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Today I’m interviewing Becky Johnson, author of “Run”, a mystery/suspense novel. Thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to answer my questions.

Have you been writing for a long time?

I have been writing since I was a kid. I remember writing stories when I was little kid about dogs and mice!

What inspired you to start a writing career?

You know one day I just decided to go for it. I  had finished Run and I thought there was no point to it sitting on my hard drive!
Is Run your first book? If not, can you tell us about your first book?

Run is my first published book. I wrote a book in high school titled The Gift. It was a historical suspense novel based in the west in the 1800s. The only person who read it was my best friend Jen.

Why did you choose suspense as genre to write in?

I love to read Suspense novels. They are my favorite genre. When I started writing it just came naturally.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write. The more you write the better the stories will be. I make myself write every day. Sometimes I have to delete everything I wrote, but as Nora Roberts said, “You can’t edit a blank page.”

Do you have any works in progress you’d like to tell us about?

The final Charlotte Marshall mystery is coming out on July 21st. I have also started working on my next stand alone novel which is a suspense/thriller titled THEM. I am hoping to have it out by the end of 2015.

About The Book

Run-ebook-webTitle: Run

Author: Becky Johnson

Genre: Mystery / Suspense

A decades old mystery and a deadly game of cat and mouse will change Charlotte Marshall forever.
Charlotte has a good life: friends, family, a successful career. Her perfect life is destroyed when research for a book and a connection from her past plunges her into the middle of her worst nightmare.
On the run, with no one to trust, Charlotte begins to unravel the work of a sadistic murderer. Afraid and alone, she will learn the meaning of trust and just when to run.

Author Bio

Run is Becky Johnson’s first published novel, but not her first book. Books are Becky’s passion and always have been. She used to get in trouble in school for reading during class! Becky has Master’s degrees in social work and history, and for her day job she is a social worker. In her writing she tries to answer a question that is important to both social work and history: Why? She always wants to know why people do the things they do or feel the way they feel. When not reading or writing she enjoys yoga, running, cooking, and makes a pretty mean chili!





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  1. Oooh, this sounds like a great story! Can’t wait to check it out!

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