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Release Blitz Anathema


About the Book

Title: Anathema

Author: Yoshiyuki Ly

Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance

Prepared to die for her country, Solaire Copeland is drafted to the Drakengard knighthood at twenty-two years old, and vows to stop running away from the one she loves. Guarding over her dark secrets in shame, she nevertheless takes a leap of faith and entrusts herself to her intelligent equal in Stella Azrith, an alluring, measured, and methodical young woman of magic. Solaire elevates her love for Stella in romantic showmanship and subservience, even as the two of them struggle to understand one another through their temperamental differences. Anathema is a historical fantasy romance that tells the tale of Solaire and Stella’s courtly relationship in their youth, as they grow into their characters—Archangel Vespair and Mistress Fury—from The Scorpion’s Empress, Venus and Lysander, and Black Waltz as a prequel to the existing trilogy.


Desperate to keep Solaire at home, Stella conspires to prevent her from getting sent off to fight in an unjust war for their country, the Monomyth of Astora. In her scheming at the highest levels of government, she forms an unstable alliance with Fey Murasaki, the wicked and wily ambassador from Astora’s closest foreign ally. Stella and Fey’s influence across the land slithers in the darkness while Solaire’s knightly powers shine to alarming levels in the light, causing them to become targets—for both good and ill—of the nation’s most powerful leaders. Through intensifying mortal perils, Solaire’s love for Stella deepens to maddening levels, restrained only by her distinct sense that her free will erodes more each time she kneels in fulfilling servitude.


Independent streaks contradict religiosity in service of loving a woman with a will so strong—Solaire bears both the light and the dark of enlightened empathy and burning hatred, with her secrets fueling her rise as the strongest knight of an age.



Author Bio

Yoshiyuki Ly was born in San Diego, CA. Her pen name represents her multiracial heritage and a unique, diverse outlook that reflects in her work. She is a writer and a gamer, primarily inspired by thought-provoking, well-written video games such as the Shin Megami Tensei, Dark Souls, NieR, and Drakengard franchises.


Buy the book: http://mybook.to/anathema

Website: http://yoshiyuki-ly.livejournal.com/


Links to previous publications:


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Book Excerpt To Dodge A Duke

Book Excerpt

Logan smirked and stood to tower over her. “I think you welcomed my advances very much. I would prove it if you ask.”

Eleanor glared at him and took a step back. “That is unnecessary. I already know I did not appreciate the first example.” Besides, even if she had enjoyed it, it would be inadvisable for her to allow another kiss to transpire. His smirk remained glued to his handsome face, and she said, “Oh, stop it. You think much too highly of yourself.”

He chuckled in response and took a step closer. Eleanor, naturally, took another step back until he reached out and pulled her to him in a rough embrace. Incensed, Eleanor asked, “Who do you think you are? There is never an acceptable time for you to behave so impudently toward me!”

His arm imprisoned her as he smiled down on her. “Isn’t there? Would it have been preferable to fall into the ravine?”

She swung her head around to find they stood mere steps from the rushing waters. She gulped and turned to face him. Obviously, it was best to stay away from the ravine, but she would not concede his point. “Yes. It would have been much more desirable.”


About the Book

Title: To Dodge a Duke

Author: Naomi Boom

Genre: Historical Romance / Regency

When a duke gets a chance to pursue a lady as someone else, he would be a fool not to take it.

Logan Eastworth, the Tenth Duke of Waking, returns to England to find a woman to marry. When Miss Eleanor Ashford assumes he holds the title of baronet, he does not correct her error. Instead, he plays on her misconception and arranges a house party where he can make her fall for him and not his title.

Miss Ashford desires a marriage of convenience to an earl or higher. Not to some low-life baronet with an estate in the far reaches of England. She has no time for love, even if the green-eyed baronet with a charming smile tries to convince her otherwise.

Miss Ashford has a choice to make. To wed a duke or the baronet setting her heart aflame. Her choice might not be as simple as she believes.


