Book Excerpt Monsterland


Book Excerpt

“What’s up with you, Howard Drucker? I thought you wanted to go.” Wyatt turned, looking at his friend’s pinched face.

“Yeah, that was before, this is now.”

Melvin hooked his arm around the headrest. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Howard shrugged indifferently.

“Come on,” Melvin said impatiently.“In theory it sounded like a great idea. You know, seeing vampires, zombies, and werewolves in their natural habitat.”


“The point is, this,” he gestured to the massive gates now in eyesight. “It seems unnatural. It feels—”

“What? Wrong? What else are they going to do with them? Kill them like in an old Boris Karloff movie? This is so right,” Melvin said hotly. “They were dying in those detention camps.”

“Containment camps,” Howard corrected.

“Whatever.” Melvin went on. “The hillbillies practically wiped out the werewolf colony once it was discovered. Vampires lived in fear, almost harried out of existence. Here they are protected. If they did that to the rhinos, maybe they wouldn’t have become extinct.”

“It’s sterile, not real!” Howard was leaning over the front seat.

“What happened to you? You were so excited about it,” Wyatt asked.

“This was all over YouTube this morning.” He typed something on his phone and then showed them the screen. It looked like a dilapidated portion of any American city. The image was filmed in a choppy fashion, bouncing around, going in and out of focus. The Werewolf River Run sign was in the viewfinder. Uniformed men, some with lab coats, entered the ride area. The camera panned out to view an artificial river with alligators rhythmically rising and falling in the choppy water. There was a rustle and then shouts. A howl turned into a wail, and all four boys watched, their collective breaths held.

About the Book

monsterlandTitle: Monsterland

Author: Michael Phillip Cash

Genre: Horror / Action

Welcome to Monsterland – the scariest place on Earth. All guests can interact with real vampires in Vampire Village, be chased by an actual werewolf on the River Run, and walk among the dead in Zombieville. Wyatt Baldwin, a high school student and life-long movie buff is staring bleakly at a future of flipping burgers. Due to a fortuitous circumstance, Wyatt and his friends are invited to the star-studded opening of Monsterland. In a theme park full of real vampires, werewolves and zombies, what could possibly go wrong?

Author Bio

MPC_Photo_bethpageMichael Phillip Cash is an award-winning and best-selling novelist of horror, paranormal, and science fiction novels.  He’s written ten books including the best-selling “Brood X”, “Stillwell”, “The Flip”, “The After House”, “The Hanging Tree”, “Witches Protection Program”, “Pokergeist”, “Monsterland”, “The History Major”, and “Battle for Darracia” series. Michael’s books are on the Amazon best-seller list and have also won numerous awards. Additionally, he is a screenwriter with 14 specs under his belt. Michael resides on the North Shore of Long Island.


Amazon Direct Link:





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Author Interview Twain’s End


Have you been writing for a long time?

 Only my whole life.  And that is getting to be a very long time.


What inspired you to start a writing career?

Honestly, it was fish or cut bait with writing.  It’s my best talent—no, actually, it’s my only talent.  I was an English major in my looooonnng college career (I had three babies in four years during that time which sort of slowed me down.)  I always knew that I wanted to be some kind of writer but didn’t know which type.  When my oldest daughter was in kindergarten, I volunteered in her school library, where I discovered the middle-grade novels of Madeline L’Engle, Betsy Byars, and Penelope Lively.  I thought, I want to write those!  And did…after five years of figuring out how to do so.  I went on to publish 15 children’s books, from picture books to young adult, before having the time and courage to tackle the kind of books I was truly called to write, novels set in history for grown-ups (I say “grown-ups” because “adult” sounds a little spicy.)

Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series?   

Twains’ End is a stand alone.  I’m going to say right here that I don’t write series…which, if my personal history serves as an indicator, will guarantee that the next work I write will be a series.

Why did you choose this genre?

