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I’m hosting a guest post today for the book tour for fantasy horror “The Key to Everything”. I’ll leave the word to author Alex Kimmell now.

Guest Post

What makes a good horror story now days? There’s the crazed, virtually immortal serial killer wearing a creepy mask or sports helmet chasing a half-naked sorority girl through the abandoned wilderness with his chainsaw/axe/machete. Then we have the all too common exorcism story involving an innocent and pretty young girl with her single mother/ultra religious cult family proving to the one lone unbeliever that all of their superstitious rituals are in fact deathly real. Another big draw these days of course is the teenage vampire stories fighting with all their might to cash in on the tremendous financial success of Twilight and Sookie Sookie Sookie. Not really horror, but just tantalizingly scary enough to tease the tween crowd and showing enough hunks without shirts to suck Mom in too.
Predictable? Yes. Popular? We eat that shit up. Scary? Not one bit. We keep going because we want to be scared in familiar, safe ways. It’s the same reason we go on roller coasters. We throw our arms up in the air five stories above the ground at forty or fifty miles an hour. We scream and holler knowing deep in the recesses of our minds that we aren’t going to crash into the ground splattering like a bug on a windshield. We know we’re safe. The familiar characters and story lines provide us with a few gross out moments and bad guy jumping out from behind the closet door BOO’s, but they don’t really /scare/us.
So what? So I’m difficult to frighten. Yeah, I guess I am. What really scares me? Real life scares me. Little every day things can be terrifying if removed from their usual context. What if the familiar world fell from order? What if the face you look at in the mirror every single day turned out to not be you? What if the hands typing on the keyboard in front of you right now we’re suddenly acting on the will of someone or something else? An /other/malevolence that does not feel anything about you one way or another. Doesn’t think any more of you than you a single cell amoeba. That thought frightens me. Keeps me awake at night sweating through my sheets, pinching my side to make sure I’m still myself.
These are the concepts of horror that inspired my book “the Key to everything”. Not being able to trust in the reality of the every day world around you. Finding that everything you once knew, everything that grounded you without even thinking about it for your entire life has been usurped and convoluted into a world beyond understanding. That is where real fear lives. That is where nothing can be held to any faith. Not even what your eyes see or your fingers touch.
Take something simple and innocuous. Something you use every day that barely crosses your mind. Take for example, a key. The key to your front door or your car. Maybe even the key to your kids bike lock. Keys open things. They let us in and keep the bad guys out. But what if there were something more? What if there were certain keys, special keys that were made to tilt the world on its axis and allow us into rooms like nothing ever seen before? A white room with no doors or windows and a strange vacant frame on the wall. An impossibly tall space covered in all directions with clanking chattering brass entry passes. A world where everything turns against you, even your favored family photos.

Find solace in that it’s only a book…for now.

The Key to Everything

3939131Title: The Key to Everything

Author: Alex M. Kimmell

Genre: Fantasy Horror

Cracked and weathered binding, hiding mysteries on pages tied closed by a bloodstained string. A happy young family enchanted by dreams and possibilities. A barren, empty room. A boy with no friends obsessively drawing angles, edges and diagrams. In his debut novel, Alex Kimmell captures a vivid and startling tale of fear. Auden’s journey begins when he discovers a curious leather-bound book whose contents will soon endanger his entire family. The pages of this book draw him into a prison that cannot be breached, a place that can only be unlocked with a very special key. In The Key to Everything, fear is explored and heightened through jarring imagery and a terrifying, unique menace, ratcheting up the tension until the novel’s gripping climax.

Author Bio

Alex kimmell (the squirrel whisperer/twodoggarage/daddy not-so-much-bucks) is an accidental novelist, anti-rhyme-ologist, oxygen inhaler, carbon dioxide exhaler who often generates harmonious sounds with various instruments of different historical importance. his work has appeared on cool places around the 1’s and 0’s like Black Lantern Press, Front Row Lit, Dumb White Husband and The Wordcount Podcast. His novel “the Key to everything” and collection of short, horrific tales “A Chorus of Wolves” were released by Booktrope Publishing. come and join the neurosis at






Purchase the book:


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