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Guest Post The Sanguinarian Id

I’m hosting L.M. Labat today, with a post about the editing process for her book, “The Sanguinarian Id”. Thank you for dropping by.

What is your editing process?

Multiple layers comprise my editing process. As my writing style and book series progress, I first research and learn more from my previous failures in earlier writings. I jot down all of the crucial mistakes I made and shift my attention to my current project. During the first editing draft, I go over any grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues, while trying to see if I can add more active voices in my work. While passive voice gives a poetic feel to the story, the stronger, more dominant active voice pushes the story and dialogue forward. This voice really enhances the drama and tension in action scenes. Once finishing the grammar, spelling, etc., I reread the first novel in the series, in order to make sure they sync up and that the chronological story line stays stable. I send my edits to my publisher. My publisher sends my work back to me after they edit what they want changed one chapter at a time. We go over the entire book chapter by chapter, and we don’t move on to the next chapter, until we come to a full compromise on what’s best for the reader. My stories are parts of myself, but I’m in the entertainment industry. I have to be considerate to my fans and audience, in order to create a smoother read. The dialogue in the story is its own layer, since I want the speech to be as natural as possible. When writing, I talk to myself…a lot. I talk to myself, while listening to my characters chew me out in my head about how I’d better not make them look like an idiot in the book. I constantly lose sleep, coffee doesn’t work for me like it used to, and, when I’m doing art commissions with my clients, I find myself talking to myself again about what would make the scene stronger. It’s a long process, but it’s worth it all the sleep deprivation, tension headaches, and research.

About the Book

Title: The Sanguinarian Id

Author: L.M. Labat

Artist: L.M. Labat

Genre: Horror, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Occult, Gothic Horror

Publisher: Night to Dawn Magazine & Books

She’s been beaten, stabbed, poisoned, and shot, but Hael refuses to die. In her pursuit for vengeance and her origin, the Dhampir Hael hunts down the madman responsible for her fateful transformation. As this half-vampire juggernauts her way through a world at war, Hael battles hordes of Nazi soldiers as she struggles to maintain her sanity. However, while Hael gathers knowledge on how to trap and kill her target, her adversary’s network is expanding at an exponential rate, as his sick obsession with Hael grows deeper. Will she have her revenge? Will she find her origin? Or, will she crumble beneath her own insidious bloodlust?



Author Bio

Born in 1993, L. M. Labat stems from New Orleans, Louisiana. From the struggles of a broken family and surviving life-threatening events, Labat found refuge within the arts while delving into the fields of medicine, psychology, and the occult. While combining illustration and literature, L. M. Labat was able to cope with endless nightmares as well as hone in on artistic techniques. From confronting the past to facing new shadows, this author gladly invites audiences into the horror of The Sanguinarian Id.



The Sanguinarian Id Website

Website Creator: L. M. Labat


Night to Dawn Magazine & Books Website:

Night to Dawn Magazine & Books Webiste

The Sanguinarian Id on Amazon

The Sanguinarian Id on B&N

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Guest Post Your Crossroads. Your Choice.

Guest Post

I am going to choose a topic to talk about and that topic is fear.

As enlightened mammals we are both blessed and cursed with the ability to experience fear. Even the most primitive beings have the fear response, it is what keeps them out of harm’s way.  We are the only ones who have the nightmarish ability to manifest fear in our own minds, a place we can never escape from.

Or can we? Who’s to say that we can not simply and politely push that unnecessary fear into a deep, dark closet and lock the door. Then throw away the key. Having some level of fear is essential to sustaining your life. It’s what keeps you thinking twice about base jumping, driving with your eyes closed or playing outside with a metal rod in a lighting storm. It is the other fear, the stuff we manage to conjure up out of our very own worst nightmares. Why do we do it? Guess what – the answer might surprise you. More fear. That’s right folks – we fear success as much if not more than failure.

Why? Why does being successful create such a feeling of fear? It is for the same reason we fear failure – it is an unknown. If we live in a constant, a cyclical, routine existence then we will always know (for the most part) what to expect. Once we begin to step out of our comfort zone, we lose the ability to predict our future and therefore lose the (false) sense of control we thought we had over our mediocre routines.

