Book Review Learning to Float

Learning to FloatTitle: Learning to Float

Author: Allan Ament

Genre: Memoir

Allan and Deloris Ament’s lives take a dramatic turn when Deloris suffers a debilitating stroke. No longer an equal partner in marriage, Allan becomes Deloris’s primary caregiver, responsible for maintaining their household and her well-being. Learning to Float describes Allan’s transformation from a criminal defense attorney to a compassionate, emotionally vulnerable caregiver. Drawing on contemporaneously written emails and private journal entries, Ament unflinchingly exposes his emotional, mental, and physical ups and downs, consistently focusing on the love, humor, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth he experiences on this journey. Anyone with the possibility of becoming a caregiver for a loved one, now or in the future, will benefit from the insights Ament shares. Everyone will be buoyed by the love Allan and Deloris experience as they face their new normal.

I don’t review books too often. I’m really picky about what books I choose to review, and I picked up this one because it reminded me a lot of what my mother went through when she had to take care of my father after he had a stroke and became partially paralyzed. I wanted to read about Allan and Deloris and their journey and struggles, and see how much related to what my parents went through. The author has an unique, easy-to-read writing style, and garners sympathy almost right away. He transforms from an attorney into a caregiver, and it’s not always easy, sometimes it’s tough and sometimes he wants to give up, but he always keeps on going.

I have to applaud the author for his honesty, which turns the book into a raw, emotional read. You can often feel the author’s frustration, but you also feel his hope and his strength, and it’s an inspiring book to people in similar situations.


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