Author Bio

Naomi Boom is an author who never expected to love writing. Her inspiration struck when she searched for the perfect historical romance novel to read. Nothing sounded appealing, so she decided to write her own. That one novel has morphed into a series, and hopefully many, many more.

She resides in her home state of South Dakota with her husband and toddler. Her dream is to someday find an acreage where she can raise chickens, and continue her writing.




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Promo Post Scent of the Past

About the Book

Title: Scent of the Past

Author: Erin Marie Bernardo

Genre: Historical Fiction

Scent of the Past by Erin Marie Bernardo
A secret diary. A forgotten past. Another time.

When people think of time travel, they think of the clichéd manufactured kind. Of giant electronic machines with flashing lights and buttons calibrated to shoot you into the past with one press. But it doesn’t work that way. You need a reason, a connection, and—most important—a link. But you can’t choose when and why you go. That would be too easy, and we’d all be snapping our fingers in hopes of seeing lost treasures of yesteryear. It must choose you.
Close cousins Addison and Elissa live in present day New York City and lead somewhat ordinary lives. When uncertain circumstances surrounding a set of antique perfume bottles sends them back to eighteenth-century France, they must uncover the truth behind their travel.

Disaster strikes when Addison finds herself in a nearly identical situation to a mishap she experienced in the present—the witnessing of a murder and release of a secret. Only this time the truth could destroy the entire French monarchy. With Addison’s head on the line, the young women search for answers before Addison suffers her unlucky fate twice. It is only when they discover the haunting connections to life in the present, that they understand why they both were sent, and why a repeating past…may not always be such a bad thing.

Author Bio

Erin Marie Bernardo is an American writer of historical fiction. She has a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota, and is the author of the time-travel novel, Scent of the Past. A lover of historic places, Erin’s novels connect the past with the present.

Erin is currently at work on her second novel, Blackbird’s Bounty, set in the bayou of Louisiana – and is actively seeking a home for her children’s collection, Beautiful and Extraordinary Barnyard Stories, based on true events from on her farm.

Erin lives in Tennessee, but has roots in both Minnesota and Washington State. She is married with two young children.


Website: www.erinmariebernardo.com

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Promo Blitz Accept the Broken Heart

51urixgyflWhat can be said of Hell, when at its most quiet, I was most terrified? The explosions that had rocked every fiber of my being and made my bones feel like they could simply shatter like tempered glass still resonated.

I looked over at the wounded, wondering if I had the same haunted look in my eyes, and thought I probably did. In this war, no one leaves. No one goes home…and everyone is a casualty of war.

Author Bio

Robin Leigh Anderson was born in the Montana Rockies and escaped to California in the early 1970s. She attended school in Montana, Washington State, and California, eventually settling in beautiful Santa Barbara with child and cats where she lived for 38 years before escaping sans grown child and late cats to Northern California. An advocate of reinventing oneself, Ms. Anderson dabbled in many of the major disciplines of life, providing fodder for the writing she pursued since she was eight. She has won numerous awards at writing conferences over the years, and was staff of the prestigious Santa Barbara Writer Conference for ten years. She has published numerous articles and short stories in her lifetime. She taught “crash-and-burn” intensive writing seminars in Santa Barbara and was the moderator of a writers’ critique group. She still conducts occasional seminars and enjoys editing others’ works, words being her all-consuming passion, as she writes in several genres.

Foundations, LLC on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foundationsbooks/

Publisher Website: http://www.foundationsbooks.net/


Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon (Paperback)


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Book Excerpt No Quarter: Dominium (Volume 1)


Book Excerpt

Fort James guarded the entrance to the inner harbor. Cannons lined three sides. On the top level, next to the flagpole, Acting Lieutenant Governor Dorcas Dewar strolled along with a silver walking stick, dressed in a lavish purple suit, feathered hat, and heavily polished buckle shoes. His companion Chief Judge Lord Lawrence Llewellyn was decked out in a finely woven long coat and feather trimmed tri-cornered hat. They walked around the slaves cleaning up storm debris.

Following them was the Governor’s advisor, Mason Sleemans, dressed in a dark doublet and matching trousers with a tri-cornered hat.