I’m fascinated with how we humans tick.  I’d say I’m more interested in psychology than history, yet what better subjects to explore our follies and strengths than famous people from the past?  I also have to admit that I love the detective work involved in digging into the lives of these famous folks. I’m an incorrigible snoop.


Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write every day.  Constantly seek to improve your work.  Enjoy the magic of creation.  And last, don’t be discouraged when the writing won’t come.  I’d say 90% of my writing time is spent spinning my wheels.  Only because I’ve been doing this a million years do I know to not panic—that 10% of good stuff will come if one hangs in there.

About the Book

TwainsEndPBTitle: Twain’s End

Author: Lynn Cullen

Genre: Historical

Now in paperback for the first time from the national bestselling author of Mrs. Poe, Lynn Cullen, comes TWAIN’S END (Gallery Books; June 7, 2016; Trade Paperback; $16.00), a fictional imagining of America’s iconic writer Mark Twain and the woman who knew him too well.

In March of 1909, Mark Twain cheerfully blessed the wedding of his private secretary, Isabel V. Lyon, and his business manager, Ralph Ashcroft. One month later, he fired both, wrote a ferocious 429-page rant about the pair, and then—with his daughter, Clara Clemens—slandered Isabel in the newspapers, erasing her nearly seven years of devoted service to their family.

In TWAIN’S END, Lynn Cullen “cleverly spins a mysterious, dark, tale” (Booklist) about the tangled relationship between Twain and Lyon. A silenced woman, Isabel’s loyal service and innocence were not enough to combat the slander, and she has gone down in history as the villainess who swindled Twain in his final years. She never rebutted Twain’s claims, never spoke badly of the man she called “The King,” and kept her silence until she died in 1958. How did Lyon go from being the beloved secretary who ran Twain’s life to a woman he was determined to destroy? TWAIN’S END explains.

Author Bio

Lynn Cullen lives in Atlanta surrounded by her large family, and like Mark Twain, enjoys being bossed around by cats. Follow Lynn Cullen on Facebook or visit  


Buy the book on Simon & Schuster

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Cover Reveal Party A Honeyed Light


About the Book


Title: A Honeyed Light

Author: Freddie Milano

Genre: LGBT romance (M/M)

Kunal, relative newcomer to the strange town of Harmony, has his hands full preparing for Diwali. That should be enough to keep anyone’s mind pre-occupied, but Kunal can’t really ignore that he’s nearly thirty, single, and still buried in the closet.

Out of town at a gay club one night, he bumps into Oscar, proprietor of Harmony’s only sex shop, and figures his secret is now officially out. What he doesn’t expect is a slow seduction, or to have to decide what it is he really wants in life.

Author Bio

freddie-author-photoFreddie Milano lives with her partner-in-crime, two adorable and devilish cats, and far more ideas than she really has time to set down on (electronic) paper. She’s been writing since she could hold a pen, though most of the embarrassing stories thankfully never made in onto the internet, and can stay safely buried.

She loves wine, Korean pop music, tea, chocolate, coffee, mythology, and both video and tabletop gaming. An ESFJ surrounded by introverts, Freddie has learned the art of socialization in moderation. Besides, staying in just leaves her more time to write. Find more at


Less than Three Press

Cover design:

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Author Interview Running to Stand Still

Have you been writing for a long time?
I’ve been writing full-time (as in, not working any other job) for about four years. Before that, I dabbled with fiction and article writing for my high school newspaper

