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I’m hosting a guest post today for YA fantasy novel “Summer’s Shadow” by Craig MacLachlan. I’ll leave the word to Craig now.

Summer’s Shadow – Write What You know

Summer’s Shadow is set in the real life location of Thompson Falls, Montana. I was born and lived there until I was six. Lots of family still live there and I visit as often as I can, being only a couple hours away. The area has a magical feeling to it, some force that grabs a hold of your soul and wont’ let you forget about it. The town itself is small and there are no stop lights. The immense amount of mountains surrounding the town, along with the natural beauty, just called to me when the story of Sierra Winters was forming inside my mind. Knowing the area so well, I found it easy to implement into the story, thus using many areas as vital points in the story. My favorite place is Graves Creek Falls, which plays a prominent role location wise. A few other areas used in the book are the town itself, the library, a mine, the island, dams, Clark Fork River and Wild Woman Cave. I plan on expanding the scope of locations throughout the series to fully capture the Thompson Falls and the surrounding mountains. Having used a locale I already knew, it freed me to focus on the story rather than creating imaginary locations. Of course, that is fun to do, but sometimes I find using real locations that are close to your heart make the story that more personable and exciting.

Summer’s Shadow

BOOK COVER - Summer's ShadowTitle: Summer’s Shadow

Author:Craig MacLachlan

Genre: YA Fiction

When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her physical body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy named Valeck saves her life.

Sierra soon discovers she has stumbled upon a mysterious realm known as The Void, which is filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. But upon returning to The Void, she is met by a sinister man known as Maven Kodiak who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot. Maven wants the power of her silver cord all for himself so he can enter the physical world and conquer it.

On the run from Maven, Sierra struggles to understand her abilities and powers which yield some surprising results. As she and Valeck fall in love, Sierra discovers he is keeping a vital secret from her.

Can Sierra be happy sharing her life between both realms, or will she be forced to choose one over the other forever?

Author Bio

AUTHOR PHOTO 1 - Craig MacLachlanCraig MacLachlan lives in Post Falls, Idaho, USA and is married to Christina. Craig’s passion in life is to tell stories. He started writing at a young age and reads books every chance he gets. His first completed Young Adult novel, SUMMER’S SHADOW, Book One of ‘Sierra Winters and The Void‘, a planned trilogy, is out now and available from online booksellers and high street bookstores by order worldwide. Craig is also working on a Young Adult horror novel and has two short films, “Roger” and “Marbles: A Love Story” he co-wrote with the director. Craig won third place in a one act screenwriting competition sponsored by the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Creative Writing Competition for 2011-12. Craig is also a story contributor for Young Adult Magazine as well as an article contributor for Zen Life. Craig enjoys, among others, reading, treasure hunting and exploring – and can also name all fifty states in alphabetical order!

SUMMER’S SHADOW is Craig MacLachlan’s first published work.



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