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Guest Post

I am looking outside at my yard.  It is not manicured to perfection like the other yards in my neighborhood. Little yellow dots are sprinkled around in my grass.  Dandelions!  (Gasp!)  The dreaded word of the suburban community!
I must admit I never got really bent out of shape over dandelions.  I suspect it’s because I have always been side tracked by multi-tasking other things and being consumed by the demands of life in general.  If I have taken the time to cut the grass, I have always reasoned that I’m doing okay.  It may also have just a tiny bit to do with the fact that I’m allergic to dandelions.  When they are in bloom and I go outside, I sneeze and wheeze and my eyes puff up.  (Good reason not to manicure my lawn, is it not?)
Recently, I’ve been thinking about weeds.  They are so common and they actually have many excellent reasons for being alive.  Of course, that depends on your outlook.  But I choose to remain positive!  Therefore, when I look at a dandelion I see many wonderful things.  For one, I know they make great tea and wine, although I have never made any!  They also make good salads, I hear.  Never tried that either, though.  Dandelions are colorful and quite cute in their own right.  I have decided they are here for a reason.  And prevalent for a reason.
Just as the “weeds” in our lives;  people we don’t get along with, irritating situations that occur and annoying botherances that we must deal with day to day, dandelions teach us how to be happy among the weeds.  As significant as their annoyance can be, they, along with the “weeds” of life can be great teachers for us.  We can be eternally irritated or complacently peaceful with the weeds surrounding us-the choice is up to us.  What a wonderful thing it is to learn to be happy among the weeds!  So what if there’s a field of dandelions next door?  Things could definitely be much worse.  I admit, if my yard was manicured to perfection, the dandelions would bother me a lot more.  But that would just give me more practice at acceptance and peaceful contemplation!  A changed, more positive, “internal outlook” makes every aspect of life better and brighter!
Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that weeds are quite useful.  (No, that is not an excuse to ignore my lawn!)  They help us to grow by being prevalent in our lives; they teach us patience and stamina!  Maybe that’s why they’re here in such high concentrations-to point us toward paths of happiness and peace.  Sometimes a little altered perspectives can go a long way!  And all of us could use more time to enjoy the important things in life rather than spending our excess time fighting weeds!
Next time you take a look out the window and have a nagging desire to begin grumbling, think about the positives.  You may just find yourself spraying the dandelions less and enjoying them a bit more!  Who knows?  Anything is possible!
-Diamante Lavendar

About the Book

unnamedTitle: The Secrets of Yashire

Author: Diamante Lavendar

Genre: YA Fantasy

The Secrets of Yashire: Emerging From the Shadows is a young adult fantasy adventure that occurs within the framework of a young girl’s subconscious mind. The main character, Brianna, finds herself thrown into a world called Yashire where she is forced to deal with circumstances that are threatening Yashire’s existence. Against her will, she is sent on a journey to restore unconditional love back to the land while also contending with the evil force in the land, Zolan. Brianna is sent on her mission by Libban, Keeper of the Land. Along the way, Brianna travels with the mystical tiger, Angelos; a huge, whitish-tan tiger with thick black stripes who sings only the purest songs of love, and the wondrous little one-eyed bird named Abiba. During the journey, Brianna is also preparing to meet her soulmate—the one she longs to be with and the one who will bring complete healing back into her life. Together they travel through fantastic lands filled with magical creatures that could only exist in the wildest of imaginations. Through her treacherous brushes with danger and heartwarming experiences of love and acceptance, Brianna discovers many things. It is here, amidst the powers and phantasms of the mind that Brianna receives life lessons and virtues to help her. Will one of her greatest triumphs be achieved as she learns to believe in herself? For only then can she truly see all of the wondrous things that life has to offer.

Author Bio

Diamante Lavendar has been in love with reading since she was a child. She spent many hours listening to her mother read to her when she was young. As she grew older, she enjoyed reading novels of all genres: horror, fantasy and some romance to name a few.

She began writing in college and published some poetry in anthologies over the years. After her kids were older, she wrote as a form of self expression and decided she wanted to share her stories with others.

Most of her writing is very personal and stems from her own experiences and those of her family and friends. She writes to encourage hope and possibility to those who read her stories.

Diamante believes that everyone should try to leave their own positive mark in the world, to make it a better place for all. Writing is the way that she is attempting to leave her mark—one story at a time.



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