When I started writing this book, I felt fear about admitting my true feelings. When it was accepted at Page Publishing, I felt fear that I was making a huge mistake, that I was some kind of fraud unworthy of having my work out in the universe. And when the book went public I felt fear. Fear that everyone was now going to have access to my innermost thoughts along this broken, staggered journey I am on.

Through the writing of Your crossroads. Your choice. I began to recognize this false fear. I began to kick it in the nuts so to speak and send it packing. I have felt the weight lift from my shoulders as I accepted my passion, embraced my journey and turned it into a witty, creative outlook on an otherwise commonplace journey. You see, my new friends, the things that happen to us in life are not what define us. Rather, it is the choices we make that make us who we are. I chose to feel success rather than fear. What will you choose?


About the Book

Title: Your crossroads. Your choice.

Author: EJ Apicello

Genre: Self-help

Welcome to my diary, my journey, as I tripped and crawled through the darkest time in my life- when I witnessed  people that I held incredibly close to me shatter my very existence with their words and actions. The things within this book spine are extremely raw and exceptionally real. You and I are going to get very close, the details in this book, although oddly general, are incredibly specific. Yes, I realize what I just said and as you read my words you will see what I mean. As you silently gasp and mentally bitch slap me, please be kind because my story is just that – my story. It is not any more or less special than yours. In fact the only difference between our stories are the choices we made at each of the crossroads in our lives. For most of my life the choices I made were not based on my happiness but on everyone else’s. This book describes what I have experienced in my journey to finding my happiness and hopefully never letting it go. Sadly, it took me thirty six years to find the strength I need to detoxify my life and self view and find someone who is worthy of my awesomeness. Thirty six years to shatter the negative foundation I had built shatter the ultimate representative I created to hide behind and begin the process of building a new foundation. Only this foundation will be built on strength, confidence and above all, happiness. So take a minute or thirty and sit with my story for a while. You never know what you might find out.


Author Bio

Welcome to my real, crazy, emotional, probably too honest journey. I am an everyday girl in this everyday world trying to keep my head above water and within the pages of this book you will learn about the things that have broken me down  and the steps I am taking to build back up. You will see, my new friends, that this story is written in a unique, general, conversational voice, which was my choice. I want you to be able to picture yourself in my shoes, relate my trials and tribulations to yours and see that you too can find your happiness. Even if you don’t realize this yet, every single one of us possesses things inside of ourselves that we didn’t know were there. It took my life taking a crazy right turn and dumping me at the lowest possible point before I could see the strength within myself. We are not defined by what we do, we are defined by the choices we make. I decided when I put pen to paper that I want my choices to start defining me as strong, confident, secure and above all else, happy. So, who am I? How about I tell you who I was – a self loathing shell of myself who put everyone else’s happiness before my own. Herein lies my story to find that happiness and all of the ups and downs along the way. See who I was and who I am trying to become and maybe, somewhere in there, you will find out a little about yourself too.








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Guest Post Gossamer: The Chronicles of Eledon Book 3

Guest Post


By Joni Parker


My book, “Gossamer,” was published in December, so I thought I’d provide the editing process for the book I’m working on now called, “Noble Magic,” the fourth book in the “Chronicles of Eledon” series. Fortunately, I already had a draft of it, but there were several changes in the editing process of “Gossamer” that impacted “Noble Magic.” Before I forgot what they were, I changed them. Then I read through the manuscript twice out loud and two more times silently before I sent it to my editor in late January for the first round of editing.

In early March, I got the manuscript back with a number of corrections to make. Not only does my editor look at the content, she also gives me some help with grammar and punctuation, so I get two jobs for one. I made the corrections and read the manuscript out loud again at least twice and more times silently and sent it back to my editor in late March for a second round of editing.

The manuscript came back to me in late May with more corrections to make, including a recommendation for an epilogue. I’d never written one before so I scrambled a little. I came up with one and sent it to my editor for a quick review. She liked the second draft. Whew!

I just finished reading my book out loud again for the third time this round. My throat is a sore and I need a break—my house needs cleaning. I still found a few changes to make, but I do like the story. It has a lot of action and flows well. After this reading, I think it’s ready to be published. However, if I had some additional concerns, I wouldn’t hesitate to send it through another round of editing.

