Author Interview Crave Her Touch

Have you been writing for a long time? 
-Yes, since I was a kid. My earliest memories are making up stories in my head 🙂

What inspired you to start a writing career? 

-It came out of the blue actually, and when I look back now, I wonder why it wasn’t obvious to me before! I have a “writing box” which is filled with notes and outlines I have made over the years. It wasn’t until See Her Run (my debut novel) that I began to seriously consider it as a career.

Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series? 

-Crave Her Touch in the second book in the “Smithfield” series. Book one is See Her Run.

Why did you choose this genre?

-It chose me! I enjoy the twists and turns and drama that romantic suspense can offer a writer too.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 
-Never give up and edit, edit, edit 🙂

About the Book

Crave Her Touch - Final 1Title: Crave Her Touch

Author: A.K. Leigh

Genre: Romantic Suspense

An insecure bombshell, unpredictable stalker, and guilt-ridden hero clash in this story of redemption, trust, self-belief, and the lengths people will go to for true love.

Jennifer “Jenny” Abrahams has three goals: to teach women about mixed martial arts, become North Carolina’s first female mixed martial arts champion, and find true love. Two things stand in her way: the stalker intent on claiming her for himself and her emotional insecurities.

At a crossroads in his career as a witnesses protection minder, Peter “Pete” Gandry, is given the opportunity to return to the scene of his only failure––Smithfield, North Carolina. The assignment is familiar: he must keep an eye on Diana King. He agrees, hoping it will help him find redemption and ease the guilt he feels.

Odd things begin to happen to Jenny. At first, she dismisses them as over-reacting to memories of a stalker from her past. Until, she receives an unsettling note. Four words stand out: I crave your touch . . .

Increasingly, the evidence points to someone she knows. Who can she trust? And, who is this mysterious newcomer who has ignited long buried passion within her?

When the sister of an old nemesis arrives in Smithfield, Pete is forced to expose his true identity. The town quickly turn against him. Just when he thinks it can’t get worse, the stalking evidence begins to point to him.

Can he clear his name and save Jenny from the real stalker in time?

Crave Her Touch is the second book in the “Smithfield” series. Book one, See Her Run, tells Diana King’s story.

Author Bio

AKLeighTreeAuthorPicA.K. Leigh is a multi-genre romantic suspense author, sometimes blogger, huge Michael Jackson fan, martial arts movie buff, ex-professional Astrologer, mystic, vegan, and identical triplet. She holds a post-graduate degree in counselling, which enables her to create rounded, believable, and complex characters in her writing. When she’s not reading or writing, she is running around after three energetic children. Though her stories are set in North Carolina, USA (because she loves the state!), she actually lives with her children and one grumpy cat in Queensland, Australia. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of Australia. Visit her on the web at and find her on social media at

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter – @AKLeighAuthor


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  1. Thank you for the interview 🙂

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