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Guest post time! Today’s guest author is Larry S. Gerovac, author of “The One Path”, a fantasy book. I’d like to welcome the author, and thank him for talking about his book.

The One Path

The One Path is the second book in The God Chronicles. It is a fusion of fantasy, religion, and horror. In this second book of the trilogy, Thomas, God’s reluctant last prophet decides the only way to stop Lucifer from initiating Armageddon is to stop him from creating the Antichrist. As Thomas proceeds on his journey he soon finds that he is not alone in his effort to stop the evil of Lucifer.

Thomas soon teams up with a stuttering genius that is possessed by a fallen angel. The threesome follows Lucifer across Europe in an attempt to stop the birth of the Antichrist. As the threesome chase Lucifer, they learn of an offshoot of the Gypsies that were created by the Nazi’s during World War Two. They are called Dark Gypsies and are minions of Lucifer.

The Pope uses a religious artifact on Thomas because he thinks Thomas may be a demon in human guise. Thomas and the Pope soon become friends. Thomas learns that the Pope cannot openly move against Lucifer and his followers until it is verified that the world has entered the end times. Thomas gives the Pope disturbing news about his council of cardinals. Two cardinals are possessed by demons.

Thomas begins to have premonitions that are very confusing. Some come true, and some do not. He is not sure if it is a gift from God or a curse from Lucifer to keep him off balance.

Unbeknownst to Thomas, in the barren American desert, the last of the once great Cherokee Spirit Warriors are preparing for their vision quest. In the past, each warrior was shown a vision by the Great Spirit. That vision always had something to do with each of their futures. This time, a spirit appeared and told them they must prepare for war against the dark one.

In the meantime, Lucifer continues to force the prophesies of the bible that will cause the end times to begin.

About The Book

24102197Title: The One Path

Author: Larry S. Gerovac

Genre: Fantasy

Lucifer asked the Gypsies, “What is the punishment for killing a Dark Warrior?” There was absolute silence. All the Gypsies were in fear for their lives. They did not want to draw the attention of this powerful demon.

Jal, seeing an opportunity for himself yelled, “Life for life.” Lucifer watched as Rayus tried to warn his dad by tugging on his arm.

That evil grin appeared on Lucifer’s face once again as he said, “Jal, was that you?”

Seizing his opportunity he said, “Yes, my Lord Lucifer.”

In this second book of the God Chronicle trilogy, Thomas, God’s Last Prophet, realizes that the only way to beat Lucifer, and prevent Armageddon is by stopping the birth of the Antichrist. In his efforts to find Lucifer, Thomas gets bonked on the head by the Pope using a religious artifact, gets beat up by Gypsies, and almost killed by demons. Eventually, Thomas teams up with a stuttering genius that is possessed by a fallen angel. The unlikely threesome seems to click on all cylinders as they work together and chase Lucifer through Europe. Will collaborating with a fallen angel prove to be a bad choice?

Author Bio

Larry S. GerovacLarry was born and raised in the Midwest. He is a first generation American, U.S. Navy Veteran, ex-Air Traffic Controller, and a retired nuclear worker. He loves science, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. His goal is to entertain readers for many years with some truly out of this world stories.




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