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Have you been writing for a long time? What inspired you to start a writing career?

I began writing in elementary school for my classwork, and really enjoyed it. Probably more than any other class but music and art! All through my childhood, I loved the ability to tell stories but mostly focussed that in theatre and acting. I got to go to a conference called Author Author at the age of eight, which paired young kids with published authors to talk about writing and being an author. After that I had a vauge idea that I’d like to make books for a living, but didn’t really get serious about it until first year university. I was writing mountains of fan fiction by that time, having discovered it around age 11, and one of my TAs suggested that I try writing something original. That first book has been buried forever, but I learned a lot about what kind of storyteller I wanted to be and when I moved overseas I decided to finish a whole novel before I came home. That book ended up being my debut novel, “Triptych”, which was published by Dragon Moon Press in 2011.

Is Lips Like Ice your first book? If not, please tell us a little about your first book.

Lips Like Ice is my first full-length erotica book as Peggy Barnett. Before this I’d only published shorts and one novella – Dear Abby – as Peggy Barnett. But when Fifty Shades of Grey took off and I realized that there was a market for full length novels, I thought, Gee, that looks like fun! What if, instead of a SF/F novel this year for NaNoWriMo, I write an erotica one? And I was right, it was an absolute load of fun!

Why did you choose erotica as genre for your book?

One of the things I find difficult now that I’ve transitioned from fan fiction to original fiction is that there’s so much less emphasis on explicit sex! Sex is an important part of the human experience, the way we relate to our lovers and our spouses, and a lot of the way we define ourselves as people. I found that I was continuously adding sex scenes to my original work that was either too explicit or too frequently occurring, and I had to find other ways to build character or plot advances. When Gabrielle Harbowy approached me to write straight-up erotica for her anthology Jacked-In, I had a really fun time doing so and realized that this is a part of storytelling that I realized I missed. So, for my next novel attempt, I decided to go all-in and write an erotica novel.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

It may sound a little glib, but my biggest piece of advice is to just do it. Find time, find space, put your fingers on the keys and just write. The most important thing you can do as a writer is to finish a novel. Write it, edit it, polish it, and then put it aside and start another one.  If you want to be a professional author, you need to teach yourself how you like to write, (and there’s no right way; only your way), and then do it again. And again. And again. You may not sell the first. You may not sell the second. But the more you do it, the more you’ll figure out your own habits, your own workarounds, your own needs. And the better your books will get.

Do you have any works in progress you’d like to tell us about?

Well, as Peggy Barnett I’ve begun pecking out ideas for the sequel to Lips Like Ice; I’m just waiting to see if the editor and the publisher express interest in one. I hope so! I’d love to spend more time with these characters and this universe. As J.M. Frey, I am extremely pleased to be able to share that Reuts has literally just announced that the first of an epic fantasy trilogy, The Untold Tale, will be published this December! It’s a meta fantasy series about a woman who loves fantasy books, and accidentally ends up as the main character in one!

About the Book

lips like ice final cover 750 (1)Title: Lips Like Ice

Author: Peggy Barnett

Genre: Science-Fiction, Erotica

He calls himself the Prince. He is humanoid but not human–fascinating, sensual, at the cusp of maturity, and accustomed to getting what he wants. And Lydia has awoken in his world to find that she has been given to him–as a pet, a plaything, and, if he so desires, a lover.

But the Prince lives in a world where birth order dictates gender, and in declaring himself male he has thrown tradition back into the face of his father, the King, a very, very dangerous creature to cross.

As Lydia comes to realize that the Prince is as much a prisoner to his culture’s ways as she is, her resentment slowly unfurls into pity, understanding, curiosity, and a deep, unpredictable, consuming lust. She wants him too, on her own terms. But in a world fraught with hidden dangers, her terms are not open for discussion, not when their thirst for one another could doom them both. In a court where monarchs are obeyed and sexual hierarchies are strict, one wrong move could end the Prince for ever… and what would happen to Lydia then?

Author Bio

Peggy Barnett“Peggy Barnett” is the erotica pseudonym of a Toronto-based SF/F author. Peggy writes stories for the thinking erotica reader. She likes to write stories that are both one-handed reading and topical discussions of consent, non-binary gender, the full spectrum of sexuality and romanticism, and relationships that bloom beyond monogamy.





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