What inspired you to start a writing career?
Storytelling has always been a part of my life. I’ve grown up reading books, watching movies and television series, and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my dad. Wherever I was, I’d look around and think, there has to be more than meets the eye here. What’s under the surface? What’s the story? And I just have to believe that something beautiful and transformative will come out of the dark places of heartbreak and disappointment we all go through.
When I was a senior in high school, I had been with my boyfriend (now husband) for two years and I was really scared of losing him (still am). The more I thought about it, this story of a woman who loses her fiancé suddenly in a car crash started to form in my head. So, I started writing her story down. I didn’t finish her story until a year after I graduated from college, and by then, more story ideas had invaded my head, so I just kept writing.
Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series?  
It is a part of the Benson Family series. Jamie’s brother, Nate, will be getting his own book.
Why did you choose this genre?
New Adult romance is what moves me the most right now as a reader. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire changed my life. It resonated with me so deeply, so emotionally that I’m kind of addicted to the feeling now. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, why romance is such a huge genre, and I think a lot of it comes down to how it makes us feel as readers. Most of our day to day existence is so dull and monotonous, and while we can get some satisfaction out of the vicarious experience of an action book or a thriller, most of us are not Jason Bourne (oh, how I wish!), most of us are not jumping across rooftops or fighting orcs or scaling mountains, so that experience can only resonate with us so much. But happiness? Love? Sex? Those are real things in our actual day to day lives that we can experience, that we can relate to, that we can hope for, that make us feel alive and human. And I think that’s why I keep coming back to the genre again and again.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Do it how you want to do it. And don’t listen to anyone else. Define what success looks like to you and then do it your way.
I’ve recently redefined was success looks like to me, and that is: writing the stories I want to write, when and how I want to write them. There’s a lot of freedom in that for me and I love it!

About the Book

Cover copyTitle: Running to Stand Still

Author: Lauran Rosolino

Genre: NA Romance

Collin was who he was: simple and easy.

                Me? I was jagged and complex. I wanted everything.

                And despite how he made me feel—safe—it was clear to me that we’d never work out in the end.

                That divide between us would always be there.

                Because I’d never ask him to give up on the things he wanted.

                And, while I sometimes wished I could be that person, I wasn’t.

Just seven more months. Then Jamie Benson can leave this goodbye town behind her and start her new life in Chicago. She can leave this place of broken glass and cracked sidewalks and rusted fences. This place that holds nothing good. She can leave the ghosts and spinning rooms and shattered promises in her rearview mirror and never look back.

But all the stories she’s been telling herself are threatened when, one night, while tending bar at her father’s hole-in-the-wall dive, she meets Collin—a boy who is good and honest and sincere in a world where everything is harsh and cold and detached. A boy who makes her feel safe.  A boy worth staying for.

Will Jamie be able to untangle the truths from the lies? Or will the sins of the past swallow her whole?

Author Bio

Jesse Speelman Photography www.jessespeelman.comAuthor of The Charm Necklace and Running to Stand Still. Writer of stories about finding beauty in brokenness.

She is a storyteller. Adventuer. Partner. Coffee drinker. Magic believer. Rebel with a gypsy soul. Lover of the woods and books, the woods and walks.

Born and bred in Detroit, Lauren grew up reading Harry Potter, watching Gilmore Girls, listening (and dancing) to a lot of music, and wondering why people do what they do. She graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in Psychology. Lauren lives with her husband, dog, cat, and bunny in Charleston, South Carolina.

To find out more and read her blog, Wonderstruck, visit



Amazon: Amazon

Goodreads –



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Author Interview The Lucky Ones


Have you been writing for a long time?

I have been writing for over twenty years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

What inspired you to start a writing career?

I started out writing bedtime stories for my kids.  This is how I found my love for writing.  I have always been an avid reader, especially of the romance genre. So, I decided to try my hand at writing romance novels, which I combined with my curiosity about the BDSM lifestyle and the first book in the Master Series was created.

Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series? 

This book is part of my long running Master Series.

Why did you choose this genre?

The freedom of it.  I love writing erotic romances.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Never give up. Rejections will happen, it’s a given in this career.  The most important piece of advice I can give is to make sure you write a little something every day.

About the Book

Lucky Ones by Justus Roux hi resTitle: The Lucky Ones

Author: Justus Roux

Genre: Erotic Romance

 Karma, baby. We all have to face this bitch at one time or another.  Angelique was so wrapped up in trying to get the biggest piece of Dante’s heart that she forgot that her submissives need her love and guidance. Dante has evolved as a Master, but not as a husband. When Angelique walks away from him, he realizes he may just lose the woman who is his other half.

