situation.


Is this book a stand-alone, or part of a series? 

It will be part of a series.  My next book is going to be how I live around 18 food sensitivities and as toxin free as possible.  It will be another hands on guide about all of the things that have now become second nature to me, but took a while to figure out.  I think that the information in my second book will be another building block enabling people to lower their toxic load and return to wellness.


Why should people read your book? 

I wrote the manual that I wish I had had when I got sick with autoimmune disease five years ago.  In the beginning I didn’t even know what I was looking for. My conventional doctor was not helpful, she only wanted to give me pills, and so I took my health into my own hands and started doing research.  There are many things that would be useful to anyone who is sick with inflammation.

I do a chapter on how to tell if you have inflammation.

I encourage people to “own” their own health, and to question everything.

I explain what the functional medicine approach is, and how it saved my life.

I discuss what autoimmune disease, and what the main causes of it are.

And then I go through toxins in all phases of our lives, and what I replaced them with.


Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

I am a strong believer that what you do in any phase of your life should be something that you have passion for.  If you have passion obstacles are something to find a way to get around.  I believe that this is also important to keep in mind as an author.  I wrote a nonfiction book about something that I really want to get out to the world.  But I am an avid fiction reader, so if you have a story that you are passionate to put onto paper and share with the world, then it needs to be written.  Don’t worry about if it is perfect, just sit down and write from your heart.  Just do it.  If you don’t jump off the cliff, you will never know if you can fly.  You can always go back and edit later….just start to get it out of your head and onto paper.  It will take on a life of its own.



About the Book

Title: It Feels Good to Feel Good

Author: Cheryl Meyer

Genre: Non-Fiction / Health

Got Pain?

This book is for anyone with chronic pain looking for answers. It will give you a place to start. You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of pain and pills.

In this book you will learn:
* What is causing your pain and how to eliminate it.
* How to find a practitioner that will help you gain back your health.
* What’s in your food? Organic, conventional, GMOs processed, fast, canned, dairy, factory farmed meat, soy, water.  Identify your sensitivities and heal your leaky gut.
* Identify the toxins in your life. in  your cosmetics, over the counter drugs,in you kitchen, in your body. Learn how to purge them.
* 34 stress busting ideas, and four simple exercises to reduce your stress.
* 32 suggestions from leading functional experts on how to get a good night’s sleep..
* How to recognize a toxic relationship and make it work or walk away.
* How to tame Anxious Negative Thoughts “ANTs”.
* The importance of movement, even for people who don’t like to move
* How to take control of your health, reduce your inflammation and feel great again!


Author Bio

About Cheryl Meyer aka Cheryl M Health Muse and her book, “It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn about toxins, reducing inflammation and feel great again.”

Five years ago, Cheryl got sick, really sick.  It was a perfect storm: she was working 24/7; her long-term relationship imploded; economic changes slowed her business; she got Type II diabetes; she was taking care of everyone else; her stress was out of control.

Then one morning … viola, Cheryl woke up in incredible pain that didn’t go away. Her doctor didn’t recognize what it was and thought it was in her head.

Cheryl didn’t want more pills, so she embarked on her own journey to find wellness.  When she started, she didn’t even know what she was looking for.  She was stunned to find toxins in every aspect of her life that were poisoning her.  She discovered the Functional Medicine community.  She was tested for food sensitivities.

This book shares everything that Cheryl learned to reverse her inflammation and put her autoimmune diseases at bay.  This is the get well manual that she wishes had been available when she got sick. The book is about first identifying  that toxins that were a significant cause of her leaky gut, then she identified  what  the toxins were  and finally she shares what she replaced them with. She addresses the toxins in our food, in our cosmetics, our cleaning supplies, our kitchen utensils, our water, our over the counter drugs, and even in our heads, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of movement and finally toxic relationships.  She wants to help others find a path to wellness.

Cheryl is now relatively pain-free, but still considers herself a work in progress.  She avoids the foods and spices on her specific, long list of problem foods.  She has purged toxins.  She has released stress and nagging worry.  She has learned to find joy in movement.  She has found love.  She is grateful.

