Author Interview with S.P. Aruna


Have you been writing for a long time?

In terms of commercial writing, Girl Within Girl is my first work, although I have worked for several years as an editor for a local magazine.

What inspired you to start a writing career?

Inspiration came from my husband, who is also an author, and whose books I edit, but the idea to write this book came from the true story of Candy Jones, a popular pinup girl of the 1940’s, who, a decade later, ended up as a hypno-programmed spy for the CIA. I read a book, The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones, by Donald Bain, and I thought this would make a good novel. Candy went on missions under an alter-ego called Arlene Grant, but Candy was unaware of what Arlene did. In other words she was a real life Manchurian Candidate.

Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series?  

Yes it is. Book 1: Unraveling, is a rather light, entertaining treatment of this subject, but during the course of my research into the government’s mind control program, MKULTRA, I began to see that the experiments, which were carried out on unwitting people in reputable hospitals, formed a more serious topic, especially after I read books by those who claim to have been victims.  In Book 2: Healing, I will try to go into more detail on what exactly had been done to these people, but it will have a positive ending.

Why did you choose this genre?

I enjoy thrillers, both in books and on film, and I like sexy. So when those two elements are together it doubles my fun. So naturally, when I decided I would write fiction, my first inclination was to write an erotic thriller.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

In terms of writing, I can only describe how I myself approach writing a novel. I’m very cinematic, so I imagine the story as a film, and this helps me break down the story into scenes. When one is finished, I go onto the next scene. Also, dialogue is important. It should sound crisp and natural. Look at what you’ve written and even say it aloud. Does it sound corny or stilted?

The other advice I have is if you want to sell what you write you have to market and promote, promote, and promote again!

About the Book

girl-cover finalTitle: Girl Within Girl

Author: S.P. Aruna

Genre: Erotic Thriller

Katrina is never alone. She is bound to others inside her, tighter than any Siamese twins could ever be: Cherry, the freewheeling photojournalist, Anisa, the covert spy-assassin, and others as yet unknown, all sharing her body and mind as she goes about her work in a psychiatric hospital. But she is starting to unravel, and her sole hope is the handsome Dr. Sean Paisley, the only one who can make her whole again.

Girl Within Girl is a dark erotic thriller that wanders through a sensual maze of mind control and torture.


Author Bio

ML-Roberts-2Half French, half Khmer (Cambodian), I’m a woman whose head is filled with fantasies and intriguing stories, and who wants to share them with others.


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