Book Excerpt for When All Balls Drop Tour


I’m sharing an excerpt today from creative non-ficiton / inspirational / memoir “When All Balls Drop”. Enjoy the excerpt, and have a great day.

Book Excerpt

Returning to My Roots

Passing the hours in a dazed state on the fifth floor of St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, I thought of another St. Francis Hospital. In the mid-1970s, I was born in St. Francis Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin, nearly three thousand miles away. Suddenly, I was given a second chance at life in a hospital with the same name as the one where I was born. What a rare coincidence!

Not having lived in Wisconsin since my undergraduate studies in Madison, perhaps I needed to revisit my roots.

My childhood home was a hobby farm in rural western Wisconsin. We lived nearly three miles outside of the small town of Galesville in Little Tamarack, a valley of dairy farms and apple orchards. Our cedar-sided two-story house and its twenty acres were nestled in the heart of the valley. A former orchard served as a pasture for our flock of sheep. Large maple, oak, and pine trees completely hid the house atop a small hill. The rest of the property was peppered with red sheds. One served as the stables for the sheep, another as my playhouse, and the largest for my mom’s antique shop called The Little Red Shed.

About The Book

whenallballsdropcoverTitle: When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything

Author: Heidi Siefkas

Genre: Non-Fiction, Inspirational, Memoir

The true story of a survivor
who through losing everything,
redefined having it all

Heidi Siefkas was a happily married, globetrotting professional who seemingly “had it all”—until a tree limb in New York’s Hudson River Valley struck her down, breaking her neck and leaving her unconscious. Suddenly, life as she knew it stopped. She lost her independence. She lost her career. She watched her marriage disintegrate as she confronted a trail of devastating lies about her husband’s double life.

She had lost all that mattered, but she was a survivor. She fought to restore her health, repair her broken heart, and rebuild herself. Along the way, she gained clarity about her core values, ultimately coming to a deeper understanding of what it means to have it all.

Through down-to-earth, short vignettes, When All Balls Drop shows us how it’s possible to “look up” in spite of pain, deceit, and loss. Heidi’s memoir–rich with hope and humor, inspires anyone who’s had to confront tragedy and reassess their life in the wake of life-altering events.

Author Bio

Heidi Siefkas is an author and adventurer. Originally from small-town Wisconsin, she lives in Kauai and also calls the Midwest and South Florida home. Heidi is currently crafting a sequel to this memoir, embracing both her wanderlust and love of writing by documenting her many travels. You can connect with Heidi at, Facebook, and Twitter.



Twitter: @HeidiSiefkas



There is a tour-wide giveaway for 5 paperback copies (US only). Contest will end on September 26, and winners will be announced on September 27. Additionally readers who sign up via the author’s mailing list, will get a free excerpt of the book.

Go here to participate in the giveaway.


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2 responses to “Book Excerpt for When All Balls Drop Tour

  1. Excellent choice of vignette. Through my journey, I drew upon many of my earlier learnings, including the independence I learned as a child living on a hobby farm in Western Wisconsin. Although my memoir discusses hardships, I do so in a very hopeful way along with a good dose of quirky, sassy humor. Here’s to looking up!

  2. I wanted to share BIG news that was unveiled earlier this week about When All Balls Drop. It’s going to film. Yes, it’s ready to inspire on screen too. Check it out:

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