Master Griffin has lashed out at everyone that tries to hurt him or his. He has schemed and plotted to run this community. Yet, when he tries to take on Master Drake he comes up against an opponent he can’t beat.

Master Mato had nothing but respect for Master Griffin until he is given a submissive named Tao from Master Drake. Drake’s only concern is for Tao’s happiness and he believes she will find it with Mato, yet he doesn’t force his will on her, he leaves it for her to decide. Mato is forced to see Griffin in a different light because of Drake’s actions.

Who will be the lucky ones and walk away unscathed from Karma’s wrath?

 Songs I listened to while I wrote “Lucky Ones.”

Lucky Ones- Celldweller

Stay With Me Baby- Chris Corneli

Needed Me- Rihanna

I Hate You, I Love You-  Gnash

Sit Still, Look Pretty- Daya

I Don’t Care Anymore- Hellyeah

What is Love- Empire Cast

Hate Myself for Loving You- Joan Jett

Should’ve Been Us- Tori Kelly

Man Like That- Gina Wingmore

Let it Go-  James Bay

Hello Bitches- CL

Say You Love Me- Jessie Ware

Freedom- Beyonce

Author Bio

Justus Roux is the author of over forty erotic romance novels that range from the paranormal to BDSM. Her bestselling Master Series, Barbarian of Malka Series, and Dom/sub trilogy have earned good reviews from readers and reviewers. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and is always on the pursuit for new and interesting music to inspire her.



Twitter:  @justus_roux


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Guest Post Chicks Dig the Accent


Guest Post: Top Five Things To Give to Molly for her Birthday

Hello, my name is Roxanne D. Howard, and I write contemporary erotic romance. Today I’d like to discuss the top five things I’d give to my character, Molly Ivers, for her birthday. Molly is the heroine of my newest release with Loose Id Publishing, Chicks Dig the Accent. Art below by Bianca Duarte.

  1. A long day at the spa – Molly is on the verge of graduating with her master’s degree in anthropology. She’s spent the last two years as a library rat and serious student in addition to her job, and while men have come and gone in her life, girlfriend needs a serious chill-out day and would benefit from soothing music, stones on her back, and a deep tissue massage. She’s earned it!
  2. A small sculpture – Molly’s job outside of school is an exhibitions archivist at the local museum. She won an internship at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris, and part of her daily work is to restore ancient artifacts and to prepare special exhibits for certain times of the year. She has a deep love of the past and all things historical. I’d love to give her a small sculpture she can stow away in her suitcase for when she leaves for France.
  3. A big box of Godiva chocolate – Molly adores Girl’s Night Out and hanging with her BFF Nell. She enjoys a good Veg Fest, and sometimes proper chocolate is just what the doctor ordered.
  4. An Impressionist art print – Molly adores Claude Monet, and especially with her upcoming trip to Paris, she’d do well with a nice, framed art print from the Impressionist period.
  5. A sexy piece of lingerie – Molly is a feminist and would never buy herself something naughty without a bit of persuading or friendly pestering. Now that her old flame and friend, Evan Castle, is sniffing around, she has more reason than ever to want to wear one. She’s acquired a life coach, who is helping her let her hair down a little more and preparing her for Paris. I think trying something new like lingerie would help her confidence and throw some spiciness into her sex life.

About the Book

RoxanneDHoward_ChicksDigtheAccentTitle: Chicks Dig the Accent
Author: Roxanne D. Howard
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Cover artist: Natasha Snow
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella

Release date: 8/23/2016
Purchase Link:
ISBN: 978-1-68252-207-3
Word count: 33,170
Page count (PDF): 107
Price: $4.99

Molly Ivers has always known she’d marry a foreign man with a delicious accent. Six months ago, in a night of unbridled passion, Molly gave her virginity to her friend and sexy-as-can-be neighbor, rocker Evan Castle. Unfortunately, thanks to his swarm of constant groupies, things didn’t work out, but they remained friends. Now, after having just broken up with her boring, run-of-the-mill, right wing boyfriend Sean, she’s on the verge of finishing her graduate degree, moving to Paris, and is desperate to shake things up!

