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Today I would like to welcome Kim Knight to my blog, the author of “A Stranger in France”, a romantic suspense novel. Kim will talk about writing romance in her guest post below.

How did I get into Writing Romance?

– Guest Post by Kim Knight 

Creating stories within the general romance and romantic suspense genres, for me started as a reader. I’ve always loved romance stories whether they are heart-warming, erotic or with an ethnic / African – American theme, it really does not matter, as long as it’s all about love! The first ever suspenseful  book I read was Deadly Embrace by Jackie Collins. I was in my teens, and I remember turning pages like my life depended on in it, what a book! I enjoyed every moment of it, the whole thrill of the story as a reader made me want to keep reading and find out what happens next. I remember thinking wowzers this is a good book after I finished reading it. From that moment on, I read anything and everything I could of Jackie’s, starting with her Lucky Santangelo books. I fell in love with the genre over ten years ago, and have been an avid reader within it since. I’ve always had a creative side to me, and a love for writing for as long as I can remember. It just took a few years and a few life experiences for the writer in me to emerge.

Later on in life out sprung the writer, I just started and got on with it when no one was looking so to speak. I realised as a writer I’d love to create great stories in the genres I love to read. Not just romance or romantic suspense, but the general thriller genre also. This is pretty much how I got into writing general romance and romantic suspense, I fell in love with the genre as a reader first and then started to write within the genre. In general, I think that the romance genre has so much to offer, there’s something for everyone no matter who they are or what kind of romance they like reading.

I started to write A Stranger in France in February 2016, I put what I was writing at the time to one side, as the idea for the story popped into my head, and I wanted to run with in. While creating the plot and writing A Stranger in France I knew, I wanted a romance story that is current and relevant to the present. Also a story that would take readers on a journey through the experiences of strong characters and not predictable. I remembered the experience I felt as a reader while reading other enjoyable romantic suspense stories and this fuelled my passion, motivation, and general excitement while creating this romantic suspense story.

About the Book

stranger-in-france-small-sizeTitle: A Stranger in France

Author: Kim Knight

Genre: Romantic Suspense

In A Stranger in France readers are taken on a fast paced, modern day romantic journey, that spans between the city of  London, the glitz and glam of France, and the  beautiful English coast in a gripping romantic  story, between two complete strangers with enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages.

When career driven and successful thirty- two year old London born Kate Brown faces hard times in her marriage, she confides in her best friend Tanya Adams in Marseille southern France. Kate makes a bold move and spends two weeks in Marseille away from her husband in London. Her path crosses with tall, dark, devilishly handsome and wealthy Nicholas D’Coix. An immigrant to France from the Ivory Coast west Africa as a young boy, who turned himself around and built up an empire of wealth as a hustler and money maker, and now one of Paris’ top three entrepreneurs. In a whirlwind of sexy, lustful romance Nicholas and Kate fall in love. Kate returns to London to a few surprises of her own, and still very much in love with Nicholas as she makes yet another bold life changing move. Touching on real life issues these two strong characters battle it out against all the odds in the name of love, across the UK and France.

Author Bio

kim-knight-1Kim is 33, from London in the UK. She’s a qualified teacher and mother to a beautiful toddler. As a reader, she’s head over heels in love with romance, historical fiction, crime fiction, African- American, suspense, and thriller genre books. After submitting three chapters of a romance /suspense novel she was writing to a USA based publisher in 2016, she scored her first publishing contact. A Stranger in France is her first romance novel. Her second romance novel will be released Christmas 2016. As a writer, Kim likes to create stories with the general romance, romantic- suspense and crime/thriller genres.

Kim also writes beauty and book related articles published in Love Life, Live Magazine. When she’s not reading or writing novels of her own,  her other passions include practising  her French, fashion and spending time at her sewing machine dress making,  watching make –up and beauty  tutorials on YouTube, letter writing and being a mum.


Links – author site

@kimknightauthor- Twitter

@kimknightauthoruk- Facebook


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