Promo Calasade: Sanguinem Isle


Author Interview

Have you been writing for a long time?


Ever since I could hold a pencil. Writing is not a choice for me. It’s like breathing.

What inspired you to start a writing career?


No one thing. As stated prior, writing to me is breathing. It’s something I must do in order to live. Thank goodness I love it!

Is this book a stand alone or part of a series?


Sanguinem Isle is both a stand-alone and part of a series in that it can be read on its own, but you will come to realize that each book in a Calasade series contributes to an overall, bigger story. I wish I could say this was intentional, but honestly, I can take no credit since I don’t actually plan anything that I write. Credit goes to those characters in my head.


Why did you choose fantasy?


I did not so much as it chose me. I wrote all types of genres before I started my writing career, but waited to publish until I felt I had something worthy and different than what is already out there. That something turned out to be Fantasy. Greco-Roman Fantasy to be exact.


Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?


Yes. Approach the craft of writing as you would a religion. Always work to improve and when you publish, if you self-publish, make damn sure you give your book proper due. Hire professionals. Cover designer, formatter, editors. Take your book through every step to which a major publishing house would treat a book they expect to be successful. Don’t cut corners because in the end you’re doing a disservice to yourself, your work, and (most importantly) the reader. Worse, you’re piling onto the already mountainous pile of crap already out there.

About the Book

ecover_sanguinem_isleTitle: Calasade: Sanguinem Isle

Author: Mark Stone

Genre: Fantasy

Caderyn Fortis has been many things—loyal husband, soldier, war veteran, public servant. Now he is a fallen nobilis and gambling addict, an alcoholic who never got over the murder of his wife. In his darkest hour an opportunity comes that can help him recover his self-worth and make up for the mistakes that cost him his wife. All he has to do? Discover who kidnapped a young woman and where they took her, then rescue her. He must do this while not alienating his employer—the best suspect—or falling in love with the woman helping him.

Author Bio

Mark Stone lives in the United States and Spain with his greatest inspiration, his wife Cinta. Having written award-winning Flash Fiction, he is now a novelist writing tales of Fantasy that take place in Calasade, a world heavily influenced by Ancient Rome. You can find him at:


Regularly priced at $5.49, Calasade: Sanguinem Isle is on sale for Kindle during this tour. Cost? $1.99. Purchase your copy of this acclaimed novel at

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