Author Interview A Brooklyn Love Affair


Have you been writing for a long time?


I’ve been writing for a pretty long time. I started when I was twelve years old and it’s been an amazing twelve years full of fun, excitement, laughter, and most importantly, growth.


What inspired you to start a writing career?


When I was younger I was a voracious reader, reading anything and everything in sight. When I finally plowed through my large (and still growing) book collection, I decided that it would be fun to pen my own books. So I started writing Young Adult books and as I grew my genre would change to suit my age and tastes. So ultimately, I decided to start writing because of my love for reading.


Is this book a stand alone or part of a series?


This book is part of a four part series.


Why did you choose Urban Fiction?


I chose urban fiction because there’s something so raw and real about it. Like the imagery is relatable, the characters are people you meet in your waking life, and overall I’ve had a passion for taking the classic urban books I’ve read and creating my own, infusing urban fiction with plot lines seen in mainstream novels.


Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?


Love what you write and at the end of the day write for yourself. Success is never worth it if you can’t admire the product of your hard work and dedication and not feel a glow of pride. Also, writing takes a lot of practice so it’s okay if you don’t get a draft right on the first try. Just continue to draft until your work is perfect and something you love.

About the Book

12184964_1681813658730541_4203379239633232016_oTitle: A Brooklyn Love Affair: Vixen and Gino’s Story

Author: Tya Marie

Genre: African-American urban fiction

Vixen Williams has always been known as a woman of many faces. The fiercely devoted one she uses for her best friend, the one of a lover and confidant to her fiancé, and the real one she keeps reserved for looking in the mirror and battling her inner demons. Life is fairly normal for Vixen until her verbally abusive mother reenters her life, dredging up traumatic childhood memories, and bringing a handsome stranger into the mix with her devious antics causing Vixen to reprise her role as caregiver and bread winner.

Gino Romano is infamous for many reasons: his notoriety for being one of the youngest king pins in New York City, the cold manner in which he handles business, and the notable political ties he’s managed to create along the way through “profit sharing.” However, the most prominent thing he is known for is the ice fortress he has built around his heart. Because of his past, Gino keeps women at an arms length, believing it hard to find one who could accept the scarred past he comes with. Until he lays eyes on Vixen.

Brought together for all the wrong reasons, Vixen and Gino find a common ground that not only develops into a budding friendship, but sparks a love affair. From the moment they become one they must fight to protect their love from those who plan to destroy it by any means necessary, one of which being the very reason Vixen ran away from home ten years ago in the dead of night.

Will the forces determined to see Gino and Vixen destroyed win? Or will their love prevail?

Set in a spicy Brooklyn backdrop, A Brooklyn Love Affair brings to life pain, forgiveness, and the never ending possibility of finding love.

Author Bio

Born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, Tya Marie has always had an overactive imagination. So much that she would daydream and make up “movies” in her head, which would eventually turn into the stories she would later pen. By the age of twelve Tya decided it was time to take her daydreams to life and began writing young adult novels which helped her hone her skills and provided the literary fix she needed after plowing through her entire book collection. It wasn’t until she reached sixteen that she became intrigued by urban fiction and related to it more than she did the mainstream fiction she binged on. Deciding that she wanted to bring her own heart and soul into the urban fiction genre she penned countless novels and has continued to do so over the past eight years with A Brooklyn Love Affair: Vixen and Gino’s Story being her first published piece. Tya still resides in Brooklyn where she continues to create new love affairs.






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