Cheryl believes that following her journey will help you live a long, happy and pain-free life.
In order to help others, Cheryl has become a Holistic Health Coach, certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition©.

My book has won the following awards to date:

  • 3rd place CIPA EVVY Health/Wellness,
  • 2nd Place CIPA EVVY Illustrator in a non-children’s book
  • New Apple Summer Digital sole winner in Health/medical
  • The Living Evergreen Award Gold winner for books that exemplify better living.
  • It is in the top 10 from Write your Own Dream Book, November 17, Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • TOP 12 Books on the Spirited Woman Fall Equinox 2017 book list.


Book Reviews

“It Feels Good to Feel Good, learn to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and feel great again” is written by Cheryl Meyer, a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, where she completed a cutting edge curriculum in nutrition and health coaching taught by the world’s leading experts in health and wellness.  I recommend you read this book and be in touch with Cheryl (Cheryl M Health Muse ) to see how she can help you successfully achieve your goals.

– Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, Founder/Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

If you want to truly feel better…clean up! Just one tip from Cheryl’s book will change your life. She has written the ultimate source for getting well through detoxification.”Suzy Cohen, RPh Author of “Drug Muggers: Which Medications Are Robbing Your Body of Essential Nutrients and How to Restore Them.

“You have taken putting soap in the mouth for naughty words …” to a New Level!  LOL Who knew we were surrounded by so many toxins.

I’ve pretty much finished your book now working on giving sections to my family and friend that I think will especially appreciate certain chapters!  YOU, my Dear, have found your calling, YOU make this rather “dull” subject a Very Good, interesting read, with fun personal touches along the way.

I LOVE your book; I hope people will embrace it.  Why worry so much about health care if we keep killing ourselves with poison.  We can all start with eliminating the toxins out of our lives.              Val Peterson

“As a Functional Medicine Doctor who partners with patients to deal with the root causes of their symptoms, it was a pleasure to read a book that offers such a comprehensive yet simple approach to improve health, reduce inflammation and pain, lose weight and increase energy. This is a great reference to keep in reach on your own journey to optimal wellness.  If you are struggling with chronic symptoms like digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmune disorders, this book may really help you. It lays out practical tools that you can use right away and at your own pace, everything from how to change your shopping choices to getting more comprehensive medical testing to reduce your toxic burden. Her simple to understand, well researched and easy-to-adopt tools can be helpful to even the busiest among us.”   Dr. Shilpa Sayana, Founder and Medical Director, Sayana Wellness Centers

“Cheryl has been not only been an exemplary patient, she has made it her mission to inspire and help others with her experience and knowledge!”   Susan Spizer, MTCM, L.Ac.

She writes like she talks, straight and with passion.  What you will read here will surprise you. A helpful read that you will refer back time and time again for reference.” Scott Lee, Master, Body and Brain Yoga, Monrovia

“My friend, Cheryl Meyer has written a book that I recently finished called “It feels good to feel good”. It has a lot of common sense solutions (many that you would never think of) to healthy, toxin free living designed around the reduction of inflammation through what you put in and on your body. Most of this is from her personal experience. I know Cheryl to be one of the finest people you’ll ever know. Cheryl’s also a big proponent of “functional medicine”. If you are unfamiliar with this form of medical practice, you need to read her book. It will change the way you think”.  Frank Jones

Cheryl’s book is as timely as it is informative. This is an excellent read for those seasoned in the holistic lifestyle as well as those just beginning. There is something for everyone. Her material covers everything from probiotics, house cleaning materials, and abdominal massages, to which teas to drink for better sleep. She has the latest information on metal detoxing and extensive research on the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

Cheryl provides real solutions that can be implemented far beyond the basics with a bend toward functional medicine. I personally ordered three products within hours of reading her book. I’m especially thrilled with the depth of her research around relationships and those that can be toxic. Make sure to read this book and hold onto the “not to miss points” at the beginning of each section.
Shannon Eavenson, Author, & Physical Therapist/Health Coach






Facebook It Feels Good to Feel Good







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Guest Post Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity

About the Book

Title: Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity

Author: LeNae Goolsby

Genre: Nonfiction (Body, Mind & Spirit)

Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity provides an experiential journey where mental and emotional vibrations rise and conscious awareness expands. Personal power is reclaimed and peace restored with each chapter and each sweet serenity tip.


