Author Interview Perfectly Honest and Perfectly Reasonable


Have you been writing for a long time? 

I’ve been writing for about 4 years now. The first manuscript took about nine months to write. I loved that I could take my time and as the story unfolded in my mind, write it down. Now it takes closer to three months (and fewer dinners are made along the way).

What inspired you to start a writing career?

Working with young adults! I’m a physician and I had the idea to try to incorporate medical advice into a romance novel. There were some basics I thought patients should know – mental health symptoms, birth control myths, how to take ownership of their health. I thought hey, if David Chilton of The Wealthy Barber fame can dole out financial advice in a barbershop, maybe I could dole out medical advice in a romance novel. That’s how my first novel, She’s Not a Fan, was born. I hoped it would be a little bit more appealing that the myriad of educational posters in my office! I’m really enjoying using my medical knowledge in a new way. I hope that readers will laugh, relax, enjoy the stories I’ve written, and maybe learn something too!

Did you always know this would be a series? 

Yes – sort of 😀 I really enjoy reading Nora Roberts’ trilogies, so when I started to write Perfectly Honest, I had in the back of my mind that I would write additional spin-off stories from the minor characters. But I think I should have gone one step further and planned the trilogy! When I sat down to write Margo’s story in Perfectly Reasonable, I realized I needed to go back in time. Time wise, Book 2 is actually a prequel of Book 1, and Book 3 the sequel to the prequel.

Why did you choose romantic comedy as a genre? 

I belong to a book club and we read a wide variety of genres and authors, but when I pick up a book, I’m usually reading for relaxation. My favourite stories to read are contemporary romance novels, with happily-ever-after endings, and romantic comedies that make me laugh. Because I’ve read so widely in this genre, it was easiest to write. Plus it’s fun to be in a romantic comedy headspace all the hours that I spend writing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

If your goal is to get published, the Romance Writers of America is an active community full of excellent online resources. I found it worthwhile to enter the RWA Chapter contests to get insightful feedback. I also put my early stories up on It’s a website where authors can post their work for free and readers can read it for free. (And there are some pretty big names like Margaret Atwood, Dan Brown, Sandra Brown, Talli Roland, Marian Keyes, me haha). It’s a wonderfully supportive community. I find it very encouraging when people read my work (you see the number of ‘reads’ climbing), vote for it (equivalent to liking it) and comment. Wattpad also provides statistics to the author and it was really helpful as a writer to see which chapters people read and enjoyed most.

About the Books

Cover-PerfectlyHonestPerfectly Honest

You never know where your words will take you . . .

When Mikaela Finn agreed to be Sam’s ‘fiancée’ for a weekend, she probably should have told him that she’s a doctor.

Sam O’Brien, a.k.a. ‘Dr. Eye Candy’, is trying to shed his playboy reputation and convince a small town hospital that he’s ready to settle down. But when his ‘fiancée’ helps deliver a baby in the middle of the meet and greet, it’s a bit of a shock. If he’d known the whole truth, Sam might have done things a little differently because somehow his ‘fiancée’ ends up stealing his job and his heart. Not exactly the change he wanted.

Lies and deceit— it’s a match made in heaven!

Perfectly Reasonable

Cover_PerfectlyReasonableLove what you do and do what you love. Sounds perfectly reasonable, but chances are, you’ll find your passion in the last place you look . . .

Margo MacMillan finished medical school, but in the process, her self-confidence and self-esteem took a beating. So for the sake of self-preservation, she’s stepped away from medicine to re-group. In the meantime, painting soothes her soul and pays the bills.

Trace Bennett set his sights on a medical degree and has to prepare the perfect medical school application. His big plan is to paint his condo for a little feng shui divine luck. When Margo shows up to paint, he realizes he’s found exactly what he’s looking for. He just has to convince Margo to share more than the art of medicine.

She’s got it. He wants it. It’s Perfectly Reasonable.

Author Bio

Linda has been writing romance novels for three years and sincerely thanks Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate Publishing for the ultimate encouragement to her writing – with the leap to publishing. She has many titles including Doctor, Mom, and proud Canadian, but “Linda O’Connor – hereinafter called the Author” is one of the sweetest.

Contemporary romantic comedies are her favorite novels to read and write. Linda balances writing with her work as a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic and being a mom to three sons (luckily grown and capable of throwing together a decent meal, in a pinch). She also likes to keep active and cycle, cross-country ski, skate, walk with her husband or dance every day.

Laugh every day. Love every minute.

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  1. Thanks very much for hosting me! I enjoyed answering the questions 🙂

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