“Splendid idea, Larry! Splendid!” Dewar clasped his hands together.

“Seems the appropriate thing to do after a hurricane.”

Sleemans’s eyebrows pointed up. “Pretend to give a bloody damn?”

“Oh, you’re so right. For spirit at the very least. That’s politics for you, it’s all about the people.” Dewar shook his head. “Bloody sods!”

“My thoughts exactly, sir.” Llewellyn shook his pen, a newfangled invention nick-named the ‘Pepys’ pen, inspired by Samuel Pepys, cousin to the harbormaster. “Why won’t this work?” He tried to write on parchment.

“You turn it. The ink’s inside,” Sleemans explained

“Supplies may be short, so we may have to dip into the reserves just a bit.” Dewar lifted his thumb and forefinger.

“Of course, sir. No problem. The audit is my responsibility, after all.” Sleemans bowed, exhaustion permanently etched on his face.

Dewar paused. “A hurricane is a disaster and that’s what the disaster fund is for, right? We’ll call it the I Survived the Hurricane Ball.”

Llewellyn clapped childishly. “Excellent choice, your Grace!”

Dewar breathed deeply. “I love when you call me that.”

Sleemans glared at Llewellyn. “Shall we impose a curfew for the lower classes?”

“Absolutely!” Dewar clapped his hands together. “We don’t want the riffraff spoiling our fun.” He watched a pair of city officials emerge from the top of the stairs. “Here comes the I Want, I Want Brigade!” The city’s engineer, Bill Chitty, and Councilman White charged forth. “Councilmen, what is it?”

“Ya wanted the damage report, sir,” Chitty replied.

“Ah, of course. Let’s have it.”

“Thames Street to High Street from the King’s House to the Admiralty Court is flooded,” White said, clad in a white suite, with a white wig and an ivory walking stick. “My house as well. I’m thinking of renting out the basement as a bath house.”

“The bridge to the Palisadoes is out again,” Chitty added. “We’ll need to appropriate funds from the disaster bank for a new bridge – a proper bridge.”

Dewar shook his head. “I’m afraid that’s impossible, funds have already been appropriated.”

“What?” White demanded. “I haven’t seen anything about that. You better not be planning another ball at our expense!”


About the Book

Book CoverTitle: No Quarter: Dominium – Volume 1

Author: MJL Evans and GM O’Connor

Genre: Historical Fiction / Action Adventure

Volume 1 of 6 begins in 1689 Port Royal, Jamaica with Atia Crisp and her sister Livia shipwrecked and sold into slavery. They are separated and Atia is used as a pawn in a deadly card game at the Swiftsure Tavern until she is liberated by sugar merchant Capitaine la Roche. Hunted at every turn, they take refuge at Cherry Red’s Boutique and meet up with allies including the medication loving Dr. Strangewayes.

Series Description: 
Against the political stage of 1689 Port Royal, Jamaica, the unswerving Atia Crisp is thrust into the world of bondage, violence, beauty and love. Shipwrecked and sold into slavery with her sister Livia, the pair are soon separated and Atia is used as a pawn in a card game. Captivated by her beauty, Atia is swiftly liberated by sugar merchant, Capitaine la Roche (also known as the pirate, Gator Gar), whose past is stained with blood and grief. La Roche works with a network of friends and allies including local strumpet, Cherry Banks, Theodore Binge the card shark and the kindly, medication loving Dr. Strangewayes. Soon Atia and la Roche are ushered away to safety after a mysterious outbreak of scarlet fever wreaks havoc on the city.

Within the luxuriant tropical confines of Dr. Strangewayes’s plantation at the foothills of the Blue Mountains, bonds of friendship are formed and the fierce love between Atia and Capitaine la Roche becomes absolute. Atia is reunited with her sister, piratical father and unexpected old friends. However, nowhere is safe as spies seek out both Atia and la Roche for the bounties on their heads. Neither of them can escape the shadows of their former lives and must rely on each other’s strengths for survival. Their journey leads them to an inevitable conflict that threatens their world, but inches them closer towards freedom.

