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Today author Evie Gaughan is talking on my blog about the importance of readers. Evie’s latest novel, “The Cross of Santiago”, releases today. The book sounds like an excellent read! You can have a chance at winning an eBook copy of the book by filling in the Rafflecopter form mentioned below in this post. Now I’ll step aside and let Evie have the word.

The Importance Of Readers

by Evie Gaughan

I recently read a quote by American author John Cheever that said,

  “I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss—you can’t do it alone.”
I thought that was such a lovely way to express the relationship between an author and a reader, as it describes perfectly how essential one is to the other.

Writing can be a very solitary existence, spending months or even years cooped up in your writing room, plotting storylines and creating characters to act them out.  Sounds high-brow, but for the most part you’re wearing your worst baggy sweat pants, eating peanut butter from a jar and seeing housework as a ‘fun’ distraction from writer’s block!  So when the time comes for your book to be published, it’s as though you are returning to the land of the living and asking the reader to participate in completing the journey.  Because without a reader (or a listener), a story can never truly fulfil its’ potential, which is to be experienced, interpreted and enjoyed, by each reader in their own personal way.

If the story is good enough and people take it to their hearts, it becomes something bigger than the author.  Once you hit the ‘publish’ button, your book belongs to the readers and it is their experience now.  Really great books become immortalised and again, this is thanks to the readers and their dedication to finding a good story.  Like any relationship, you never really know where the journey will take you; you just hope it will work out.

But of course every relationship starts with that first kiss, so pucker up people!  The Cross Of Santiago is now yours to discover and enjoy.  But remember that you are an important part of the experience, so if you do enjoy reading a book, tell people about it.  The greatest compliment you can give a writer is to leave a review that will help other readers find the story, thereby continuing the journey and connecting the book with a wider audience.  So thanks to all the readers who make writing such a rewarding experience.

 The Cross of Santiago

The Cross of Santiago-Amazon (1)“One cross will bind two couples across four centuries”

An ancient love story, locked in the heart of a sunken treasure, is destined to find its happy ending… even if it takes four hundred years to do so.

Amanda Morrison does not believe in love or destiny, but when a long­lost aunt leaves her a mysterious golden cross in her will, her uneventful life in Galway City is turned upside down. The arrival of Xavier, a charismatic yachtsman in search of treasure and adventure, complicates life further, as their paths seem destined to cross. While Amanda tries to uncover the truth about her family’s past, a strange series of events ensues involving hippy hypnosis, five­a­side football, scary sheep, and radical reincarnation. Though, not all in that order.

Author Bio

IMG_0077Evie has always been a storyteller. From a very young age, she held a captive audience (mostly with rope!) as she performed her party piece, which involved sitting on a high stool and telling extremely tall tales.

Things have moved on a bit since then and Evie’s love of storytelling has blossomed. Having published a number of short stories and articles for Irish magazines such as Woman’s Way and GalwayNow, she is set to launch her debut novel, ‘The Cross Of Santiago’, on September 16th 2013. A time-slip novel full of intrigue, humour and romance, it is an exciting blend of historical fiction and contemporary women’s fiction.

Evie lives on the West Coast of Ireland in Galway City, where she shares her home with two sewing machines, an easel and a guitar that refuses to stay in tune. She is greatly inspired by her hometown, which is not only the setting for her novel, but also the subject of her other passion, art. She has several paintings currently exhibiting at the local gallery, featuring vibrant streetscapes and quirky designs. Evie is currently working on her second novel and short story collection.


Twitter: @evgaughan





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