Author Interview Diverted Heart


Have you been writing for a long time?

I’ve began writing in 2010 but in 2013 I got down to business. 2013 was when I wrote what would become my first published piece. The last few years have been a truly fun and exciting time in my life and writing only becomes more fun and exciting and the process grows easier and easier. 

What inspired you to start a writing career?

My aspirations to write weren’t always present. They came later in life … after college, a business career and starting a family. I had a never ending book love affair with “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks. I thought to myself…”I want to write something that good … that memorable”. Though years after reading the book, I just couldn’t shake the thought that I could write too if I truly desired to. Then in 2010 I created a bucket list (can be seen at On the bucket list was the wish to write and publish a book. I just decided one day I was going to do it and uncovered a passion for writing in the process.

Is Diverted Heart your first book? If not, can you tell us about your first book? 

Diverted Heart is my second book. My first was a book called Waiting Hearts. I learned so much about myself and the writing process with that book, which was a tear jerker, contemporary romance, that I have even decided to take the story that was Waiting Hearts wayyyy… beyond my wildest dreams and re-wrote it with brand new elements, characters and steamier romance scenes years later that I wanted to incorporate. The piece was completely redone and will be released as Fate’s Betrayal this fall.

Why did you choose this genre?

I chose romance because quite simply I LOVE to read romance. I can relate to it in so many ways, personally and imaginatively. Stories literally pour into my head with this genre and thus it suits me.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

First, Just go for it! Just start writing, dabbling, outlining whatever feels natural for you to get started and write that book. There is no right or wrong process.

Secondly, start promoting yourself as soon as you even think about writing. Write a blog about what your doing, start a Facebook page etc.. I can’t express enough how much I learned that starting a following incredibly early will benefit you later when you want to release a book.

Thirdly, find a good editor. I can’t say this enough. And don’t be afraid to spend some dollars on editing. Then share your work with as many trustworthy people as you can ahead of releasing your work. Every eye catches something different.

Do you have any works in progress you’d like to tell us about?

I’m a multi-tasker and have a variation of works in progress.

With children of my own and the perfect opportunity to work on a fun project with another author, Barbara Terry, we are jointly writing/releasing a children’s series in 2016: “The Spectacular World of Waldorf”. It chronicles the journey of an inquisitive Labrador as he travels the world. Coincidentally, both Barbara and myself own and have a love for Labradors. We based the character after her own Labrador named Waldorf and whom she named her own publishing company after.

I’m also in the beginning stages of a sequel to “Diverted Heart” after quite a few readers approached me with the desire to see more of Taylor & Maxwell’s story. I have some fun and unforeseen directions their love story will morph into.

Lastly I plan on writing a stand-alone romance that encompasses the unknown love story a granddaughter learns of her grandmother as she tackles her own lovers journey/debacle. Get ready for an emotional, sexy roller coaster of a read on this one. I have the entire story in my head…I just have to get it onto paper.

About the Book

DH CoverTitle: Diverted Heart

Author: Beth Ann Stifflemire

Genre: New Adult Romance

Texas summers are no doubt some of the hottest you’ll find. The heat encountered during this summer is not at all what Taylor bargained for. She’s at a crossroads between childhood and womanhood, rummaging through the emotions of first love versus passion. Two young men tangle a web of needs and desires in her heart. The summer before college begins, Taylor is thrust from her childhood home in Houston to an inherited family farm on the outskirts of Schulenburg, Texas. Eric, her first love, has gone states away to play college football. Low-spirited and merely trying to get through an expectantly boring summer, she is nearly run off the road by her new country neighbor, Maxwell. Ruggedly handsome, devilishly charming and everything Taylor seeks to avoid, Maxwell does something to her emotions she’s struggling desperately to interpret, as they spend the summer filled with each other. Boundaries are tested and the scales of lust tip despite hesitations. A final decision must be made. Did she ever truly love Eric? Is Maxwell simply a lustful thought, or is there more to uncover beneath the surface? One thing is for certain, this summer will change Taylor in every possible way: mind, body and soul.


Author Bio

bstifflemire h.s.Beth Ann is a wife, mother, blogger and book lover from Texas. Her passion is writing stories that draw a reader into a world where they can become the characters and experience a gamut of emotions. When she’s not writing, she loves to be home with my family and two yellow labs. In addition she’s a sucker for super sappy romance movies, loves trying out Texas wines, is an avid hot tea drinker and enjoys checking items off of her ever-growing bucket list.



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