Author Interview Crywolf

Have you been writing for a long time?

At the age of twelve, I read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I hate the ending and rewrote it in a state of fury. That fury pushed me to write entire “bonus chapters” that slipped seamlessly into the original story with a five part epilogue to tie everything together.

That piece of rubbish circulated my entire school. That year I think more kids read The Outsiders (with the printed booklet supplement courtesy of me) than ever before. Some teachers asked to read it. Of course, I said ‘no.’ I really didn’t need my Literature teacher to know that I spent most of her class fantasizing about Ponyboy and Cherry’s torrid affair or Dallas and Johnny’s doomed romance.

I still have the pages I wrote to this day. (No, you can’t see them.)

What inspired you to start a writing career?

At the age of thirteen, I discovered that SE Hinton published The Outsiders at the age of sixteen. I was determined to “beat” that score. I didn’t, but I was published by a small Canadian press at the age of 19.  I consider that a win.

Is this book a stand-alone, or part of a series?

The book is part of a series, and it takes place in New Gotham. New Gotham is my gothic city and the root of any book I write. She’s almost a character herself.

Why did you choose this genre?

I find writing the blend of genres challenging. I enjoy celebrating my roots, and I strive to celebrate all my favorite storytellers by retelling classical literature, folklore, and fairy tales. Urban fantasy is my comfort zone, as it blends my love of historical fiction, high fantasy, and horror.

Any gender pairing is usually the result of characterization. I never intend to include LGBT romance in my stories. I do intend to tell a good story, and that requires a significant character arc of growth, which in turn requires that I pair people together based on how they can help one another grow.

In the end, I need a challenge or I get bored. I also find freedom in representing creatures that are very much like us, human, yet different enough that they can offer an outside, objective perspective on humanity.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Talent is a baseless word. Talent is based on perception, perception is limited. Don’t stop developing your craft, don’t stop reading, and don’t stop striving. Don’t ever think you’ve mastered writing. The moment you think you’ve mastered this skill is the exact moment your ego has mastered you.


About the Book

Title: Cry Wolf

Author: Greta Stone

Genre: M/M Urban fantasy

Everything you know is a lie.

Sly fox, misanthrope, and resident comic nerd, Peter, has earned his nickname as the Boy Who Cried Wolf. He’s surrounded by chaos.  It doesn’t matter if Peter has angelic intentions or diabolical plans—mass pandemonium will ensue. When he mimics the howl of a long-lost friend, the consequences are disastrous.

With no recollection of his past, the wolf, Luca, remains hidden in the shadows.  Otherwise, he’ll have no future.  But when someone steals Luca’s howl and forces him to investigate, he ends up stranded with a mouthy fox who insists they were friends once upon a time.

The Underwood is a dangerous place.

They have two choices: work together or die.

Experience the timeless story of friendship, love, and loss in a Gothic, realistic retelling of your favorite childhood classics, Aesop’s fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf and David P. Mannix’s classic novel The Fox and the Hound.



Author Bio

Greta is the unruly offspring of a tiger and a dragon. She spends most of her time reading, stalking Goodreads, and harassing other authors with pranks.




Goodreads Author Profile

World Fan Page







How to Win a Free e-Book Copy of Cry Wolf

The first 5 people to comment on one of Greta Stone’s tour post will automatically win a free e-book copy of Cry Wolf. Available formats include: mobi, pdf, epub, and prc. Interested parties should email with their e-book format preference for their prizes. Greta will submit prizes at the end of each tour day.

Get a book and cozy up on the couch with a rude mug!

Nothing beats reading with a warm cup of coffee or tea. This is precisely a horde of gremlins ransacked Granny’s kitchen and stole all her mugs.  Each one is inspired by a different character in the book, and signed by the character.

Granny Sole’s Mug:

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”

Peter’s Mug:

“Oh, for ‘fox’ sake.”

Luca’s Mug:

“Keep calm and demand trial by combat.”

Elderstone Keys – What’s the big deal?

There is a house in New Gotham that is rumored to be haunted. No one has lived in it since the Great Depression, and no one can recall what its last occupants looked like, what they did for a living or where they went. Only one is fated to enter and learn its secrets. Anytime I host a contest, I give away keys to Elderstone. The person who collects ten of them is fated to own the house.

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