Author Interview Refraction Blog Tour

1) How long have you been writing?


My earliest memory of writing was when I was five. I’d been to see The Neverending Story at the cinema and wanted to create my own story with those characters. I’ve not stopped writing since.

2) Can you tell us a little about your book?


It’s amazing and you should definitely read it! (Laughs) Even though I do believe that, it doesn’t matter what I say, as the author will always praise their own work. The only thing that really matters is what the readers think of it. So far, every review has been 4 or 5 stars and the thing I hear the most is, “I don’t usually like science fiction, but I loved your book.” Science fiction is a wide genre. Anything that isn’t currently real can be placed under that banner, although most people think of Star Wars or Star Trek, Refraction is nothing like either of those. It’s a modern-day drama with relatable characters, set in the present day where a fictitious company has invented the technology to record and project people’s dreams into our world.


If you could dream anything into existence, what would it be? That question rolled around my head for a long time before I started writing the book. I’m a huge geek and have varied interests, so Refraction is filled with many pop-culture references from animation, film and history. It has a diverse cast of relatable characters, a lot of emotion and I’m really proud of it. I’ve written a lot in my life and this is the story I have chosen to tell first. I believe it has universal appeal and is a book most people will enjoy reading.

3) What did you find most challenging about writing your book?


Finishing it! It’s a real struggle to motivate yourself to write, especially when the entire story is being invented as you type. I worked 12, sometimes 16 hours a day, and I would often shiver as if I were cold while typing, even in the heat of summer and I knew it was because all of my strength was being pumped into my brain. Once I’d finished the story, it was then in the editing stage for three months. I’ve read the whole of Refraction at least 20 times, my editor read it 10 and there were also three proof readers who read it a couple of times each. Everything has to be perfect when publishing a book because so many eyes will be scrutinising it once it’s out there in the wild.

4) Which aspect of writing do you enjoy the most?


I love bringing things into the world which once never existed. Even with all the pop-culture dream apparitions, Refraction is a very unique story. I don’t think there’s another book like it and the excitement of writing something new is an incredible feeling. I’m a very creative person with a vivid imagination. My brain is constantly thinking up new stories and scenarios, even when I’m trying to sleep! We all have things that excite us, mine is writing. It’s the outlet my brain craves and seeing the world I create, unfold as I type, is exhilarating.


5) Are you working on another book at the moment?


At the moment, I’m dedicating all of my time to promoting Refraction. Next month, I’ll start work on book 2. This is a trilogy and I’m giving myself a year to write each book. There is also another story in my head, not related at all to this series, which I need to start writing soon. I’m hoping I can get time in-between books 2 and 3. It’s speculative fiction and a stand-alone story, but I’m not ready to share any details just yet.


About the Book

Title: Refraction

Author: Terry Geo

Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy

Most stories start at the beginning; this one begins at the end. At least for Maria. Her sudden death sends shockwaves through her family and pushes her grieving mother to the very brink of insanity. After exhausting every avenue conventional medicine has to offer, Maria’s father, Henry, brings together the world’s greatest minds in the hope of carving out a new path. Months pass, and as Henry watches his beloved Elena slowly drift away, he begins to lose faith. It is only then that a solution presents itself. A discovery so momentous, it saves Elena and reveals the most important scientific and technological breakthrough in modern history.

Silicate is founded; a privately funded facility which delves deeper into the human mind, able to discover answers to questions we are yet to ask. Securing Silicate’s secrets becomes of utmost importance; even after treating hundreds of patients, the public are still unaware of the wonders and terrifying reality Silicate has unearthed . . .

The world you know is only half the story.



Author Bio

Born in Derbyshire, raised in Yorkshire, resides in London, Terry learned from a young age that he was different from his peers. He preferred the company of girls over boys, didn’t like sports and would write at every opportunity. He was bullied throughout his school life both physically and verbally and had to deal with the cruelty of others from an early age.

Terry Geo wrote and directed his first play at age eleven. At sixteen, he started work in television, writing scripts and becoming the youngest director in the country. Terry applied for a job while taking his final exams and started work in television the week after he finished school. For the first time in his life, he found a world where he could shine and be accepted for who he was. He came out as gay to his parents the following week and never again hid his sexuality from anyone. At seventeen he became the youngest director in the country, producing a light entertainment show for Yorkshire Television. After a short stint in a boyband, Terry went back to writing, editing two national publications. He toured the world as an actor, moved to London and in 2017, wrote and directed a musical for the London stage. A year later, Terry married Ken, the love of his life, in London. After their honeymoon in Thailand, he returned to a book he had started some years before. In January 2019, his cat Megara sadly passed away. This hit Terry hard and in memorial to her, he wrote her into the book he was writing. She is now a part of Terry’s debut published novel, Refraction.



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