Now Available:

No Quarter: Dominium – The Complete Series and No Quarter: Wenches – Volume 1

Author Bio

Author bio pictureMJL EVANS wanted to be a writer since she was ten years old. Her motto – it’s never too late in life to get your act together and do something you really love. No Quarter: Dominium is her first book series and she currently writing the next, No Quarter: Wenches. Her sense of humor has been shaped by Monty Python, Black Adder and Red Dwarf, while her dramatic side has been influenced by independent/foreign movies.

You can connect with MJL Evans on Twitter at @artistmjlevans or noquarterseries@gmail.com


GM O’CONNOR is a huge movie fan, writer and visual artist. No Quarter: Dominium is his first book series and he’s busy writing No Quarter: Wenches. A lover of sci-fi and history, half his brain lives in the 17th century while the other half sails perpetually through space. He hopes to one day bring the No Quarter Series to film and/or graphic novel format.

You can connect with GM O’Connor on Twitter at @gm_oconnor or noquarterseries@gmail.com


Website: http://www.thenoquarterseries.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noquarterseries/

Follow us on Twitter at: @noquarterseries

Email us at: noquarterseries@gmail.com

Where to download:



Kobo Books


Google Play

Apple iTunes

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Author Interview When a Lady Deceives


Have you been writing for a long time? 

I’ve always loved to write. Throughout my childhood, I loved to read mysteries and ghost stories. I’d write my own tales of sleuths and things that go bump in the night. As an adult, I began to read historical romance, counting Jude Devereaux, Julie Garwood, and Teresa Medeiros among my favorite authors. I loved the escape to another time and place…and of course, the sexy, courageous heroes. After college, I started writing romance in my spare time. By then, I was a mother to two sons and had a full-time job, but I still loved to write whenever I had the chance. Now, I’m fortunate to devote time to writing nearly every day.


What inspired you to start a writing career? 

About ten years ago, I discovered a couple of wonderful, supportive groups of writers—a local chapter affiliated with Romance Writers of America, and an online RWA chapter dedicated to historical romance. With the encouragement of my critique partners and other members of these chapters, I focused my efforts on writing historical romance. A couple of years after I started the journey to publication, my first historical romance made its debut. Since that time, I’ve continued to focus my writing career on historical romance that sees my heroes and heroines face intrigue and adventure on their way to their happily-ever-after.



Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series?   

When A Lady Deceives is the first book in the Her Majesty’s Most Secret Service series, but could be read as a stand-alone.



Why did you choose this genre? 

I’ve always loved tales of mystery and suspense, and I enjoy immersing myself in the escape to another time and place that historical romance provides. Historical romantic suspense is a perfect blend of my favorite elements of romance. I especially enjoy writing love stories set during the Victorian era. The reign of Queen Victoria was a time of great change for society, an era when ground-breaking women were taking on new, exciting roles outside of the boundaries of home and hearth.


Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

My advice for aspiring authors is simple—write, write, and keep writing. The more you write, the more you’ll develop your own voice. Study writing craft, and cultivate relationships with other writers to nurture your growth as an author. And most of all, write the stories you’d love to read.

About the Book

WhenALadyDeceives_500X750Title: When a Lady Deceives

Author: Tara Kingston

Genre: Historical Romance

A woman with a secret and a dangerous man forge an undeniable passion.

In Victorian London, reporter Jennie Quinn employs deception as a weapon. Going undercover to seek justice for a murdered informant, she’s drawn into a powerful criminal’s seductive game of cat and mouse. Enigmatic former lawman Matthew Colton is as dangerous as he is clever, but the passion in his kiss is too tempting to resist. She aches to trust him, but she will not abandon her quest for the truth.

Colton is a man with secrets of his own. Thirsting for vengeance, the disgraced Scotland Yard detective has infiltrated the criminal world he’s vowed to destroy. Jennie intrigues him, even as she breaks down the barriers around his heart. He yearns to uncover her secrets—in and out of his bed. Driven to shield her, he’ll risk everything to protect the woman whose love heals his soul.

