Guest Post Fate’s Betrayal


I’m hosting a guest post today by Beth Stifflemire, author of contemporary romance “Fate’s Betrayal”. Please welcome her, and I’ll leave the word to her now.

Editing Tips/Process:

Editing is and I’m quoting my husband, “the least favorite part of the process” when i am writing books. Why is this? I go into…the zone.
Writing is the creative part…the time when energy flows, words hit the paper and stories come to life. Editing on the other hand is when you try like hell to make sure there are zero mistakes and that what the creative juices brought to fruition makes sense.
Editing is something all authors should spend ample amounts of time on and I utilize the below process. I hope this helps others:
1.) Never, ever expect your first draft to be the final draft. Far from it. Many times I will have five plus drafts before I’m even ready for an editor. Read then re-read your manuscript.
2.) After you’ve got the manuscript where you think it “should be” its time to find an editor. There are a few things I’ll point out during this time/process:
  • Find an editor you trust and that you feel you can relate to. They’re examining your “baby” and you need to trust them with it but at the same time, the truth hurts and you need to be prepared to seriously consider and change your work based on their advice/edits.
  • Be prepared to spend some money on editing. Its crucial you invest in your work and this is definitely an area you shouldn’t be afraid to drop some dollars.
  • Get at least 2 passes of your content by the editor. Each pass will uncover and fix something new.
  • Consider Content editing if you are not utilizing the service as of yet. Content editing can really help you make sure your story flows and nothing is missed before it goes to BETA readers.
3.) BETA readers. Find as many trustworthy BETA readers (aka test readers) of your content as possible. They are my “last defense” before prepping for print. Every reader sees something different in your work and will catch things that get by you, your editor and other BETA readers. Offer to give these readers a free signed copy of your book when ready, a gift card or small fee. I myself love to BETA read for fellow authors and at the same time you learn from others and how they write.
So, I hope my particular process assists others in what to expect during the editing proce. Editing should always be the highest priority when prepping a piece of work for the masses. Editors are the equivalent of the make-up artist/stylist/hairdresser behind the star…editors make your work shine.

About The Book

FB COVERTitle: Fate’s Betrayal

Author: Beth Ann Stifflemire

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Desire and despise. Two insanely contradicting emotions that the dark haired, well-built, irrefutably handsome musician Riley evokes in simple but attractive, fashion savvy, Austinite Brooke. Initially unequivocally turned-off by the brash but striking Riley she develops a fascination for his seductive charms as Riley reels Brooke into a world of ravenous love she never knew existed. What they create together is oh-so-much more than beautiful music. It’s a roller coaster ride of awe-inspiring and heartbreaking emotion, passion, hidden secrets and an ending that will leave you utterly breathless. The way they become eternally bound sets the heart afire when fate unleashes the ultimate betrayal.

Author Bio

bstifflemire h.s.Beth Ann is a wife, mother, blogger and book lover from Texas. Her passion is writing stories that draw a reader into a world where they can become the characters and experience a gamut of emotions. When she’s not writing, she love’s to be home with my family and two yellow labs. In addition she’s a sucker for super sappy romance movies, loves trying out Texas wines, is an avid hot tea drinker and enjoys checking items off of her ever-growing bucket list.




Twitter: @BASAuthor

Pinterest:  @bethstifflemire

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