Author Interview Big Mike and Minnie On The Run


1) Have you been writing for a long time?

Yes, since my late teens. However, I have at least one earlier memory of storytelling – I remember I made stuff up on a long car journey to entertain a young cousin. I loved books and read myself into severe myopia! But I never thought of writing as a career – that was something that other people did. I was sensible and worked in IT for a long time. Shudder. It also took me a long time to learn to write, or to maybe trust that I could write. I have a romantic suspense story that I wrote over a ten year period that is hidden deep on my hard-drive. That was my learn-to-write book. Someday, I’ll fix it – it’d make a humdinger of a start for a romantic suspense series!

2) What inspired you to start a writing career?

It’s a compulsion. I’m not capable of not writing. Even if nobody read it, I’d be scribbling something, somewhere.

3) Is this book a stand alone or part of a series?

The book, ON THE RUN, is the first book in a series: THE BIG MIKE AND MINNIE SERIES. It’s a romantic comedy adventure series. I also have a shorter story out in the same series, called COOKED GOOSE. I have great things in mind for Big Mike and Minnie. In the next book, one of them is suspected of murder…

4) Why did you choose this genre?

I think the genre, romantic comedy, chose me. I’ve always loved romance – I’m a sucker for a happy ending and an alpha hero. I didn’t intend to write comedy but when I found characters and a story I really liked, the comedic bits just crept in. I gave in and went with the flow. In real life, I find a lot of things darkly funny. When I worked as an IT project manager, a colleague once told me, minutes before a project-kick-off phone conference ‘Oh, I warned them about your odd sense of humor.’

5) Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

This is the best time ever to be a writer. You have so many options – you can traditionally publish, self-publish or do a combination of the two. And I guess I’d tell them not to spend too long on the first book. Just finish it and write another and another and another. And have fun. Lots of fun.

About the Book

ON THE RUN1410x2250Title: On The Run

Author: Susan Amanda Kelly

Genre: Romance / Adventure / Comedy

Minerva Coolidge, a top east coast lingerie model, has been ordered home to the west coast by her over-protective, occasionally psychotic family. Daddy’s outlaw motorcycle club is embroiled in a war and Minnie is too valuable a pawn to leave in play. But Minnie refuses to give up her new life. She’s about to star in the biggest fashion show of her career. Her brother asks an old army friend, Big Mike, to guard her until they can fetch her home. Minnie thinks Big Mike is too big, too muscled, too tattooed, too tough… too everything. He’s exactly the kind of man she moved across country to escape; the kind who thinks he knows what’s best for her; the kind who doesn’t belong in her glossy, perfect, new life; the kind she shouldn’t want…

Big Mike thinks keeping a nitwit fashion model safe long enough to hand her over to her family should be easy for an ex-biker, ex-Special Forces commander who outweighs his charge by at least one-hundred-and-fifty pounds. Except the pretty nitwit isn’t a nitwit. Each time he takes his eyes off her, she flees, plunging headlong into trouble. Big Mike quickly realizes he doesn’t want to take his eyes – or his hands – off Minnie Coolidge…

Author Bio

SusanKellyB&WCroppedMediumSusan Amanda Kelly loves making up stuff in her head. She drives her husband to distraction by suddenly stopping, mid-conversation, and staring off into space. She once spent five hours at sea, on a boat, muttering: “Where would he hide the body?” She hopes the video footage of that trip has been wiped. She finally decided to put the characters that inhabit her head, onto paper. It was like opening the door on a lunatic asylum… glorious bedlam. She hopes her readers come to love her characters as much as she does. She writes funny romantic adventures. And her husband is convinced her male leads are based on him. Not the body-hiding psychopath, of course.





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