Author Interview Her Love & Regrets

Have you been writing for a long time?
Like most writers, I’ve been writing since childhood. Her Love and Regrets (and the accompanying books that complete the trilogy) is my first foray into novel writing. I have written for Emmy Award-winning television and live theater for over twenty years-with my first script actually produced when I was eighteen. But this was from start to finish-a love project. There was a freedom to this process that I haven’t enjoyed for a long time. 
What inspired you to start a writing career?
I’ve always been intrigued by the human condition and the contradictions within each of us as we navigate our own angels and demons. That dichotomy is what I love to explore. But emotional truth is the core of every story I tell. I want readers to feel connected to the characters and their journeys.
Is this book a stand alone or part of a series?
Her Love and Regrets started as a single idea. But as the book took shape, I realized I couldn’t let these characters go. Before I knew it, His Pleasures and Pain and Their Now and Forever had taken shape and the Allen Trilogy came to life in unexpected ways.
Why did you choose this genre?
It seemed to be the one that best suited the levels of storytelling I wanted to develop. As I said, this started as I watched a couple and grew from there. Yes, it could have been something else, but ultimately who we choose to share our hearts with (or our beds) can be very revealing about who we are… don’t you think?
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Just write. Find time, whether its five minutes or five hours-write. This is how you hone your skills. Even if you don’t sell a single book, you must embrace your craft. Strengthen the areas of weakness and celebrate your strengths. But more important, be prepared to listen so that you can find your own voice.

About the Book

Her_Love_and_Regrets_Cover_for_KindleTitle: Her Love and Regrets

Author: Chevelle Allen

Genre: Erotic Romance

As CEO of the Remington Foundation, Janine Powell is living her dream and making a difference. But an invitation to join old law school friends on a Belize getaway unleash memories of the man who forever changed how she viewed love, trust and the very meaning of intimacy. Choosing to confront her most intimate past, she agrees to join them knowing Michael Josey will be there.

Their chemistry is undeniable but emotional entanglements make their reunion anything but happily ever after. Janine soon discovers just how Dominant Michael’s become in their years apart as he takes her further into BDSM play. Freeing her mind and body becomes far easier than giving her heart—the one thing he wants most.

Author Bio

Chevelle Allen is the pen name of an exciting new author whose professional background includes writing for Emmy Award winning television. Unleashing her alter ego, Chevelle creates vivid characters and compelling narratives that leave you engaged, blushing and begging for more. Her Love and Regrets is the first novel of her completed trilogy which includes His Pleasures and Pain and Their Now and Forever – all scheduled for release by June 2016.


Author Website:

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