Character Interview One Night with Hemsworth


Character interview with Cole from One Night with Hemsworth

 Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. I’ll save you the sob story and just give you the basics. My name’s Cole and I’m a twenty-seven-year-old divorcee with a seven-year-old kid and a bitch of an ex-wife.

Q. Describe yourself using one word.
A. Broken.

Q. Describe your perfect girl.
A. Someone who doesn’t want anything too serious. A one-night only type of girl. After my marriage, I’m not interested in another relationship. No one out there is going to be my ‘one’—I’ve already come to terms with that fact.

Q. What are your worst attributes?
A. Whoa. This could be a long list. But the worst? Probably my short temper. Okay, definitely my short temper.

Q. What are your best attributes?
A. I’m not sure I have any of those. None that I can see anyway. I’m a good father when my ex lets me see my kid, but that’s about it.

Q. What do you do for fun?
A. Hang out with my son, Cody. He means the world to me.

About the Book

One Night with Hemsworth1Title: One Night with Hemsworth

Author: Eden Finley

Genre: Romance

Cole Turner’s ex-wife is getting remarried. No amount of alcohol can drown that out, but taking home the hot brunette at the bar is a good enough distraction. That’s all Paige is meant to be—a distraction.

Paige Minor is too busy studying for her law degree and getting over a bad breakup to care about finding another boyfriend. All she wants is one night of careless fun with a complete stranger. Cole seems like the perfect candidate.

When Cole goes to pick up his son from his ex’s perfect house, with her perfect fiancé, and perfect new life, the last person he expects to see is Paige. She definitely shouldn’t be the one opening the door. As he stares at the person who was in his bed less than twenty-four hours earlier, a single thought occurs to him: I just slept with my ex’s new stepdaughter.

One Night with Hemsworth is the first book in a series, but can be read as a standalone.

Author Bio

Eden Finely grew up near Brisbane in Qld, Australia. She’s a romance/erotica author by day, and Batman at night …
Okay, I’m not Batman, but I feel like I am. I have a cool secret name and everything.
I have several Young Adult works published under my real name. For this reason, I chose a pen name to write for this genre to keep them separate. Well that, and I don’t want my mother to read Eden’s books. Seriously, how freaking awkward would that be?

I’m a lover of reading and writing anything that involves romance, contemporary, paranormal, suspense, and YA. If I’m not spending time with my family, chances are I’ll have my laptop or kindle in my hand.





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