Guest Post The Best of Jonathan’s Corner

Guest post time today. This is a graphic type of guest post, and I’m not sure how it’ll turn out. Let’s hope it looks okay 🙂

CJS Hayward’s Collection: Timeseries of a Homepage

June 5, 1997

CJS Hayward's homepage as of June 5, 1997.

August 23, 2000

CJS Hayward's homepage as of August 23, 2000.

July 20, 2001

CJS Hayward's homepage as of July 20, 2001.

November 11, 2004

CJS Hayward's homepage as of November 11, 2004.

February 9, 2005

CJS Hayward's homepage as of February 9, 2005.

December 22, 2013

CJS Hayward's homepage as of December 22, 2013.


CJS Hayward's homepage as of October 11, 2014.

About The Book

the-best-of-jonathans-corner-front-coverTitle: The Best of Jonathan’s Corner

Author: CJS Hayward

Genre: Creative non-fiction / many genres / religion and spirituality / Eastern Orthodox

The Best of Jonathan’s Corner, newly expanded ​ after getting five star reviews​, is a collection of varied works of Eastern Orthodox mystical theology. It spans many topics and many different genres of writing, but it keeps coming back to the biggest questions of all. It is inexhaustible: the works are independent, and you can read a few, many, or all of them to suit your taste. Fans of CS Lewis and GK Chesterton will love it.

Author Bio

 wardrobe_fullChristos Jonathan Seth Hayward wears many hats as a person: author, philosopher, theologian, artist, poet, wayfarer, philologist, inventor, web guru, teacher.

Some have asked, “If a much lesser C.S. Lewis were Orthodox, what would he be like?” And the answer may well be, “C.J.S. Hayward.”

Called “Jack of all trades and master of many” by one boss, he also wears many hats professionally: open source / IT generalist, front end developer, JavaScript programmer, back end web developer, Pythonista, PHP and Perl user, Django developer, end to end web developer, Unix/Linux/Mac wizard, LAMP guru, SQL generalist, Unix shell (both using existing shells and implementing a new shell), system administrator, researcher, technical writer, usability advocate, UI developer, UX/IA enthusiast, and more.

Hayward has lived in the U.S., Malaysia, England, and France, and holds master’s degrees bridging math and computers (UIUC), and philosophy and theology (Cambridge).



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