Book Review Burial Plot by R. Lanier Clemons

BurialPlot_cover3 (1)Title: Burial Plot

Author: R. Lanier Clemons

Genre: Mystery

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Campus security guard and cop wannabe Jonelle Sweet has a problem.  Her recently deceased husband is missing from the cemetery plot where she buried him.  Married less than two years to Delbert Sweet, Jonelle knows she can find the answers to why someone removed his body and where he was taken.

 Refusing to give up or be stonewalled, Jonelle’s persistence pays off. As her demand for answers escalates, Jonelle methodically tracks down a body snatcher and uncovers a conspiracy where cadavers are sold for profit. Jonelle learns that if she doesn’t watch her step, the grave robber may just turn into a killer. And she will be his first victim.

Jonelle Sweet is the fiesty wannabe detective who tries to crack this case in “Burial Plot”. The case is quite personal to her, because her recently deceased husband’s body is missing from the cemetery where she buried him, so of course she takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and find out what happened. But finding out who took his body, why, and where they’ve taken it, might put Jonelle in more danger than she first expected to. When the answers bring her to a conspiracy in which cadavers get sold for money, she might have put herself in danger. To say it in the words of the author: “the grave robber may just turn into a killer”.

Jonelle is a fiesty, refreshing character.She works as a security guard, so she already has some skills that’ll come in handy to solve this case. The supporting cast of characters is interesting too, and they each have their own personality. Each one of them helps change the adventure and the mystery, and helps define Jonelle as a character. Jonelle is hard to describe in a few words, but she sounds very human and very genuine, and she’s easy to like.

The mystery was surprisingly complicated and the plot kept me on the edge of my seat.


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