I use this editing process for all of my books—at least two rounds with a good editor. Understand that each round costs me money. Yes, it can be expensive, but I feel I owe it to my readers to get it right and it’s taught me a lot about writing. Over the years, my writing’s improved, thanks to my editor, and I’ve even won some awards. The first book of “The Chronicles of Eledon” series called “Spell Breaker” was selected as a 2016 Book Excellence Award Finalist and the second book in the series, “The Blue Witch,” was a 2017 International Book Award Finalist. “Gossamer” is my latest effort and I hope you enjoy it.

About the Book

Title: Gossamer: The Chronicles of Eledon Book 3

Author: Joni Parker

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Lady Alexin, Eledon’s Keeper of the Keys must continue to prove her powers when her grandmother, Lady Lestin and her friend, Lady Opaline of the Gossamer Elves are kidnapped by rebels and held for ransom. Alex attempts a daring rescue, only to discover that there is far more to this plot that she immediately suspected and the betrayal extends to the highest levels of the High Council of Elders. Threatened by rebel factions, suspected by Council members and under attack by deadly spiders, the young warrior has only her wits, her fighting skills and the powers of the Keys to help her. But will they be enough to save them all?


Author Bio

When I was younger, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Part of my reason for dropping out of college was because I didn’t know what to major in. I was envious of my sister who knew from an early age, she was going to major in math. Good for her, but math was the last subject on my mind. I joined the Navy and found a track I liked. I became a photographer. I covered local news items, accidents, and even shot portraits. It was fun, but not a career path. When I got out of the Navy, I wanted to finish college but I was lost again. What to major in? I chose accounting because all businesses needed it and I went on to get my Bachelor’s and an MBA. After working in the field for a year, I went back in the Navy and asked for any assignment other than accounting.  It worked. After 22 years in the Navy, I retired. My husband and I moved into our motorhome and hit the road. Unfortunately, he passed away and I went back to work at a government job. Then I found writing. I hadn’t written a thing since I was 14 but I was smitten by the bug and have been writing ever since. “Gossamer” is the sixth book I’ve had published and is the third book in a four book series, “The Chronicles of Eledon.” Hope you enjoy it. I had fun writing it.




Website/blog:  http://www.theblackelf.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJoniParker

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ParkerJoni

Google Plus:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JoniParker/posts

Amazon link for “Gossamer”:  Amazon

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Guest Post Black Dawn Tour

Please welcome Mallory McCartney to my blog. Mallory is the author of YA/NA Fantasy “Black Dawn”. I’ll leave the word to Mallory now, who will talk about editing process.

Guest Post

As all first-time authors, the editing process was a lovely learning curve for me! The Clean Reads team is very supportive throughout the entire process, and I can’t thank them enough for that! When I first submit my manuscript, I made sure it adheres to the submission guidelines (formatting etc.). After this it goes through three rounds with three different editors with the Clean Reads team, so every time it’s a fresh pair of eyes. This is where, with editor you go through line edits, content edits, formatting, grammar etc. This takes a couple of months, and once you complete each stage (on time! 😊 ) you go into the final look through of the book. This is where I call on my beta readers, and make any small final changes with the novel. Once this is done, it is submitted to the final stages of publication.

To me the editing stage is an amazing process, I see my manuscript go through my initial draft rewrites prior to this, which is anywhere from four to six times. To see it become a clean and final draft six- eight months later is an amazing feeling, and wouldn’t be possible without the team at Clean Reads, or my beta readers!!!


About the Book

Title: Black Dawn

Genre: YA/NA Fantasy

Author: Mallory McCartney


The end of an Empire, the rise of a Queen

Emory Fae enjoys leading a quiet, normal life. That is until two mysterious, and handsome soldiers show up at her apartment, and the life she knew is instantly whisked away. Memphis Carter and Brokk Foster come from the magical and war ridden world of Kiero, and upon Emory’s arrival she will discover she is the long-lost heir to the Royal Line and is thrown into the Black Dawn Rebellion with a dynamic role to ignite the rebels and reclaim her throne.

With both men being darkly woven in her past Emory uncovers hidden secrets, a power held long dormant, and will soon realize there are worse things than supernatural humans, love, loss, betrayal, and a Mad King.

