Book Review Amelia, The Merballs And The Emerald Cannon

Title: Amelia, the Merballs and the Emerald Cannon

Author: Evonne Blanchard

Genre: Children’s Books

Amelia and Uglesnoo land on Mercury.  They meet the Merballs, the friendly aliens that live there.  All goes well, until an asteroid hits their planet. Amelia and Uglesnoo find themselves in deep trouble. How will they convince the Merballs of their innocence? And how will they manage to collect the flying shoes, escape Mercury and continue their quest to save Uglesnoo’s sister?


Last week, I already interviewed Evonne Blanchard, the author of this fun picture book, so of course, after the interview, I was really looking forward to reading the book. My niece came over for an overnight stay this weekend, and I thought that was the perfect opportunity.

While I liked the book as an adult, my niece, who is seven years old, absolutely loved it. She loved the cute aliens, the main character Amelia, the colorful pages and the twisted adventures Amelia and her cohorts find themselves in. My niece told me she really wants to read the next book in the series and find out more about Amelia and Uglesnoo.

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