Author Bio

LeNae Goolsby is the Founder/Owner of www.LeNaeGoolsby.com, the host of Empowered Living with LeNae which is syndicated on 50 global networks, as well as the Practice Administrator/Director of New Business Development for www.YourInfiniteHealth.com

In addition to running these successful ventures, LeNae is a wife, mother, artist, writer, oracle of the pragmatic persuasion, calm cultivator and energy healer.

LeNae received her certificate from the Duke University Integrative Medicine Center Leadership Development Program in February 2017, and her law degree from Tulane University Law School in 2010. And somewhere between Tulane and Duke she completed her universal law-centric coaching studies and honed her intuitive abilities.

LeNae is also an expert and writer for www.YourTango.com. She is the author of Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity, and is on the cusp of releasing “Empowered Medicine – Harnessing the Infinite Laws of the Universe for Optimized Health,” which she co-wrote with her husband. She is also working on her next book, Seven Sundays to Money Manifesting Mastery.




Website: www.LeNaeGoolsby.com

Where to Purchase: https://books.pronoun.com/seven-sundays-to-sweet-inner-serenity/

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Guest Post Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?

Guest Post

I started a little exercise about twenty years ago that has really changed my perspective on life, especially when I get uptight about things.

When I was young and in the orphanage back in the 1960’s, and for many years afterwards, I would literally wake up afraid every day. I guess it was because my childhood before I got to the orphanage at 8 was so disjointed and unpredictable, such as to always wonder if were we even going to eat that day, or was my father going to beat my mother, etc., I just learned not to trust or feel secure.

But, as an adult, I was given great advice to look for the good in life and in my past and hang on to that. That is how I discovered gratitude. Today, when I feel afraid or insecure,  I look back on the previous day and I do an inventory looking for the good that happened and I find myself smiling and feeling grateful about just how great life is and how “An average day, is a great day”.

I then realize how fortunate I am that my life has turned out so good. But, it was a lot of kindness from many people who helped me along the way that helped me get to where I am today.

 Just cooking for my lovely wife of 36 years is a great thought. She loves my cooking and I love to cook for her. It is the little things that matter.

About the Book

Title: Did I Ever Thank You Sister?

Author: Sal Di Leo

Genre: Nonfiction

Sal Di Leo returns after 30 years to the Catholic orphanage outside Chicago that he and his siblings called home in 1963. This is the beginning of a journey of discovery and remembrance as Sal is forced to reconstruct his life as it really happened, including some of his most difficult years at Boys Town in Nebraska. As an adult, Sal tried to rise above his turbulent past in an aggressive quest for power and money. Successes soon led to failures. Eventually, a wise friend convinces Sal to go back to his roots and look for the good experiences and valuable lessons he learned as a nine-year-old orphan.


Author Bio

Sal Di Leo is the Author of Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?, a Speaker, and an Entrepreneur.

Sal has successfully tackled many challenges in business and in life, and volunteers much of his time serving those in need. With his family, he founded St. Francis Lodge, a free retreat center where nuns, priests and others can reflect and rest to enhance their lives and work.

The State Fish Art contest, which he started in Minnesota to help kids learn about conservation through art, is now offered in all 50 states and 12 countries. Sal has been actively involved with Rotary and the Lions Club, and he has spoken to service clubs around the United States about his life and the importance of gratitude.

His memoir, Did I Ever Thank You, Sister?, rooted in his childhood experiences in a Catholic orphanage, is available worldwide.

He is the proud father of two adult daughters and has been married to his lovely wife Beth for 36 years. A longtime resident of Minneapolis, he is a 1977 graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Visit Sal on his website http://www.SalDiLeo.com





Website: http://www.saldileo.com/

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Guest Post Your Crossroads. Your Choice.

Guest Post

I am going to choose a topic to talk about and that topic is fear.

As enlightened mammals we are both blessed and cursed with the ability to experience fear. Even the most primitive beings have the fear response, it is what keeps them out of harm’s way.  We are the only ones who have the nightmarish ability to manifest fear in our own minds, a place we can never escape from.