She’s had a crush on Nicholas Sullivan, her British professor, for as long as she can remember. So when opportunity comes knocking to spice up her appearance in the form of a French life coach, she hires Jean Luc Dubois to help her let her hair down and become more Parisian and hip…to reflect the person she is within. Thanks to Jean Luc’s magic, she starts to catch her hunky English professor’s eye, but the more time she spends with Evan, the more she begins to realize that her Prince Charming might just be the one she’s known all along.

Author Bio

Author-HeadshotRoxanne D. Howard is a romance novelist who resides in the mid-western United States. Her first novel, At the Heart of the Stone, was published in February 2016 with Loose Id. Roxanne is a U.S. Army veteran, and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English. She loves to read poetry, classical literature, and Stephen King. She is also an avid Star Wars fan, musical theater nut, and loves everything related to marine biology. She is the proud mother of two beautiful girls, several pets, and loves to spend time with her husband and children when she’s not writing. Roxanne loves to hear from her readers, and she can be contacted at To find out more, please visit her website at




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Author Interview The Earl’s Return


Have you been writing for a long time?

I have been writing since high school, mostly stories for my own amusement, and then for various newsletters and newspapers. I also wrote on one of my jobs at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City. But it was only six years ago that I started writing books.


What inspired you to start a writing career?

I always loved stories. As a child I would make up stories during long car rides, and when falling asleep at night. I figured it might be a good idea to write some of them down, and then I decided it was time to write a book.


Is this book a stand-alone or part of a series? 

Both. The Earl’s Return can be read without having read the rest of the books in the series. The other books are: The Elusive Wife, The Duke’s Quandary, The Lady’s Disgrace, the Baron’s Betrayal, The Highlander’s Choice, and The Highlander’s Accidental Marriage. The Earl’s Return is the last full novel in the series. Right now I plan a novella with the mother in the series for Christmas, 2017.


Why did you choose this genre?

I was a history major in college and always enjoyed reading books set in historical times. Although I wouldn’t want to do without modern medicine, I do think I would like to visit the past—if there was such a thing as time travel.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write, write, write, and read, read, read. When you read, don’t just read writing craft books, also read books in the genre you are writing in. That is the best way to know what works and what doesn’t.

About the Book

unnamedTitle: The Earl’s Return

Author: Callie Hutton

Genre: Regency Romance

London, 1819. Four years ago, Darius, the Earl of Redgrave fled London two weeks before his wedding to Lady Mary’s sister and married another woman. Now a widower, he has returned to seek a new wife.

 One woman catches his eye  . . .

At first, Lady Mary doesn’t recognize the handsome lord as the cad who ran out on her sister. After giving him the cut direct in a London ballroom, she finds herself running into him everywhere she goes, and fighting a forbidden attraction. Not only has Mary sworn off men, Redgrave is so very wrong for her. But she cannot stop thinking of his kisses. Redgrave means to stay away from Mary but it is impossible. Passion between two people who can never be together is a dangerous game.

Author Bio

The USA Today best selling author of The Elusive Wife writes both Western Historical and Regency romance, with “historic elements and sensory details” (The Romance Reviews). She also pens an occasional contemporary or two. Callie lives in Oklahoma with several rescue dogs, two adult children, and daughter-in-law (thankfully all not in the same house), and her top cheerleader husband of thirty-eight years. She recently welcomed twin grandsons and loves being a grandma. Callie loves to hear from readers, and would welcome you as a “friend” on Facebook. You can contact her through her website:, or write her directly at

She is past president of the Oklahoma chapter of The Romance Writers of America and PAN Liaison for Hearts Through History Romance Writers chapter of RWA.






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