Author Interview War Town


Have you been writing for a long time? 


I like to say I’ve been writing since I was five, since that was when I first development my interest in storytelling as well as my imagination. I’ve been writing seriously for seven years and have written over twenty novels and novellas in that time.

What inspired you to start a writing career? 


I’ve always had an over-active imagination and I needed a way to express it, and writing is that way. My mind is constantly coming up with stories and characters and I feel like I have to do something constructive with all that. I like to say that I didn’t really choose to be a writer, I’ve always kind of been one.

Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series? 


This is a stand-alone novel. I have a few novel series’ in my backlist, but War Town was a story that could be told successfully in one book, and I really hate to stretch anything out too long. Every good story has to come to an end.

Why did you choose this genre? 


It’s a genre I have a lot of experience writing in. Thrillers have been my main focus in writing for several years now, and I feel with War Town I delve deeper into the genre and better both my writing and my expression of the thriller genre simultaneously.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

Don’t quit, that’s the only way you’ll fail. And don’t expect instant success, because that’s just not going to happen. Often, that’s the reason why people fail. Have reasonable expectations, but always remember to dream big, you wouldn’t get too far if you didn’t do that.

About the Book

WarTowncover finalTitle: War Town

Author: Mitch Goth

Genre: New Adult Thriller

For Olly Rourke, War Town’s opening day is a joyous occasion. He is one of a thousand people selected to be the first players in the world’s largest paintball arena. But as he soon finds out, the game he enters into is far more sinister. Two equal teams, locked in the massive arena together, and presented with an armory of real ammunition and a time bomb powerful enough to kill them all. The only way out is to eliminate the other team, by any means necessary.

Author Bio

Mitch Goth currently resides in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where he attends Antioch College. When not writing, he spends his time investigating the paranormal and indulging in a good book or movie.


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