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Guest Post

From the moment my feet hit the floor it was non-stop negativity. Messages from the office, friends with troubles, negative morning news, not to mention the weight of my own life. I was able to brush it off until turning the radio on in the car, only to hear more negativity. Before even leaving my driveway, I slammed the car into park and said out loud; ENOUGH! Why doesn’t anyone gravitate to positive? What can I do?
At that moment I decided to send out a text message and the words just poured out. I have always tried to be the cheerleader for everyone in need of a pick me up. I’d never done any writing and quite honestly I felt as though I had minimal grammar skills. I sent the text to about 15 people in my small circle and much to my surprise I started getting great feedback. The comments and requests motivated me to write another text the following Friday. Ironically I ended the first text with the initials H.F. followed by a sideways smile emoji. 🙂 I didn’t realize it at the time but the logo for Happy Friday started day one. That fateful morning, March 20, 2009, Happy Friday H.F:) began.
I never saw myself as an author, but these words come to me at the craziest of times. I have scraps of tissues, napkins and various other papers that have thoughts that enter my mind at all times. The inspiration that continues to motivate me is the amazing personal feedback that flows from Happy Friday H.F:) followers. When someone you don’t know, tells you that what you wrote that Friday was as if you were writing it just for them; that is powerful. You never know how those words will affect the reader.
I only write H.F:) on Friday. The only way I can explain it is that my connection to this process seems to only flow on Fridays. I have tried to write something other days, but it has always been difficult. It just doesn’t seem to work, so Friday it is. I never intended it, it was just the day of the week on which this all started. By nature we are creatures of habit. We all need something to look forward to. When readers tell me that they really look forward to starting the weekend off with their Happy Friday H.F:) that helps me realize how important “positivity” is in our world today.
After sending texts out for over six years I decided to develop a book concept that would be able to reach out to help more people. My passion stems from the ability to motivate others during life’s struggles

About the Book

Title: Happy Friday Life

Author: Karen L.K. Picard

Genre: Poetic Inspiration

What is the greatest gift of all? HAPPINESS! In March 2009 a weekly heartfelt text message called Happy Friday H.F:) was created. Happy Friday Life features 52 poetic inspirations, full of colorful imagery. Something for everyone. these inspirations were initially Intended as a reminder to family and friends that life is only as good as you make it. Staying positive in a world filled with chaos, is your only option. more importantly, a reminder that you matter.
From my heart, embellished thoughts and everlasting pen. May your heart find an attachment, allowing you to feel emotion, satisfying you with aspirations’ of hope, desire joy, comfort, and reflection that fulfills you from within. lf you find even one poetic inspiration that brightens your day, my purpose is fulfilled. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as is the same with art, where your imagination takes you so does the reflection within you. . I hope you find your “Happy.”


Author Bio

Karen L.K. Picard is the creator and author of Happy Friday Life :). Since 2009 she has written over 300 thought provoking, poetic inspirations. These inspirations were initially intended for her children, family and close friends to help guide their daily lives past constant negativity that surrounds our world today. Her insights into the human spirit through her poetic inspirations have expanded to the masses throughout the past seven years thanks to social media. Today, Happy Friday Life 🙂 inspirations can be delivered directly to your email inbox or cell phone via text message.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Karen received a crash course in cultural diversity and human behavior. These experiences have guided her passion for sharing with the world “We all matter” and we all have the choice to be better. She decided to move from Milwaukee to a quaint community over 30 years ago where she started a family and began to read positive, affirming materials. Having grown up with an appreciation for nature and living fully, Karen wanted to share her philosophy but found that she felt challenged with the application of grammar and composition, not feeling prepared to write a manuscript. By putting her inspirations to paper in 2009, she began to realize that what flowed through her with increased intensity was a gift that she could not contain. Over 53 years of life. She raised two amazing children, had multiple businesses, continued her education, and has met some extraordinary people. Now; with years of self-discovery and personal growth hopes her life’s work will not only empower, but in some small way impact the world and deeply touch each reader as if the Happy Friday 🙂 message is written just for them. Karen’s statement of purpose is, “If the thought’s and words I write, touch but one, my purpose has been fulfilled.”








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