Book Excerpt from The Arcane Map of West


Book Excerpt

His eyes narrowed, glinting ice-silver. In a mere instant, he became dangerous.

Before I could retreat, he ran a hand around the back of my neck. His strong fingers wove into my hair and held my head firmly cupped. My heartbeat spiked and a coil of heat unwound in my stomach as he leaned forward to darkly whisper into my ear. “Were you truly dancing for them, or for me, Hanna?”

I dared not move or speak.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wring your pretty little neck for the uninhibited way you danced in front of those rebels, or if I wanted to cut them all down for gawking at you in your costume. And what possessed you to dance so blasted close to them? You were only a step away from where they sat. Anything could have happened before I reached you.”

I recalled the kiss upon my throat in the deep shadows of the garrison. Perhaps I wasn’t far wrong about the effects of my Irian Seduction Dance on Captain West, except he seemed to be experiencing animosity about it.

“I found and rescued you, Hanna,” he softly growled.

I shivered. Maybe it was best to stay silent and not remind him the attack from a probable Iria Coalition agent occurred because of my contact with him in Callisto City’s Io Spaceport.

“You are mine,” Captain West murmured in my ear. He pressed a possessive kiss on the top tip of it. His lips sent liquid fire through my body. But when he quite firmly bit the tip of my ear, I blinked and gasped with quiet shock. He kissed it once more before releasing his hold on the back of my head. He gently disentangled his fingers from my hair and moved away. He still looked like he wanted to kill something, though.

My body shivered. The air felt several degrees colder around me. In addition, I sensed a rising mantle of subtle power around him as my skin prickled in the wake of an electric wave of energy. Who is this man? What is he—truly? I knew virtually nothing about him, except that he was an Allied Fleet Special Forces commander.

I should have stayed silent. I couldn’t. I might be in awe of Captain West, but I’m not afraid of himyet. “I didn’t choose this outfit—and guess who forced me to learn stupid Irian Seduction Dances?”

Captain West’s frost-silvered stare blazed at me before he abruptly swung away. He strode toward the stair-tube leading to the upper levels.

I fumed inwardly while gently nursing my nipped ear. A swift glance at my hand revealed a tiny ruby smear of blood. The wet gleam on my finger sent another dart of shocked outrage through me. This unpredictable man is unlike any I’d ever known. I glared at his straight back as he vanished up the stairs. I was not Captain West’s personal property. Just because he happened along at the right moment….

I snatched my jacket up from the deck. I do not belong to him.

About the Book

Navigator's Tale eBookTitle: A Navigator’s Tale: The Arcane Map of West

Author: D. Martin

Genre: Science-Fiction

A dangerous man and an unbelievable offer—she should have run….

Starship navigator Hanna Baskira is entangled in a job contract with a hostile merchant-trader who doesn’t trust women pilot-navs. Captain West has hidden agendas. He’s also the commander of an elite military crew. They’re the intersystem government’s secret weapons—and the captain is the most dangerous weapon of all.

He plans on using Hanna in his espionage against an intersystem rebel network, but the captain has a thing about sharing plans…. And she has trust issues with the military.

If she wants to survive her new job, Hanna must trust the unpredictable captain of secrets and resist her attraction to him.

Author Bio

D. Martin likes science and finding out how things work. She has a science degree from Eastern Illinois University, where modern dance and creative writing also caught her interest. Her professional career as science researcher has ranged from biochemistry to industrial chemistry applications. She retired to pursue a lifelong dream to write.

She believes a person can never have too many books. She reads everything, but is fond of Sci-Fi fantasy and romance. She’s a sporadic gardener, who’d rather write than pull weeds. World cultures and their foods fascinate her. She loves Sci-fi movies. She once wanted to be an astronomer and adores the NASA app on her phone.

She lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter, who are both very understanding when she’s off the planet writing.



Twitter: @DorisDmartin



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