Book Review You Own Me

YOMebookTitle: You Own Me

Author: Mary Catherine Gebhard

Genre: New Adult, Psychological Romance

“I’ll love you until you break my heart. I’ll give you the broken pieces of my heart as an offering to you, because you own it. Whole, shattered, alive, or dead; you own my heart no matter what condition it’s in. I’ll stay with you until you figure out how to feel. I’ll stay with you even if you never do.”

This is a story about happiness, and how it doesn’t simply happen because you fall in love.

Lennox is on the run from her ex-boyfriend. She had to drop everything, tell no one, and move to a new town, alone. She expected to be lonely, she expected to be afraid, but she never expected to meet a man named Vic who drove her crazy with lust and anger and called her “Lenny.” If it’s at all possible, Vic is more twisted than the man she ran away from.

She should ignore him, but they’re drawn to each other like magnets. Lennox ran from from Seattle to Santa Barbara to get away from violence, to create a new life, and to be something simple. Instead she’s found herself wrapped up in great friends and an epic love. This new life is the opposite of everything she wants, but it might just be everything she needs.

This book intrigued me mostly because of the mention of Lennox and Vic falling in love, although Vic was apparently more twisted than the man Lennox ran away from. I thought that would be a difficult feat to pull off, and an interesting one at that. I was surprised the author did manage to pull it off, and make it believable. Lennox and Vic work great, and he does have a twisted side, which makes things a whole lot more interesting.

I liked the story and characters, and the writing definitely had potential. An enjoyable book, and I’m sure fans of new adult romance will enjoy it.


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