Author Interview One God: The Will To Power

Have you been writing for a long time?
I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. My grandmother gave me a thick book with a black cover and an embossed golden title on the front page (with my name as well!). I found the golden lettering absolutely gorgeous, but there was a slight problem with the book… it was full of empty pages, and I would have to be the one to fill them with my thoughts.
The first impression I put down concerned cleaning my room as ordered by my mom. As you can probably guess, it wasn’t very thrilling. Still, I found out it’s possible to express quite a lot on paper, and the words on paper can express more than photos, movies, and even me (I’m very shy). I continued writing in my book (my schoolteacher was especially keen on that) until I went to university and no longer had time. I started my first job and was busy with the serious stuff. Sometimes I tried to put a story together, but as I didn’t practice, it was pretty daunting.
I got back to writing when I settled down in the city I live in now. It’s in the mountains, and people here love telling stories (which often involves gossiping, but in a friendly way). I decided to take several creative writing courses to dust off my long-forgotten ability to write. I started to write kids’ fairy tales—I think it’s pretty easy to guess why—and discovered how much I missed telling stories.
Writing has been my main job since 2012, when I published my first novel—Absolute Sunset—in Poland. This was the moment when I realized I want to be a writer, and I will write no matter what was going on in my life—I simply need to.

What inspired you to start a writing career? 

That’s a tough question—thank you, it gave me an opportunity to get down to the core of my writing. It’s the world, I think. I wanted to be able to keep some stories in freeze-frame. I wanted them to stay with me, the way they stayed in the book my grandmother gave me. The feelings, the places, the people I met. The worries, the joys. I wanted to put it all in safe storage—between the covers. Of course my books are very intense, and will shake you.  But still, my readers notice all of the details between the lines. These are my gems, my precious memories that were so striking I had to put them down and share them with others.

Is this book a stand-alone, or part of a series? 

This book is the first one in a series of three. This is the first time I’ve written a series, and I’m very satisfied about what I’ve learned on the way, although the learning process was sometimes pretty painful.

Why did you choose this genre?

I’m a very small and skinny person. My voice is small too, and often people tend not to notice my presence. But I’ve got so much to tell them! I’m worried about the issues I observe every day, small and big, from one animal being mistreated, to big political issues. I’d like to discuss them, but nobody listens to a short woman with a miniature dog. Thus, I need to write about what troubles me, and I need to do it in a bold way so that everyone will listen. I have to cry the concerns out. And this is where thrillers come in handy. I can not only yank the reader by the sleeve and say look at this, this is not fair, but also focus on the psychological aspects of the choices we make. This gives me almost unlimited tools for telling my stories. And if I feel like I need more, I reach for other genres to put together a a kind of (spicy) smoothie.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write and don’t care about the outcome. Get yourself a book with an embossed golden title and put down everything you find interesting. This is your story, and the more authentic you are in telling it, the bigger the chance the effects will be stunning. Go for it!

About the Book

onegod_coverTitle: One God – The Will To Power

Author: Kata Mlek

Genre: Dystopian, Technothriller, Science Fiction

Miran Zyelinski has had enough of ethics and laws getting in the way of progress.

Nothing—not the government, not the church, and certainly not lesser men—will hold back Miran’s vision for humankind: immortality.

Miran will need wealth, brilliance, and ruthlessness to achieve his goal. Andreas can provide wealth, but must be paid in his own currency, and his price is high. Satia has brilliance and ruthlessness to match Miran, but their mix is volatile.

Opposed on all sides, Miran will not waver from his goal of immortality. The question is not whether he will succeed, but who will be left alive when he does.

Based on real-world developments in biology and genetics, this technothriller rolls relentlessly through unexpected twists and continuous shifts of power, culminating in a tempting, disturbing, and altogether-too-likely vision of the future, where one corporation gains almost total control over the world.

Book 1 of 3. Includes The Genesis Files, bonus micro-fiction and art from the world of One God.

Note: contains strong language and some disturbing scenes. For mature readers only.


Author Bio

katamlek_photo-ebptourUNCOMFORTABLY REAL FICTION

I began my writing career in 2012 after leaving the IT industry. In Poland, I’ve had several successful novels published by traditional publishers. In 2015, I made the decision to switch to self-publishing and start my international career.

In 2015, I published the English edition of my intense psychological thriller Absolute Sunset.  This was one of the most talked-about books in Poland in 2012, and the English edition has been equally well-received.

In 2016, I published One God—a trilogy of techno-thrillers about corporate control of genetic modifications. Originally published in Polish as a single long novel, the English version was expanded and re-written to create a trilogy with lots of great new scenes.

Now I’m working on another psychological thriller, a brand-new story written directly in English for my English readers.

All of my books cross genres—I like to experiment with different styles to create the effect I want, and to give my readers a unique experience. My Polish background gives me a different perspective and makes my writing fresh, although I feel it’s still accessible—inside we’re all the same, after all.

You can read my free short stories, get writing tips, and catch up with me on my blog at If you like my work, you can become my patron on Patreon and get future books for free. And of course, you can find me on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.



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