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I’m hosting a guest post today by author Veronica Bane, the author of YA fantasy novella “Miyuki”, which is currently on tour. She talks about an interesting topic, writing with discipline. I tell my clients often that they need discipline for their writing – treat it like a job, not a hobby (although preferably a job you enjoy doing).

Anyway, I’ll leave the talking to Veronica now.

Guest Post: Writing with Discipline

I have always wanted to be a writer. When I first started reading, I noticed that I would continue the stories in my head after I read them: I wondered what happened to those pigs and that wolf, and I concocted a story in my mind. I didn’t start putting my ideas down on paper for some time, but the spark was there. I loved stories, and I loved storytelling. This would follow me into high school and later to college; I knew that I wanted to be a writer, and so a writer I would be.

Of course, it’s not that easy. So many of us want to write, but there is something we lack. We lack the discipline to wake up every morning and put words on the page.

One of the questions that I am asked most frequently is how I “make time” for writing. I appreciate the question because I feel that it is at the core of a writer’s life, but it does worry me. The question assumes that writing is secondary. It treats writing like a hobby. However, writing is not a hobby for me; writing is my career. No one asks me how I make time for my teaching. It is assumed that it is a non-negotiable part of my life. Well, so is my writing. This is where discipline comes in. To be honest, this was one of my concerns when I was growing up as a writer. I wondered if I would have what it takes to write every day. I would look at seas of unfinished outlines and worry if I could finish anything.

Then, I decided that I would finish my first book by the end of 2012. I set times in my planner for when I would be writing, I assigned word counts to each day, I outlined, and then, I started.

The writing was not always great. Some of it was cut out or saw a fury of editing. But, I wrote every day. I finished the book with days to spare before the end of the year. I sought out a publisher, and the book was given life and an audience.

The key is writing as if it is your job and your career. If you treat writing as a hobby that can be pushed aside for other things, then it will always be pushed aside. But if you approach writing with the idea that it must be done, then it will be. It will not always be your best work, but it will be there on the page, waiting to be edited.

About Miyuki

Miyuki_coverTitle: Miyuki

Author: Veronica Bane

Genre: YA Fantasy Novella

In the town of Jericho, a group of misfit teenagers haunts the underbelly of their society. Armed with the ability to manipulate different parts of nature, these teenagers fight for their right to stay alive. In the months following an attack on their lives, danger still lurks around them. Those behind the original strike have risen from the ashes, and new powers are beginning to reveal themselves. With this mysterious threat imminent, Mara, Miyuki, and the rest of the Unusuals must stand together to fight. However, time is running out for the group, for someone—or something—is hunting them, and this time around, not all of them will survive.

Author Bio

Veronica Bane author pictureVeronica Bane grew up in San Diego, California and spent her days writing in local coffee shops and at the beach. Her writing was and has always been fed a healthy diet of chai tea lattes and film scores. She studied Creative Writing at Chapman University and now lives in Los Angeles.


Author Website:

Mara on Amazon:





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