Some things are better left in the shadows



Author Bio

Mallory McCartney currently lives in London, Ontario with her husband and their two dachshunds Link and Lola. Black Dawn is her debut novel, the first in a series. When she isn’t working on her next novel or reading, she can be found dog grooming, book shopping and hiking. Other favorite pastimes involve reorganizing perpetually overflowing bookshelves and seeking out new coffee and dessert shops.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormalmccartney/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MalMcCartney

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authormalmccartney/?hl=en

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Guest Post The Agartes Epilogues

Today’s guest post is brought to you by K.S. Villoso, author of “The Agartes Epilogues”, and talks about the editing process.

Editing a Character-Driven Novel

I write character-driven epic fantasy, which I’m not even sure is a legit sub-genre or anything (although I’m a little ignorant about genres and rely on my friends to correct me all the time). But suffice to say that my stuff revolves around characters: their thoughts, aspirations, challenges, relationships, and how all of these fit into a plot. Sort of like if Game of Thrones actually gave up and realized it’s an Asian soap opera (but with just as many wars and killings), that sort of thing.

The editing process, of course, is similar to others’: in a nutshell, I’ll outline, I’ll create a first draft, then do as many drafts as it takes until I get sick of the whole thing, throw it at my editors, cave in to their suggestions, and then polish it one final time.

But it’s a lot more complicated than that. I don’t, for example, have a very rigid outline. I have several outlines: I may have a summary of the story with regards to character motivations, a plot outline detailing important events, a chapter outline, etc. And then I embark on what I call an organic process of writing, wherein the manuscript dictates everything. I use the outlines as a blueprint, but if the manuscript decides we have to go a different route, I will scrap everything I have up to that point and re-outline again.

I do this because of the “character-driven” part. Because I write very closely from the characters’ point of views (a limited third person POV where the character’s thoughts weave into the narrative), the story can only unfold as they see fit. I have had characters pretty much change their importance or role mid-story; I’ve had characters decide they’re better off dead, and others that they’re better off alive (at least, for a little longer). These can come about because of a number of different things—usually though because of an interaction they have that suddenly tells me there’s a lot more to their story than the outlines would indicate.

When I edit, of course, I already have a finished manuscript. So one of my many tasks is to do a sweep, to make sure that every character is consistent with their motivations and personalities. Since I already “know” where they’re heading towards, I can refine their scenes to better give the reader an idea of what they’re all about. The characters are the driving force in my stories, and everything around them—including the plot—is supposed to paint a picture of what’s really happening deep inside.


About the Books

Series Title: The Agartes Epilogues

Author: K.S. Villoso

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Jaeth’s Eye

It has been years since his brother’s accident. Kefier was only just beginning to live a normal life–at least, as normal as it could get for a mercenary from a run-down town. And then an errand goes wrong and he finds himself holding his friend’s bloody corpse. Already once branded a murderer, he is pursued by men he once considered friends and stumbles into the midst of a war between two mages. One bears a name long forgotten in legend; the other is young, arrogant Ylir, who takes special interest in making sure Kefier is not killed by his associates. The apex of their rivalry: a terrible creature with one eye, cast from the womb of a witch, with powers so immense whoever possesses it holds the power to bring the continent to its knees.

Now begins a tale with roots reaching beyond the end of another. Here, a father swears vengeance for his slain children; there, a peasant girl struggles to feed her family. A wayward prince finds his way home and a continent is about to be torn asunder. And Kefier is only beginning to understand how it all began the moment he stood on that cliff and watched his brother fall…

Aina’s Breath

Enosh, apprentice to one of the richest merchants in the Kag, is secretly heir to a broken line of mages. Because of The Empire of Dageis’ quest for sources of the agan–the life-source that mages use for power–his people have been reduced to scavengers, his culture diminished to a speck in the wind. For more than ten years, he has helped raise a conjured beast to use as a weapon against the Dageians. But Enosh’s plans are falling apart. A powerful enemy has escaped and Enosh needs to capture him before he reaches Dageis. His quest is further complicated after he finds himself used as a pawn by Gasparian nobles.

On the other end of the continent, Sume, daughter to a Jin-Sayeng hero, must return to her roots to save her country and bring honour to her father’s name. To do this, she must befriend a prince and understand the terrible, corrupting nature of power and the reason her father was driven to walk away from it all those years ago…

Meanwhile, Kefier, Enosh’s agan-blind brother, is forced back into a life of violence. As he struggles with the notion that hands, once bloodied, never stay clean for long, he finds himself occupied with an unexpected burden: his own brother’s daughter.

