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I’m hosting a guest post for hte book tour for new adult contemporary romance “Orange Blossom”. Enjoy the guest post! I’ll leave the word to author Sarah Daltry now, who talks about mental illness.

Mental Illness and Suicide

This series very deeply addresses topics of rape, abuse, mental illness, and suicide, and these are things that matter to me. I made a terrible decision a while back. I have never been one to hide who I am. I was raped. I’ve been abused. I suffer from severe PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. I’ve attempted suicide several times. It came to a head recently and I admitted it. The response? I was publicly annihilated and called a liar and weak and pathetic.

Sadly, this isn’t surprising. Therapists do this. I’ve sat in offices and felt silenced by the people who were paid to help. We don’t want to know when people hurt. If someone has a physical illness, we will do everything we can to help, but if we can’t see it, then it should just go away because we don’t want to think about it. We also view it as weakness. “Everyone gets depressed.” They don’t, but ignorant people think they know what that word means.

I wrote about these things, because I needed to express them. When I was younger, these were still experiences I had and I was so alone. Yet books held the answers. They revealed characters who felt the same things, who were able to succeed and overcome despite the horrible experiences they had had. That became a critical part of my writing. I wanted to provide hope. I wanted to be able to say to someone who found these books, to someone who felt Jack’s pain or Lily’s helpless, that it could end better. I wanted the Jacks out there to see how Lily felt, because I know there are always people left behind, even when we feel so depressed we think no one will care. I wanted the Lilys out there to understand that it wasn’t personal. My husband gets frustrated with my depression sometimes, but it’s not his fault and he’s the reason I keep fighting.

I’m just a girl. I’m nothing special and my writing isn’t read. I don’t think I am changing the world or accomplishing anything, but I do hope that even if one person connects, that it’s worth it. I wanted to give up. I have grown to hate everything about writing (publishing, not the actual writing), but I have found a means to continue. I feel like I have to, because my reasons for doing it are driven by that need to help, to try to bring some light into the darkness so many people feel – and experience alone.


About the Book

young pretty kissing wedding couple against skyTitle: Orange Blossom

Author: Sarah Daltry

“I’ve never understood a year. A year was always a measurement of something bad for me. A year in my father’s prison sentence, a year since my mom’s death, a year left of school before I could get far, far away from here. Now, as I look down the end of my college career, with only a little more than a semester to go, a year seems like something magical. It has been a year since Lily chose me, since she sat with me on the old swing set and made a decision that I was worthy of her. And every minute of the entire year has been better than the last.”


You already know their stories: Lily, the perfect princess, always living someone else’s life. And Jack, the broken boy, who had stopped believing in hope. Somehow, though, they found each other and what was one night blossomed into a love story.

Now, a year later, Jack and Lily are dreaming of the future. Despite all of his promises to himself that he would never be indebted to anyone, Jack makes a new promise – this time to Lily – that he will be there for her forever. But when life unravels for them, he starts to pull away, and Lily worries he’s out of reach for good.

When Jack does the unthinkable, Lily is left destroyed. Is it possible to have a happily ever after? Does love ever really save anyone?




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