Author Interview with Shyla Colt


I’m hosting author Shyla Colt on my blog today with an interview. She is the author of romantic suspense novel “Cast The Cards”.

1) How long have you been writing? 

Off the record since I was about ten, but I’ve been published for two years now.

 2) Is Cast The Cards your first novel? If not, please tell us a little about your first book. 

No, it’s not. My first novel length book is titled, The Unveiling. It’s a Sci-fi Romance novel. The second in my series, The D’Shar Men. In this universe aliens have revealed their existence and live among us now that their sun has failed.  Here’s a blurb ; D

Born under the weight of a prophecy, Bastien D’Shar is chosen to save his people from great peril. Having undergone The Purge at a young age, his emotions are frozen. When the Star Maiden enters his life, the internal time-bomb explodes and The Purge fails. The pressure of long dormant emotions threaten to bring The General to his knees.

Rivka T’Shar is the oldest Star Maiden in history.  She’s all but given up on finding her mate when a visit to the royal family sends her life into a tail spin.  The passion between her and Bastien is white hot, but she can’t forgive him for robbing her of happiness that was rightfully hers.  As she assuages her body’s need for release, she hides away her heart.

Differences are set aside when rogue alien, Tavel resurfaces, threatening aliens and humans alike.

3) Tell us about Cast The Cards. 

 This is a suspense thriller with a paranormal twist. Savannah West’s life is changed when she and her best friend, Clark, whom she’s in love with, are kidnapped. When she survives, and he doesn’t life as she knows it as changed. Determined to make a difference she focuses all her energy on becoming an FBI Profiler. Ten years later we find her one of the top agents, but once again her life is about to change when the hunters becomes the hunted. The Killers are back to finish the job, and it’s up to her, the ghost of Clark, and his twin brother, Carey to keep her safe.

4) Why did you choose “romantic suspense” as a genre for your novel? 

I grew up watching horror movies and old black and white romances. I think, Suspense for me was a logical place to bring those two interests together. I wrote my very first Romantic Suspense story a few months ago, and it opened the door. .. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to close it now. *laughs. I’m hooked.

5) Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 

Keep writing, reading, hone your craft, show it to those you trust, and don’t be afraid to submit. Remember a no from someone, can be a yes from someone else.

6) Do you have any works in progress you’d like to tell us about? 

I have one I just finished editing called A Lakota Claiming, which I’m tremendously excited about. I grew up with the older Western romances full of Native Americans, their culture, and history, this is a nod to that. I actually have a blurb… and you guys are the first to see it.

Journee Read made the local reservation the focal point of her paper for American Indian Culture class and life as she knew it changed.  Assigned to Iya and Delsin Iron Cloud for a series of interviews she’s hit by a case of insta lust that turns to more. Immersed in the rich culture she’s charmed by the cousin’ intelligence, sensitivity, and genuine concern for their people. The upcoming Pow Wow will complete her research, but she’s ready to learn a new lesson, one in human anatomy and matters of the heart.

Iya and Delsin Iron Cloud have fallen head over heels in love with the vivacious twenty-six year old senior who swept into their lives like a breath of fresh air. More brothers than cousins they agree to do the same thing they did as children with a desired object, share.

That blurb sounds great!

About Cast The Cards

cast ebookTitle: Cast The Cards

Author: Shyla Colt

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Savannah escaped a kidnapping but her best friend Clark—the man she secretly loved—didn’t. Guilt-ridden and changed after the event, she gives up her dream of teaching and earns a position in the F.B.I as a profiler. When she’s targeted by the very same kidnappers wishing to finish the job, she is armed with her skills, backed by her first love’s twin brother, and forced to revisit her demons when Clark’s ghost appears.

After his twin’s murder, Officer Carey Carr loses more than his brother. Savannah avoids him for a decade. Her return—and her steaming-hot body—stir brand new feelings in Carey. But Clark’s reappearance has Carey battling to control his primal desires around the woman his twin loved.

As Savannah and Carey, with Clark’s help, embark on a cruel game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers, the twins come to an understanding that involves Savannah and more pleasure than the three of them have ever dreamed.

Author Bio

 Shyla ColtTold once ‘You have to be an author, then you’re craziness becomes eccentrics’, Shyla Colt has always been in love with the written word and possessed a desire to write. Named after Super Girl in the comics, she often mistakes her mortality for super hero status. So, she holds many hats, Mother, Marine Wife, and writer are her top three.  Writing allows her to explore new venues, face her demons, and touch others. A huge practitioner of paying it forward, and putting in what you want to get out, she hopes to inspire, enlighten, move, and entertain you with her work. Mixing humor, drama, and strong women, often with a paranormal element, she continues to soldier ahead in the writing field. One of her favorite things is talking to fans.  If you’d like to learn more or just drop a line, please check her out at


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