Sapphire’s Flight

The battle at Shi-uin has left scars. The rise of Gorrhen yn Garr to power seems unstoppable. As nations fall, the lines between love and duty become blurred and Kefier, Sume, and Enosh must learn to live with the choices they have made.


Author Bio

K.S. Villoso was born in a dank hospital on an afternoon in Albay, Philippines, and things have generally been okay since then. After spending most of her childhood in a slum area in Taguig (where she dodged death-defying traffic, ate questionable food, and fell into open-pit sewers more often than one ought to), she and her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada, where they spent the better part of two decades trying to chase the North American Dream. She is now living amidst the forest and mountains with her family, children, and dogs in Anmore, BC.





Social Media





Jaeth’s Eye

Aina’s Breath

Sapphire’s Flight

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Guest Post Dark Djinn

Guest Post: My Editing Process

From almost every author offering instruction, you hear guidance along the lines of Just write. Forget about the quality until the rewrite or the edit. Your aim is to get words on paper. It is good advice for a beginner, who looks at the blank page and wonders how she is ever going to fill it. It is also advice I follow when I have writer’s block. From what I understand, the value in it is to engage the right and the left side of the brain in the different stages of the writing process, to allow the creative side to dominate in the creation of the work, and the logical side to come to the forefront when you want to refine it. I cannot deny there is sense in this.

For me, however, editing is implicit in the writing process. I agonise over each sentence or paragraph when I first pen it, rewriting and editing it until I am happy at that moment. Only then do I move on to the next. I might pen two or three hundred words at a stretch if I’m in the flow, but my day’s writing time will include going back and editing every sentence. Does it make for slow writing? Unquestionably. Does it make for good writing? I believe so, especially since I have heard other authors whose work I respect state this is their process.

The benefit for me of slow writing, of editing as I go, is the ability to craft a work with a distinct voice. I have found that if I lose the voice in a scene, it takes a disproportionate amount of time to rewrite it well. Voice is tantamount to expression, which is a function of editing, and voice these days seems to be the holy grail of writing. In establishing a voice early on, I can keep referring to early chapters to ensure consistency in later chapters. Added to this is the need for character mood to flow. If character drives plot, then a lack of refinement in this area skews the plot onto a tangent. It may be a deviation of the smallest degree, but getting it all back on track is, for me, hard, time-consuming work. Since I much prefer writing to rewriting, I will spend the time getting it almost right on the first draft.

Almost right means to say that of course I edit further. And again. And once, twice, maybe even three times again. After my second (or third) draft, I will take exquisite notice of every word. I consider myself finished when on reading the manuscript I make a miniscule number of cosmetic changes; when it takes me a whole minute or more to decide if the change does it fact improve the manuscript. There are times when I am tempted to leave a sentence because it reads okay. I must remind myself every time that in today’s market okay is not good enough, and if I wish to be honest, neither is good. The manuscript must be the absolute best I can make it at that time.

About the Book

Title: Dark Djinn

Author: Tia Reed

Genre: Fantasy

Duplicity and deception: aid from a djinn is a curse under any guise.

Betrothed to a cruel lord, Princess Kordahla dreams of fleeing to her decadent neighbour, a journey fraught with danger, and no promise of sanctuary at its end. Her one hope is to offer the southern shah a prize so valuable he cannot refuse to harbour her: the secret of the mahktashaan, the soldier-magicians sworn to protect her father’s court.

But the mahktashaan guard their magic with blooded sword, and in stealing one of their powerful crystals she will risk her life. Unless she accepts the help of a treacherous djinn intent on tricking her into a deal.

It is a compact which threatens to shatter the fragile peace in the Three Realms.

A gripping tale of realms besieged and honour lost, of blood-ties severed and romance dreamed, Dark Djinn begins an epic quest to save mortals from the schemes of djinn.

Author Bio

Tia Reed loves nothing better than burying her nose in a story of her own imagining, cuddling her bossy cat and rescuing chewed pillows from her hyperactive dog. She takes every opportunity to do all three when she is not teaching English as a second language. Her other hobbies usually take a back seat but include trying to tame her beast of a garden, hiking and travelling. The latter has thrown her many interesting, sometimes hair-raising experiences, which she loves twisting into stories. She was born in Malta, but lives in Adelaide, Australia.