Author Bio

Award-winning author Tara Kingston writes historical romance laced with intrigue, danger, and adventures of the heart. A Southern-belle-out-of-water in a quaint Pennsylvania town, she lives her own love story with her real-life hero and a pair of deceptively innocent-looking kitties in a cozy Victorian. The mother of two sons, Tara’s a former librarian whose love of books is evident in her popping-at-the-seams bookcases. It goes without saying that Tara’s husband is thankful for the invention of digital books, thereby eliminating the need for yet another set of shelves. When she’s not writing, reading, or burning dinner, Tara enjoys movie nights, cycling, hiking, DIY projects, collecting dolls, and cheering on her favorite football team.

Author links:












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Guest Post Full Circle for Mick


Guest Post

Do you have any advice for Aspiring Authors?

When you start inventing the characters of your book, it will be of extremely helpful to have sufficient large white cards on hand on which the names of the characters, along with their details like date of birth, age marital status, health status, employment status, education level, wealth level and political view canal be recorded and always easily found by going to the card in question (with the character’s name etc. on it.)

Similar large cards of different colour should be filled out and these could be used to record events such as operations against enemy forces.

The use of such cards will save much time otherwise spent on going back over text to find what was written about the character/event/place on previous occasions. You will that this sort of practice will save you a lot of time. This will be of particular important if for some reason, you are away from your writing project for a time.

About the Book

9781742845623_Cover_11072015Title: Full Circle for Mick

Author: Michael Kramer

Genre: Historical Fiction

In 2013, Carolyn and Michael Georg Kaspar Friedrich Lampman applied for passports at the Albury Post Office and while hers went through immediately, (she is Australian born), his application resulted in a phone call being made to Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and that department refusing him a passport on the grounds that his Australian Naturalisation Certificate “Did not say if his gender was male or female.” It did however; state that “Michael Georg Kaspar Friedrich Lampman presented himself before me at the Millicent Council Chambers on …. To swear allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her Heirs and Successors. This makes one wonder if the clerks at DIAC are conversant enough in the English language to know that “Himself” can only mean a male.

Michael’s reason for wanting his passport was to return to Vietnam and to fulfil his promise to a Buddhist Monk to return as a qualified engineer to help to rebuild the country that he had helped to destroy as a young Australian soldier in the Vietnam War during 1968 and 1969.

At a later date, DIAC cancelled his citizenship and papers, (he was a naturalised Australian Citizen, originating from Germany) even threatening to send him to jail for two years, for “Falsifying an Official Document,” resulting in him then using “Engineering Problem Solving Techniques” to rectify the situation as he was now also driving illegally on the grounds that in NSW it is not legal for someone to hold a driver’s licence unless that person has either “Approved Residency Status” or Australian Citizenship.

This is the story of a man’s battle and final victory against rampant bureaucracy, racism and PTSD. It deals with the first symptoms of PTSD, its diagnosis and its treatment and self-help strategies.

Author Bio

In 1967, he volunteered for service with the Australian Army in the Vietnam War, and was told that seeing how he was only twenty years old, he would need the signatures of his parents in order to join the army. Yet, the Australian Government was calling up males aged twenty years for service in the war if they wanted to serve or not. This prompted him to simply alter the date of birth on his Australian Naturalisation Certificate from 01/03/1947 to 01/03/1946 and he was in the army and this action was something that would become a problem forty five years later.

He went on to serve in Vietnam with the First Battalion of Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) and continued to serve until he received a medical discharge some ten years later. As a treatment strategy for diagnosed PTSD, he was instructed to undertake tertiary studies which resulted in his better management of PTSD and his becoming a much better person as a result.  In time, he was to undertake studies and now holds the Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering, and the Associate Degree of Civil Engineering. He operates his own architectural and engineering drafting service, providing a high level of competent drafting work.

In 2010, he applied for an Australian passport which was refused by Immigration on the grounds that his Naturalisation Certificate did not list his gender. At a later date, the Australian Department of Immigration cancelled his Australian Citizenship papers, which have since been re-issued to him as well as an Australian passport. At a function held at his home, it was suggested that he put the experiences into a novel and this is the result.


