Author Interview Revelations From Outside the Box


Author Interview

Have you been writing for a long time?

My first attempt in writing happened when I was around nine years old. Instead of, what was expected, a half page or so on Recycling as homework, I wrote a fantasy story of four and a half pages. The teacher dismissed this as ‘too long’. I never attempted to write for school again.

During the last 30 years. Too busy with kids I only wrote articles. After retiring some years ago I wrote more seriously, starting with the first part of my autobiography: “Escape – Growing up in Nazi Germany.


What inspired you to start a writing career?

I would not call it a ‘career’. I simply write in an attempt to document a different world view. The disappointment from my school experience left a shadow of pessimism behind that followed me through life. So even now I see my work as leaving something of value (??) behind for my future family members who might be curious about that funny ancestor who changed in midlife from living in the Northern hemisphere to the one in the South. In short, I’d be surprised if any of whatever I produce might become worthwhile on a larger stage.


Is Revelations From Outside The Box your first book? If not, can you tell us about your first book? 

My frist book was a transcript of a 90 minute interview that I had produced in the early 11980s. The centre topic: Programming children for success in adulthood.


Why did you choose this genre?

Although I do write occasionally fictional material to illustrate or clarify a point, I prefer to remain on the, for me, ‘safe’ ground that relates anything I write to real life situations and issues generally. Having lived a long and adventurous life has given me a large repertoire of experiences and insights. Those are the reasons that I adhere strictly to this genre.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Ask yourself what is your passion, to start with. When you are passionate about any of the endless possible venues that life offers, ideas tend to come to you rather than trying to generate them. The dreaded writers block happens to most of us. Once we are passionate about whatever the topic may be, this block usually vanished into the background. Also I had a lesson from what I heard about Jeffry Archer: (this is from memory) he re-writes up to ten times. I do too. Often it is a simple word that needs to be replaced by something that is more appropriate that makes a significant difference. Finally, re-write at different times. The human mind is never exactly the same. Look at your work the next day and you will find ways to improve it.


Do you have any works in progress you’d like to tell us about?

My latest BIG assignment is my Autobiography Part Two. To be called something like: ‘My Life Under The Southern Cross, I expect it to be twice as long as Part One. I am somewhat frustrated in that I cannot devote more time to this. There are too many obstructions. Retirement can be a busy time…

About the Book

25462288Title: Revelations from Outside the Box

Author: Peter Schmedding

Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit

How often do we wish we could say what we really feel in our guts? Do we ever feel free from restraints that stifle our true emotions and thoughts into oblivion? How long will we remain in denial of the effects of our evermore toxic world?

Revelations from Outside the Box brings into our awareness the unknown traps that secretly compromise our view of reality, undermine our conversations and ever so often lead to disagreements and hostility.

This book questions what we perceive and accept as reality. Relating a string of events that were observed in real life report factors, although they are the causes of untold, needless suffering, that we commonly ignore.

In the introduction to Revelations from Outside the Box we already get a glance of what the book is trying to tell us. An episode shows how a family of three people live in the same household and, by closer examination, in the way they see each other are miles apart. It also suggests how a simple adjustment not only prevents such estrangement but rather fosters a sound and productive relationship, in this case, between father and son.

Beyond the primary purpose this book describes certain arcane happenings of the human mind. It asks the question, could it be that there is a wellspring of wisdom that could benefit us all? A hypothetical time travel over a couple of hundreds of years gives us yet more food for us thinking outside the box.

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Author Bio

Author photoAfter working in the media for 25 years, Peter Schmedding retired and for another 25 years devoted himself to children’s preparation for adulthood. This fulfilled his lifelong dream to give to the young the nurture and support that he never received during his growing up years. Paradoxically, it was Peter’s emotionally and academically impoverished childhood that taught him, from the inside out, how such neglect damages the personality. Later in life Peter studied different philosophies of mental health and psychotherapy. He worked as a counsellor for many years. He lectured and presented papers on respective topics locally and overseas. Now, in his advancing years, he writes from personal experiences in a long and adventurous life.

From Peter’s Life

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Atoms and the Universe:

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Category three, Peter’s Music


Another Sunny Day

Peter at the Organ playing his Interval:

Two songs without words:


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