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Today I’m welcoming Jennifer Ellis as a guest. She’s the author of romance / comedy / women’s fiction “Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist”. I’ll leave the word to Jennifer now.

Guest Post

What happens when your green conscience and your everyday modern lifestyle don’t exactly mesh? Alana Matheson wants to be an environmentalist, but she’s having a hard time giving up wearing mascara, driving her SUV, and eating bacon, and she’d really like to go out on a date with her wealthy ex-musician boss, but she’s vowed only to date card carrying members of Greenpeace who wear Birkenstocks. She also really needs a job, but the only one available that will allow her to pay her mortgage is for a local mining company that wants to build a mine in the community watershed, and when she takes the job, her environmental friends are not particularly impressed.

Okay, Alana is fictitious, but Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist is about some of the conflicts that we all sometimes face on the path to environmentalism. So many of the things we do—driving, buying clothes, going on trips, heck even eating—can be bad for the environment. But giving everything up, including job opportunities, to live a totally green lifestyle can be pretty hard too, especially when half the people around you think you are crazy for doing so.

And yet doing right by the environment is becoming increasingly important. Every day we’re hit with more bad news about climate change, species extinction and the health impacts of chemicals and pollution. But knowing the right things to do—drive less, eat less meat, buy almost nothing, reuse and recycle everything—doesn’t make these things always easy to do in our hectic everyday lives. And what happens if you fall for someone who doesn’t share your green values, or at the very least isn’t keen on living as eco-friendly a life as you are?

I deal with these conundrums every day myself, and sometimes I do the right environmental thing, and sometimes I do the wrong environmental thing. I like bacon and mascara and the idea of dating a wealthy musician. But as we hopefully navigate our way to sustainability (cause I really wouldn’t want to go the other way), we might all have to start succeeding at being more environmental, and wearing hemp clothes and giving up showering would be much easier if we were all in it together, right? Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist tries to look at some of these challenges in a lighthearted and funny way. It may not convince you to be more environmental, but it might give you a laugh at Alana’s efforts to save the world.

About the Book

dfw-je-coafe-cover-largeTitle: Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist

Author: Jennifer Ellis

Genre: Romantic Comedy / Women’s Fiction

Alana Matheson always tries to do the right thing for the environment, even when it means boycotting school meatball day, forgoing the use of makeup, or getting entangled in a bet with her non-chicken-loving ex-husband over which of them can be the most environmentally conscious.

So when a mining company proposes developing a mine right in the middle of the community watershed, well, of course Alana is going to be on the front lines opposing the development.

Except she isn’t. To her own shock and dismay, she finds herself taking a job… with the mining company. Worse, she finds herself drawn to her attractive and mysterious boss, Nate: a capitalist mining executive. The enemy.

Alana struggles to do right by the community, deal with her feelings for Nate, and maintain her own environmental morals. But as the conflict over the mine heats up, it gets increasingly difficult to be on the “wrong side,” and both Nate and Alana are cracking under the pressure.

Part satire, part serious, Confessions of a Failed Environmentalist is about the cast of characters who seem to pop up in all environmental disputes, and how all of us fail sometimes to do the right thing for the environment, in both big and small ways.

Author Bio

Jennifer lives in the mountains of British Columbia where she can be found writing, hiking, skiing, borrowing dogs, and evading bears. She also works occasionally as an environmental researcher.

Jennifer writes science fiction, romance and dystopian fiction for children and adults, including Apocalypse Weird: Reversal in Wonderment Media’s Apocalypse Weird world and A Pair of Docks, which was a bestseller in children’s time travel fiction. She has also contributed to several anthologies, most notably Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel, which hit #16 in the Kindle Store.

She may or may not have a Ph.D. and dabble in tarot card reading and cat sitting.

You can subscribe to her blog for the latest book news and industry insights at She tweets about writing, cats and teenagers at @jenniferlellis.

Twitter: @jenniferlellis


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