Author Website: http://mickkramer.com/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/573456

Bookpal: https://my.bookpal.com.au/Bookstore/b/10840-Full-Circle-for-Mick



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Guest Post Not A Real War


Guest Post

10 Favourite Authors and Why

My ten favourite authors, in no particular order of preference, are:

  • Peter Fitzsimons – Tobruk, Kokoda
  • Hal Judge – Someone Forgot to Tell the Fish
  • Julian Talbot – Business Case for Risk, The New Supervisors Handbook
  • John Keegan – The Face of Battle, the Mask of Command, Six Armies in Normandy
  • Patrick O’Brien – Master and Commander series
  • Nelson De Mille – Up Country and many others
  • Cornelius Ryan – A Bridge Too Far, The Last Battle, The Longest Day
  • Robert Hughes – The Fatal Shore
  • Peter Padfield – The Great Naval Race
  • Martin Middlebrook – The Berlin Raids

Yes, what an eclectic mix!…it covers nearly 40 years of my own personal and wide ranging reading experience, begun when I was about 14, thanks to an inspirational Year 5 English teacher who taught me the life-long values of the library and to my own dear father, a highly (self) educated man who was always encouraging my reading and who knew that ‘books can be your friends for life’.   The list reflects particularly my life long study of military history, hence the apparent ‘male dominance’, but there have also been a few brief sojourns into other worlds of fictional writing, technical and management journals and dissertations, poetry and some great female authors, like Patricia Cornwell, but too many to list.

Some of these great authors have now sadly passed, but their work lives on as a permanent reminder of their great abilities and talents.   They reflect different readings at different phases of my personal life and some of the authors have something of an emotional link for me, connected as they are to different times and events in my personal life. Many times I’ve been able to pass on what I think is their gift to us to people I have known, in turn, hopefully, enriching their lives as well as my own.

The key elements which make all of these my favourite authors, almost without exception in my view, is that they write with a good flowing style, their own sense of humour is allowed exposure and most importantly, there is a human or individual element to their writing. This means to me that I can relate not only to the ‘big picture’ part of the story, but they bring the narrative down to individual levels, writing about peoples experiences and even more interestingly in my view, about their environment. Simply put, they have managed to incorporate the humour, the personalities and foibles of individuals, as well as the day to day routines and even describe the items and domestic artefacts of the people about whom they are writing into their stories.   This gives added impact to their stories and reminds us of individual human element that makes up the rich tapestry of human endeavours.

About the Book

9781742845197_FrontTitle: Not A Real War

Author: Paul Longley

Genre: Military / Historical / Biography

This book describes the experiences of the author whilst serving with the Australian Defence Force with the United Nations Mission to Somalia in 1993.


Author Bio

The author is a former Royal Australian Navy officer


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Not-Real-War-Experiences-Soldiers-ebook/dp/B00UJEOTTA

Bookpal: http://bookpal.com.au/portfolio-items/not-a-real-war/

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/526320

Author Website: http://notarealwar.com/

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Book Excerpt Forget Me Not


Book Excerpt

Book III

North Africa
Fall, 1942

Alongside his crew, Calvin’s hands worked their magic to repair one of the U.S.S. Langford’s massive guns as its nose pointed out to sea, waiting for its chance to spit fire again. It had just jammed and his captain continued barking orders over the radio for the crew to get it back to work. The Langford rarely saw much action, so this moment clapped panic onto its inhabitants with attention and fury. He was just about finished his side of things. The sweat that had been beading on his forehead was now slipping down his face steadily.

“Seaman, you got her fixed yet?” shouted his commanding officer through the crackling radio.

“Just about, sir,” Calvin spoke for the rest of his crew manning the gun.

“Got it!” a guy named Cornwall shouted. The gun was back in commission.

“She’s ready to fire, Captain Lloyd.”