Website:   www.tiareed.com

Facebook:     www.facebook.com/SFWriter/

Amazon:  Amazon

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Guest Post Happy Friday Life


Guest Post

From the moment my feet hit the floor it was non-stop negativity. Messages from the office, friends with troubles, negative morning news, not to mention the weight of my own life. I was able to brush it off until turning the radio on in the car, only to hear more negativity. Before even leaving my driveway, I slammed the car into park and said out loud; ENOUGH! Why doesn’t anyone gravitate to positive? What can I do?
At that moment I decided to send out a text message and the words just poured out. I have always tried to be the cheerleader for everyone in need of a pick me up. I’d never done any writing and quite honestly I felt as though I had minimal grammar skills. I sent the text to about 15 people in my small circle and much to my surprise I started getting great feedback. The comments and requests motivated me to write another text the following Friday. Ironically I ended the first text with the initials H.F. followed by a sideways smile emoji. 🙂 I didn’t realize it at the time but the logo for Happy Friday started day one. That fateful morning, March 20, 2009, Happy Friday H.F:) began.
I never saw myself as an author, but these words come to me at the craziest of times. I have scraps of tissues, napkins and various other papers that have thoughts that enter my mind at all times. The inspiration that continues to motivate me is the amazing personal feedback that flows from Happy Friday H.F:) followers. When someone you don’t know, tells you that what you wrote that Friday was as if you were writing it just for them; that is powerful. You never know how those words will affect the reader.
I only write H.F:) on Friday. The only way I can explain it is that my connection to this process seems to only flow on Fridays. I have tried to write something other days, but it has always been difficult. It just doesn’t seem to work, so Friday it is. I never intended it, it was just the day of the week on which this all started. By nature we are creatures of habit. We all need something to look forward to. When readers tell me that they really look forward to starting the weekend off with their Happy Friday H.F:) that helps me realize how important “positivity” is in our world today.
After sending texts out for over six years I decided to develop a book concept that would be able to reach out to help more people. My passion stems from the ability to motivate others during life’s struggles

About the Book

Title: Happy Friday Life

Author: Karen L.K. Picard

Genre: Poetic Inspiration

What is the greatest gift of all? HAPPINESS! In March 2009 a weekly heartfelt text message called Happy Friday H.F:) was created. Happy Friday Life features 52 poetic inspirations, full of colorful imagery. Something for everyone. these inspirations were initially Intended as a reminder to family and friends that life is only as good as you make it. Staying positive in a world filled with chaos, is your only option. more importantly, a reminder that you matter.
From my heart, embellished thoughts and everlasting pen. May your heart find an attachment, allowing you to feel emotion, satisfying you with aspirations’ of hope, desire joy, comfort, and reflection that fulfills you from within. lf you find even one poetic inspiration that brightens your day, my purpose is fulfilled. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is the same with art, where your imagination takes you so does the reflection within you. . I hope you find your “Happy.”


Author Bio

Karen L.K. Picard is the creator and author of Happy Friday Life :). Since 2009 she has written over 300 thought provoking, poetic inspirations. These inspirations were initially intended for her children, family and close friends to help guide their daily lives past constant negativity that surrounds our world today. Her insights into the human spirit through her poetic inspirations have expanded to the masses throughout the past seven years thanks to social media. Today, Happy Friday Life 🙂 inspirations can be delivered directly to your email inbox or cell phone via text message.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Karen received a crash course in cultural diversity and human behavior. These experiences have guided her passion for sharing with the world “We all matter” and we all have the choice to be better. She decided to move from Milwaukee to a quaint community over 30 years ago where she started a family and began to read positive, affirming materials. Having grown up with an appreciation for nature and living fully, Karen wanted to share her philosophy but found that she felt challenged with the application of grammar and composition, not feeling prepared to write a manuscript. By putting her inspirations to paper in 2009, she began to realize that what flowed through her with increased intensity was a gift that she could not contain. Over 53 years of life. She raised two amazing children, had multiple businesses, continued her education, and has met some extraordinary people. Now; with years of self-discovery and personal growth hopes her life’s work will not only empower, but in some small way impact the world and deeply touch each reader as if the Happy Friday 🙂 message is written just for them. Karen’s statement of purpose is, “If the thought’s and words I write, touch but one, my purpose has been fulfilled.”








Purchase on Amazon

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