Author Interview Beyond The Spotlight


Have you been writing for a long time? 


Oh I’ve been writing ever since I was a little kid. I always loved writing stories and the more fantastical and imaginative the better. Even as a child, I’d create multi-layered characters and very in-depth and complex storylines. I felt like I was in my own little world when I was writing. And English was always my favourite subject in school. Writing came very naturally to me and I dreamed of being a writer since as far back as I can remember. I had no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I wanted to study journalism in college and become a professional writer. And it’s been such a huge part of my life ever since.


What inspired you to start a writing career? 


Writing has always been a passion of mine and I loved studying journalism in college. I’ve always been fascinated by celebrities and the whole showbiz world and it inspired me to try and carve out a career in showbiz journalism. It wasn’t an easy road to take because, trust me, celebrities and VIP parties and award ceremonies and movie premieres are few and far between here in Ireland. But I’m a very determined person and I never gave up. I wouldn’t take no for an answer, which you definitely find out in my book Beyond The Spotlight, and bit by bit, I started achieving my goals. I’m now very blessed to be able to say I’ve surpassed my wildest dreams in my career. I’ve worked for countless magazines in Ireland, the UK and America. I’ve been a national columnist, a showbiz editor, and I’ve interviewed some of the world’s richest and most famous stars. I’m also lucky enough to have spent a considerable amount of time in Hollywood and now consider LA my second home. And my book Beyond The Spotlight has been my ultimate dream come true. It’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole, entire life. To experience the reaction from the public to the book and to see it on the Amazon Best Sellers List has just been mind-blowing for me. I’m very excited to be starting work on my second book right after Christmas and I have to thank my incredible publishing house Book Hub for supporting me every single step of the way.


What was the most challenging part about writing this book? 


I honestly enjoyed every single second of writing this book and I just embraced it one million per cent so there weren’t too many challenges thankfully. I guess deadlines are always tough but I had so much fun writing it that I just kept going and didn’t get too stressed about the mammoth task in front of me. I tried to live in the moment and focus on whatever I was writing then and there instead of thinking I’ve got 6, 7, 8 more chapters to do yet. It all came together in the end and I’m completely over the moon with the finished book.

Why did you decide to write this book? 


I really felt that I had a story in me that would make for a great book and one that would appeal to a lot of people. So many crazy things have happened to me in my life, and for a regular guy from a tiny town in Ireland to get to mingle with some of the biggest names in the showbiz industry, that doesn’t happen very often. Celebrities intrigue everyone. We all have opinions on the Kardashians or Brangelina or Lindsay Lohan and we all wonder what it would be like to live like a celebrity. My book shows what they’re really like and gives you an insight into the whole world of fame – its pitfalls and high points. It takes you inside the showbiz bubble that very few people ever get to experience and I wanted to share that with everyone. It’s a fun read and definitely a bit of escapism for a few hours.



Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 


Just write. Write, write, write and don’t stop. If you’ve a book inside you, then you’ve got to let it out. Go for it. Chase your dreams and don’t let anything or anyone stop you or talk you out of it. Also, make sure the book is true to you. Write the book that you want to write. And make your writing sessions as nice and enjoyable and relaxed as possible. I always wrote at my favourite coffee shop while eating great food and drinking lots of tea so it never felt like work. Enjoy it because the feeling of accomplishment when having written a book is second to none. Good luck!

About the Book

promo-photo-1-book-coverTitle: Beyond the Spotlight

Author: Alan Murphy

Genre: Nonfiction

Beyond The Spotlight is the eagerly awaited first book by radio show host and entertainment journalist Alan Murphy. This explosive, tell-all book takes you inside the celebrity bubble and includes never-before-told stories about the likes of Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Janice Dickinson, Prince and Lindsay Lohan. It lifts the lid on life in the limelight and explores celebrity culture, bringing you all the highs and lows, tears and tantrums from Tinseltown. Featuring exclusive interviews with everyone from Charlize Theron and Paris Hilton to Enrique Iglesias and Niall Horan, Beyond The Spotlight is an absolute must read for all showbiz fans and gives you unlimited access to the biggest stars on the planet. Already an Amazon Top 10 Best Seller, Beyond The Spotlight has received huge media attention in Alan’s home country. It’s your VIP ticket to the world of fame and celebrity…

Author Bio

Alan Murphy is a well-known Irish radio show host and entertainment journalist and has been a popular and permanent fixture on Ireland’s airwaves with Galway Bay FM for over a decade. He has written for countless magazines both nationally and internationally and worked as a showbiz editor and weekly columnist, reaching millions of readers. Alan, who spends a lot of his time at the legendary Chateau Marmont in LA, has covered everything during his career from the tennis at Wimbledon to movie premieres in Hollywood – he’s even had lunch with Paris Hilton, gone to modeling school with Janice Dickinson, and attended the biggest VIP parties imaginable. He’s met a who’s who of Tinseltown and is finally sharing his stories and experiences in his long-awaited first book Beyond The Spotlight. Alan has a passion for all things showbiz and has wanted to write a book ever since he was a little kid. Signed exclusively to the Book Hub Publishing house in Ireland, Alan has already begun work on his second book to be released in 2017.


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