Guest Post The Resistance: Leprechaun


Today I’d like to welcome author Kristyn Stone to my blog, who talks about the editing process for her YA book, “The Resistance: Leprechaun”.

Guest Post

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here and talk to you all about my editing process.

First off NO ONE IS PERFECT! I don’t care who you are, not a single one of you is perfect ( just think about Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, he believes he is perfect and we all know better).

Secondly, you will notice I certainly am not perfect. You will notice I certainly am not perfect. You will find even after my many edits that there is still misspelling and most likely missing words as well.

Those being said, my editing process was many edits done by myself, friends, and family. I would NOT suggest this to everyone, I was on the tiniest budget (meaning I had nothing I could give to a professional) however, I grew up with a very educational based family. Most of my father’s side of the family are teachers, or majored in English. We were always raised with southern mindset: you might not talk perfect English but you will be educated and understand all that is around you. ( I say that because when people learn I’m from the southern part of the United States they think I’m this hick who can’t speak clearly and can barely read— Have no idea where they get this from!)

My family and friends tore through my many chapters with red pens (one used a purple pen because red was an angry color). I could not tell you how many edits I did, I rewrote my story so many times in three years trying to get perfection I was starting to hate my story. At this point a friend told me to stop and just put myself out there.

Even with all the edits and many eyes that went through my story I still catch mistakes, I desperately hope that they are not too bad. I could be a ‘what not to do’ story but honestly I believe I did my best with what I had. I’m thankful for my family and friends for all their hard work to make my dreams come true. I would encourage writers to save up for a proper edit service though.

About the Book

COverrl2Title: The Resistance: Leprechaun

Author: Kristyn Stone

Genre: Young Adult

When most teenagers turn sixteen they receive a car or a watch from their family but one Florida teen learns a family secret.
Garritt wakes on his sixteenth birthday to find himself as a leprechaun. Garritt must go live with family in Ireland to learn what it means to be a leprechaun. While in Ireland, he makes new friends but an evil plot against the leprechauns is revealed, sadly only Garritt and his friends can stop it.

Being a teenager is hard but being a teenage leprechaun is even harder.

Author Bio

004Kristyn Stone was born Kristyn Burkes in Pahokee Florida on April 15, 1989; she grew up in Lady Lake, Florida.

Kristyn began writing when she was twelve and continued to write after she graduated from Leesburg High School.

Now at the age of twenty-six she has self published two books in The Resistance series, she came up with the story while she was pregnant with her oldest son when she kept having strange dreams of him being a leprechaun.


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