Guest Post for Harm Tour


I’m hosting a guest post today for the tour for “Harm”, a YA dystopian thriller. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll leave the word to the author now.

Guest Post

If I had a super power it would not be super-strength (then I could lug my latest book haul), or the ability to fly (Big Bang concert here I come!), or telekinesis ( pens will never hide from me again). My superpower would be the ability to control how people perceive things whether it’s thing people, ideas, the world (and thus a supervillian is born).

I think as an author an an amateurly amateur photographer i can do that to a extent, a simple picture can make the ugly, beautiful, the mundane, spectacular, and the insignificant, important.

Writing does the same thing but instead of shadows and angles and zoom there are adjectives and metaphors and sentence structure, which takes a house, a person, or an idea and through narrative perspective makes it a big house, a sinister person, a great idea even if as the story goes on you find out the reality isn’t so.

So whenever I write, whether it’s the Outsider Chronicles, a vampire novel, or re-incarnating immortals with problems, I like to subtly twist people’s head around and say “Why don’t you look at it this way?”

So I guess this means I have superpowers already. Today your bookshelves, tomorrow the world! *evil cackle*


About Harm


Author: Kayti Nika Raet

Genre: YA Dystopian Thriller

After a harrowing escape from Amaryllis City, Niko is forced to lay low. The people who want to use her unique genetics for their own ends are still out there and their reach is long.

After an emotional split with Ben and hiding deep in the slums she soon meets Songhay, a charismatic thief and his younger sister Roosevelt. Together they dodge violent gangs, roaming Slithers and the ever present threat of acid rain. Growing closer Niko along with Songhay soon form a rag-tag band of Slither hunters to keep the slums safe and the monsters at bay.

But then she discovers shocking information about her past that challenges everything she thought to be true about herself and those she loves.

Now she has to decide if she’d going to stay safe in hiding or stand up to the lies and injustice swarming around her.

She was never one to lie low for long.

Lies and truth collide in the second book of the Outsider Chronicles.

Author Bio

DSCN5944Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Kayti Nika Raet moved down South when she was 11 where she was bit by the writing bug as well as other less friendly insects. She the author of the YA dystopia, NIKO, as well as it’s upcoming sequel, HARM, and  the short stories SLITHER and TAPE THE DEVIL’S MOUTH.
Her procrastination aids are reading, K-pop, and photography.
Kayti lives in Milledgeville, Georgia. Visit her online at http://KNRwrites.,, on Facebook, Youtube (Kayti Edition), or email her at KNRwrites(at)gmail(dot)com.


Harm on Smashwords:



Win an eBook copy of Niko and Harm. International.

Go here to participate in the giveaway!


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