Or can we? Who’s to say that we can not simply and politely push that unnecessary fear into a deep, dark closet and lock the door. Then throw away the key. Having some level of fear is essential to sustaining your life. It’s what keeps you thinking twice about base jumping, driving with your eyes closed or playing outside with a metal rod in a lighting storm. It is the other fear, the stuff we manage to conjure up out of our very own worst nightmares. Why do we do it? Guess what – the answer might surprise you. More fear. That’s right folks – we fear success as much if not more than failure.

Why? Why does being successful create such a feeling of fear? It is for the same reason we fear failure – it is an unknown. If we live in a constant, a cyclical, routine existence then we will always know (for the most part) what to expect. Once we begin to step out of our comfort zone, we lose the ability to predict our future and therefore lose the (false) sense of control we thought we had over our mediocre routines.

When I started writing this book, I felt fear about admitting my true feelings. When it was accepted at Page Publishing, I felt fear that I was making a huge mistake, that I was some kind of fraud unworthy of having my work out in the universe. And when the book went public I felt fear. Fear that everyone was now going to have access to my innermost thoughts along this broken, staggered journey I am on.

Through the writing of Your crossroads. Your choice. I began to recognize this false fear. I began to kick it in the nuts so to speak and send it packing. I have felt the weight lift from my shoulders as I accepted my passion, embraced my journey and turned it into a witty, creative outlook on an otherwise commonplace journey. You see, my new friends, the things that happen to us in life are not what define us. Rather, it is the choices we make that make us who we are. I chose to feel success rather than fear. What will you choose?


About the Book

Title: Your crossroads. Your choice.

Author: EJ Apicello

Genre: Self-help

Welcome to my diary, my journey, as I tripped and crawled through the darkest time in my life- when I witnessed  people that I held incredibly close to me shatter my very existence with their words and actions. The things within this book spine are extremely raw and exceptionally real. You and I are going to get very close, the details in this book, although oddly general, are incredibly specific. Yes, I realize what I just said and as you read my words you will see what I mean. As you silently gasp and mentally bitch slap me, please be kind because my story is just that – my story. It is not any more or less special than yours. In fact the only difference between our stories are the choices we made at each of the crossroads in our lives. For most of my life the choices I made were not based on my happiness but on everyone else’s. This book describes what I have experienced in my journey to finding my happiness and hopefully never letting it go. Sadly, it took me thirty six years to find the strength I need to detoxify my life and self view and find someone who is worthy of my awesomeness. Thirty six years to shatter the negative foundation I had built shatter the ultimate representative I created to hide behind and begin the process of building a new foundation. Only this foundation will be built on strength, confidence and above all, happiness. So take a minute or thirty and sit with my story for a while. You never know what you might find out.


Author Bio

Welcome to my real, crazy, emotional, probably too honest journey. I am an everyday girl in this everyday world trying to keep my head above water and within the pages of this book you will learn about the things that have broken me down  and the steps I am taking to build back up. You will see, my new friends, that this story is written in a unique, general, conversational voice, which was my choice. I want you to be able to picture yourself in my shoes, relate my trials and tribulations to yours and see that you too can find your happiness. Even if you don’t realize this yet, every single one of us possesses things inside of ourselves that we didn’t know were there. It took my life taking a crazy right turn and dumping me at the lowest possible point before I could see the strength within myself. We are not defined by what we do, we are defined by the choices we make. I decided when I put pen to paper that I want my choices to start defining me as strong, confident, secure and above all else, happy. So, who am I? How about I tell you who I was – a self loathing shell of myself who put everyone else’s happiness before my own. Herein lies my story to find that happiness and all of the ups and downs along the way. See who I was and who I am trying to become and maybe, somewhere in there, you will find out a little about yourself too.








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Author Interview The Hooligans of Kandahar

Have you been writing for a long time?

I’ve probably been writing since I in 6th grade. Short little stories about nothing, mostly because I was busy not paying attention in class.


What inspired you to start a writing career?

