Book Excerpt Sometimes It Is Rocket Science


I’m happy to host an excerpt today from a contemporary romance novel named “Sometimes It Is Rocket Science”. I loved the excerpt, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

Book Excerpt

Georgiana wiped her hands on her coveralls.  She took advantage of Robert’s momentary distraction to shamelessly ogle him.  He’d changed out of his suit before hauling boxes.  The sleeves of his plaid cotton shirt were rolled up to his elbows, highlighting the corded muscles of his forearms, and the fit of his jeans was downright criminal.  Though enticing when in business mogul persona, he was unexpectedly devastating when relaxed.

She calculated the distance between her chair and Robert’s position on her cluttered desk.  With the right trajectory, leaping over the debris scattered over the floor wouldn’t be a problem.  The landing could be a problem. A knee to the groin would ruin the point of tackling him.

A flash of platinum and purple caught her attention.  She stared at the ring twinkling on her left hand.  The reminder of her tie to Robert, fake but dangerously tempting to believe, slowed her thundering heart.  When they had an audience, Robert enthusiastically played the devoted, affectionate fiancé.  She had mentally alphabetized the periodic table to keep her cool when he kissed her after a quick lunch in the Collier Analytics’ cafeteria.  Too many moments like that and she would forget they weren’t truly planning a winter wedding.

“We’re not right,” she murmured, hoping to knock sense into her lust-fogged head.

“What’s not right, Gigi?”

Georgiana winced.  She didn’t want to explain that they weren’t right; that she wasn’t right for him.  It was obvious to anyone with half a brain, and actually articulating the words would be humiliating.  “This part,” she lied, holding up a cylinder of metal and melted plastic.  “It doesn’t look like it belongs with either vehicle, and NORA’s having difficulty identifying it.”

Robert leaned forward to take the piece from her hand.  His fingertips grazed her palm; electricity sparked and raced up her arm.  She gulped several mouthfuls of icy water from the bottle by her foot.  She was going to instruct NORA to analyze his aftershave to see if it contained pheromones.  It was the only logical explanation for why she was acting so out of character.

Sometimes It Is Rocket Science

cover1Title: Sometimes It’s Rocket Science

Author: Kara Thorpe

Genre: Contemporary Romance

More comfortable in the lab than in the boardroom, engineering genius Georgiana Collier has been floundering in her role as CEO of her late father’s company. Raising her teenaged brother isn’t easy, either – ever since a fatal car accident he spends his days in a depressed fog and nightmares hamper any attempt at sleep. When her mentor Dan Norwood has a heart attack and members of her board start to conspire against her, she fears a nervous breakdown is on the horizon.

Called back to Houston after his father’s heart attack, playboy computer whiz Robert Norwood knows he’s going to have his hands full relocating the company’s main office and keeping his father from having another attack. He doesn’t expect an automated house with his dead mother’s voice or the rush of desire he feels when faced with childhood friend Georgiana Collier. His plans to win Georgiana’s cautious heart are threatened by his reputation as a lady-killer and a murderous business rival.

Author Bio

Kara Thorpe started writing as a distraction in French class and never stopped (just don’t ask her to conjugate many verbs).  Born and raised under the south Texas sun, she spends her days navigating Houston traffic and the exciting world of production planning.  Nights are for creating character-driven romances and wrangling a stubborn Siamese.



Twitter: @karahelen



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