A few weeks ago, Calvin had been home patrolling the Mid-Atlantic and New England coast protecting convoys and the shoreline from impending German U-boats. Only a shot or two had been fired from his ship the entire six weeks he’d been aboard. Then they got orders to head to Norfolk, Virginia. From there, he and his shipmates were to transport several hundred men aboard their destroyer to the shores of Casablanca for an invasion. The United States and England wanted the spot and the Germans were in it. It had taken two weeks to get there, and three days for Calvin to become immersed in the reality of war. He wanted to be back home. He wanted to stay on board. He wanted to kiss his girl. He wanted to fight. He had a question to ask her. He had orders to carry out, a mission to complete, an objective to maintain. Win. Conquer. Destroy. Lord, had he become an animal? Or was he experiencing something that was merely a part of human nature? Unfortunately, sleep-rare days and nights left no time to contemplate such things. And at the moment, he had just been commanded to fire at will on the Italian light cruiser attacking them.


That came from him.


He missed his target.




Got ‘em.

It was doubtful they would get him back. Small and quick, destroyers like the U.S.S. Langford were very hard to catch, but on the same token, they were also very easy to break.





The men fired from the ship’s guns, but it was a torpedo blasted from the Langford that finally sank their enemy. Calvin watched the flames engulf the Italian ship in the distance. That could have easily been their boat, their crew.

About the Book

Cover Forget Me Not (1)Title: Forget Me Not

Author: Allison Whitmore

Genre: Historical Fiction

Theodora “Teddi” Donovan and Calvin Wynne have always hated each other. They didn’t have a choice after Teddi’s bootlegger father killed Calvin’s and left them both orphaned. The scandal has fueled gossip in quiet, quaint Brookhurst, New York, for over a decade. When a friendship develops between them as teenagers, they are ridiculed and shunned by the strict society that dictates life in their town. As they grow older, friendship turns into love, and Teddi and Calvin have to choose between their future and the scepter of their past. Spanning continents and decades, Forget Me Not is a coming-of-age story about truth, self-reliance, and the freeing power of love.

Author Bio

Allison3Allison Whitmore started her first novel, Forget Me Not, one icy morning in her dorm room in Southampton, NY. After many years of teaching high school English, she came back to the novel to rewrite it. Allison comes from a family who loves history and enjoyed immersing herself in the research that brought Teddi and Calvin’s world to life. She lives in her hometown, Los Angeles, California. You can find her on Twitter @alli_whitmore and her website: allisonwhitmore.com.





http://amzn.com/1513701649 (Amazon)

http://goo.gl/yhDlZ1 (Barnes and Noble)






Author page:


Book page:


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Promo Post The Daughters Lem


About the Book

9781620157688-frontTitle: The Daughters Lem

Author: Nila Aamoth

Genre: Biographical / Memoir / Historical

The Daughters of Lem witnessed and survived the tragic event that forever transformed them. Orphaned, frightened, fiercely independent, the four sisters fought defiantly to raise themselves. But Lucille, Louise, and Nell Rose could not defeat the notion of a Lem bad seed; they chose to remain childless. Only Dorothy sought to achieve what she perceived to be a “normal” life as a wife and mother. In the process, she discovered her power as an independent woman. Her own three offspring became a new generation of the Daughters of Lem, and fortunate participants in their mother’s improbably joyful journey.

Author Bio

Nila Knack Aamoth wrote her first story at age four, and never stopped plying the pencil, the typewriter, and finally the computer keyboard. She began her journalism career in Houston, Texas, and owned two community newspapers in Michigan. For 25 years, she was editor and publisher of The Penasee Globe. “I figured my thoughts were more valuable than the traditional penny, so I called my weekly column A Nickel’s Worth,” she likes to joke. Those mostly light-hearted musings won her numerous state and national writing awards. Her insightful editorials, both humorous and serious, won the Michigan Press Association award for “Best Editorial” two years running. “I believed I could write about anything,” she says. “But writing the incredible story of my own family was almost too heart-wrenching. I think I’ve finally grown up!”




Amazon (Kindle)

Amazon (Paperback)


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