I wish I had a good answer to that. I always wanted to be a writer, but to me it sounded like a pipe dream. It reminds me of that scene in Step Brothers when the Dad is told “Stop being a dinosaur and get a job!” Because of how dumb it sounded that someone would actually pay me real currency that they worked for to read what my stupid fingers typed on a laptop.

Is this book a stand-alone, or are you planning a sequel?

Due to the subject of my book and the fact I am no longer a Soldier, a sequel seems unlikely.

What was the most challenging part about writing down your story?

Doing the story, and my fellow soldiers justice all while staying painfully honest with the subject matter. It didnt make a lot of people happy when they read accounts of their actions several years later.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Go for it. A lot of people are going to tell you you’re stupid for wanting to try to make a living doing this. But the guy from Stepbrothers is right: don’t let them steal your dinosaur.


About the Book

Title: The Hooligans of Kandahar

Author: Joseph Kassabian

Genre: Nonfiction / War Memoir

During the peak years of the Afghanistan War, a group of soldiers is dropped by helicopter into the remote mountains outside of Kandahar City. Mismanaged and overlooked by command, how they survive is largely up to them. In the birthplace of the Taliban, some men lose their sanity, others their humanity. They are The Hooligans.

Written in the months and years following his deployment, Joseph Kassabian recounts his time in the isolated and dangerous country of Afghanistan. Pulling no punches, The Hooligans of Kandahar is a sobering, saddening, and often sarcastic first-hand account of America’s War on Terror.



Amazon (eBook)

Amazon (Paperback)

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Promo Post Cubicle to Cuba: Desk Job to Dream Job


About the Book

cubicletocubacoverhighresTitle: Cubicle to Cuba: Desk Job to Dream Job

Author: Heidi Siefkas

Genre: Travelogue

In this introspective travelogue, author, speaker and adventurer Heidi Siefkas shares her transition out of the corporate world’s Cubicle Land to life on the road in Cuba and beyond. Heidi highlights another side of Cuba as well as perspective gained from years of travel to the once-forbidden island. Along the way, she seizes opportunities for adventure in Kauai, Italy, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, and other far-flung places, but always returning to Cuba for more.

Not unlike her previous books When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes, Heidi tells this story with a good dose of sass and humor in her signature down-to-earth vignettes.

Cubicle to Cuba will teach you about Cuba, but it will also inspire you to think outside the cubicle, travel more, and embark on your own Life 2.0 full of adventure.

About Heidi Siefkas

heidisiefkasauthoradventurerphotoHeidi Siefkas is an author, speaker and adventurer.

Originally from small–‐town Wisconsin, Heidi hangs her hat in South Florida.

However, as an adventurer, she’s rarely home for long. The author of two inspirational books When All Balls Drop and With New Eyes, she has created the mantra

Look Up and speaks to groups worldwide. You can connect with Heidi at www.heidisiefkas.com and on Facebook and Twitter.





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Book Trailer Reveal The Soulmate Checklist


Book Trailer


About the Book

soulmate-checklist-cover-11-28-1Title: The Soulmate Checklist

Author: Rani St. Pucchi

Genre: Nonfiction, Romance

RANI ST. PUCCHI delves into the meaning of Soul Mate relationships as she guides you on a quest for love that lasts a lifetime.

Are images of the ideal relationship just fantasy, or do they have basis in truth?

Does everyone have a perfect Soul Mate who is waiting to be found by him or her, or is a “perfect” relationship something that one must develop with oneself first?

Getting beyond the “in love” phase—will the relationship last?

Questions like these and many others are addressed here as Rani provides insights into the nature of personal relationships and Soul Mate love.

The SoulMate Checklist will help you avoid misconceptions about love, find the blueprint for coming to terms with your past, experience unconditional love, and find out what a Soul Mate is—and isn’t.

Author Bio

Rani St. Pucchi, a trendsetting fashion designer whose expertise has been recognized in such media outlets as Entertainment Tonight, Harper’s Bazaar, Town and Country, Bride’s, Cosmopolitan Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot, works to help women define the style that flatters them the most – no matter what their age or stage of life, or what their body type is.


Author website: http://ranistpucchi.com/

Buy on Amazon

Free gift to download 51 Fashion & Styling Tips

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